Vehicle Maintenance Tips That You Must Follow From Now On

Vehicle Maintenance Tips That You Must Follow From Now On
Vehicle Maintenance Tips That You Must Follow From Now On

Vehicle Maintenance Tips That You Must Follow From Now On – For everyone who owns it, Vehicle Maintenance Tips need to know. Where the vehicle is currently needed by everyone in the world to facilitate work or to be stylish.

You certainly want the vehicle you have always been in maximum performance. It would be very annoying if your vehicle isn’t even comfortable when driving. Therefore to avoid this you need to know Vehicle Maintenance Tips below!

Check the brakes

Good preventive maintenance recommends replacing brake fluid at least once a year. Brake discs, brake linings, drums and other parts of the braking system must be checked every 10,000 kilometers. If the vehicle uses an ABS brake system, it is necessary to observe the electronic parts, ensure that all sensors and components are in good repair, function properly.

Change oil

It is important to replace lubricating oil and oil filters according to the period specified by the car manufacturer, which is usually six months or every 10,000 kilometers of travel. Failure to do so can cause damage to the machine, which will result in financial losses. You are also advised to read the automaker’s manual to check the exact time to change the gearbox oil and power steering oil.

Clean the cooling system

Another tip for maintaining good maintenance control is to periodically clean the cooling system, which is every 30,000 kilometers the vehicle passes. The parts to be cleaned are radiators and expansion tanks.

Water plus additives (which are the same as fluids) allow proper cooling and proper engine operation. For this reason, it is important to replace the radiator additives every time the truck completes 30,000 kilometers of operation.

Change the air filter

Preventive maintenance air filters offer the advantage of being simple and cost-effective. The time to replace air filters varies according to the frequency of vehicle use: if used very often, the time for exchanges is of course shorter.

In general, it is estimated that the period of one year to exchange screening systems. This replacement needs to be done because, with the use of filters, airflow contributes to better engine performance, avoiding wear.

Fuel filter preventive maintenance

The fuel filter functions as a protector, preventing dirt in the vehicle’s tank from entering the engine. Therefore, it must be kept in good condition and must be replaced regularly (between 10 thousand and 15 thousand kilometers of travel).

Be careful with tires (alignment, balance, calibration)

Alignment and balancing must be done so that the tire does not wear too much. Besides, tires that are aligned, calibrated and balanced help reduce fuel consumption.

Alignment functions to adjust the angle of the wheel so that it can be aligned effectively (parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground). But the balance causes the tires to the best angles when they are bent. In this way, it allows the wheels to spin without causing vibration to the vehicle when it reaches a certain speed. Lack of balance can cause problems in traction, drivability and vehicle stability.

This type of preventive maintenance must be carried out every 10,000 kilometers. You can use this mileage to also rotate tires.

There is a close relationship between pressure and burden, which needs to be respected. Correct calibration, in turn, prevents tires from damage and accidents from occurring (which tends to occur when tires are very high).

Maintain adequate pressure inside the tire (this is provided in the assembly manual) – remember that the temperature of the external media can change this pressure. Tires with calibrations that are more or less defective and wear faster.

Calibration can only be done when the tire is cold, every 15 days. But if the vehicle makes many trips for a month, it pays to calibrate every 500 kilometers rolled.

Always pay attention to the condition of the tire, the level of wear and the condition of the tire. In this way, it will be possible to replace or restore it with the most appropriate technique (recoil, retread or remolding).

When the site is within the limits recommended by the car manufacturer, the option is to change the tire so that there is no risk on the track.

Preventive tire maintenance is one of the most important for the transport vehicle fleet.

Replace the spark plug

Spark plugs are also important for the proper functioning of the vehicle. They need special attention because they can cause damage without having to imply direct damage to the machine – things that seem to go well, but problems sooner or later and unexpected problems will arise.

Therefore, it is recommended to change it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In general, the terms set may vary from 15 thousand to 100,000 kilometers.

Observe security items

Another important preventive maintenance measure is overseeing safety items such as belts, jacks, triangles, fire extinguishers, tracking/monitoring systems and so on.

Fire extinguishers must expire. One way to identify this point is to check if the pointer is on the green mark. Also, pay attention if it doesn’t need to be refilled. These items must be checked before each trip to avoid road disruption.

Beware of points and other important items

Another point that must be considered periodically for efficient preventive maintenance is:

  • windshield horns and wipers.
  • internal and external lighting (lights in general).
  • external motorbike belt.
  • fuse.
  • battery.
  • suspension system (shock absorbers, spring bundles, axles).
  • Leaks in general (water and liquid from exchanges, machines, coifs).

Beware of this last point, look for signs of leakage under the vehicle. Observe the color of the oil to ensure that the oil burns or if there are solid particles from the engine inside the oil.

Such are some of the Vehicle Maintenance Tips that you can do to get maximum performance. There will be no problems that arise as long as you take proper care. You don’t need to go to the garage to do it if you want you can try it at home. That way you will save money.


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