When To Do The Right Car Service?

When To Do The Right Car Service?
When To Do The Right Car Service?

When To Do The Right Car Service? – Each vehicle has its own needs and maintenance deadlines. This is because car makers know deeply about the products that have been produced and prepare certain revision manuals. The dates suggested in this document consider the durability of the materials used in production and all the safety tests performed on the car.

So, it is best to follow the factory guidelines regularly. It is also interesting to adjust the calendar according to the conditions of vehicle use. If you need too much from a car, often traveling or walking on an uneven terrain, for example, it is likely that you will need a car service earlier than expected.

But beware: the same does not apply to cars that have not been used for a long time. Even if you use a little care, you need to undergo periodic reviews. In general, scheduled maintenance is carried out every 6 months or 10,000 miles – whichever comes first.

And why is it important to ensure this review? The main reason is to avoid that small wear in parts produces bigger problems in the future. By doing that, you also save money. After all, replacing lubricating oil, for example, is much cheaper than repairing engine damage caused by a lack of this liquid.

Car service also increases your safety and prevents accidents. Imagine the danger of driving with a brake system in place? This can occur if the part is not exchanged in the correct period. So pay reliable mechanics and keep maintenance up to date.

What are the advantages of doing a vehicle car service?

There will be no comfort when you travel by vehicle if the vehicle is not in top performance. For example, there is a problem with the battery that can be assured that it will cause the lights to not turn on. Or problems with spark plugs, which will certainly make your vehicle unable to run smoothly or even can’t be turned on.

Therefore to minimize this you need to do a car service so that it still feels comfortable when driving. There are distinct advantages with your routine car service, including:

  • The car is always in top performance.
  • Comfortable when driving.
  • Saving money.

What are the main items that the car service needs to be done?

Now that you know that maintenance is very important, look below, where you need to monitor regularly.


Tire reviews can be done directly by you. Try to observe the condition every time you go by car. If you find signs of wear, blisters, or other problems that are excessive, look for sponsors. Also, make sure to do the car service on the recommended date.

Front lamp

Another review that you can follow is the lamp. Vehicle headlights are safety goods, therefore, it is mandatory to ensure their operation. To do this, check regularly that the lights and arrow lights are functioning and immediately switch to the ones that don’t.

Cooling liquid

This liquid is in the car radiator and is responsible for cooling the engine and ensuring proper operation, avoiding the problem of overheating. You should never drive a car that has a problem with cooling. To make sure everything is correct, observe the water level and clean the system every year.

Machine oil

Another important component to maintaining good engine conditions is oil. No wonder the fluid exchange is one of the most frequent car revisions: it must be done every 6 months. Check the level of the tank every week and make sure to always change the oil with the mark indicated in the manufacturer’s manual.


Your car will not function without it. Therefore, the battery deserves special attention. Generally, the useful life is 3 to 5 years, depending on the brand and terms of use. At the workshop, you can check if the battery is in good condition and the cable is properly connected and clean.


This vehicle has several filters that protect the system. The fuel filter, for example, serves to protect it from dirt particles that might come from the engine. The air conditioner filter protects you from inspirational ingredients that are harmful to your health. To maintain security, exchange each component within the given period.


Periodic reviews of brakes are needed to avoid major problems. Some drivers only exchange parts when they hear distinctive friction between the iron. This is a very risky attitude because noise indicates that the maintenance period has passed and the car is at risk.

It is also important to monitor brake fluid reservoir levels. Pay attention to leaks in the system. Generally, this fluid exchange is recommended every 2 years to maintain good braking conditions.

How to save vehicles and increase component life?

In addition to often going to the store to do a car service, you can have treatments that maintain or even increase component life. To ensure battery longevity, for example, the tip is not to let the lights or electronic equipment turn on when the engine is not working.

To save your tires, avoid driving on unstable grounds. Maintaining the correct calibration is also important (at least every 15 days, complete the pressure). You also need to avoid sudden acceleration or braking. Apart from requiring more machines, this uses an uneven tire.

Another interesting orientation for those who want to leave the car always in good condition is not to ride with the fuel in reserve, because this can cause blockage of the nozzles. And, of course, practicing defensive driving not only creates safety for drivers and pedestrians, but also provides economy in revision.

This can be concluded that the car service needs to be done every month. Whatever type of car you have if you don’t do maintenance, it will gradually experience problems. Some problems certainly can be avoided by the way we have reviewed above. The reviews that we wrote were based on research conducted on several people who did car service in a workshop.



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