Top 7 Regular Car Maintenance

Top 7 Regular Car Maintenance
Top 7 Regular Car Maintenance

Top 7 Regular Car Maintenance – Car maintenance tips can be determined by anyone who has experience caring for his car. Actually, in terms of care, care does not require special expertise to do it. The most important thing is to understand which ones are good habits and which are bad. You can also learn other things about caring for white car paint.

The Best Car Care Tips For You

Pay attention and are always sensitive to the condition of the car as you take part and play an active role in the maintenance of your car. As a wise owner, surely you don’t want to see your car in bad condition.

Bad conditions are likely to suffer damage. Damage is related to repairs and will certainly cost money. Do you want to spend big enough to repair your car which can be minimized by doing a little routine maintenance regularly?

In this article we will discuss car maintenance tips which will be reviewed in more depth so that you can make it as reference material, let’s see together the following explanation :

1. Maintain Car Cleanliness Outdoor and Indoor Parts

The maintenance of various items ranging from small to large ones is the same. Must pay attention to the cleanliness of the goods you have if you want to be durable and durable. Cleanliness is indeed a major component that must be prioritized and prioritized.

For those of you who want a private car can last a long time, I suggest you should always pay attention to the conditions of cleanliness. Whether it’s cleanliness in the indoor area (indoor) or even the cleanliness of the outside area (outdoor).

Perform regular cleaning. Make it a habit to clean after use. Its function is to reduce any dirt that may exist. For total cleaning (washing) you can do it when you have free time as well as weekends. You can also learn more about manual car maintenance.

2. Avoid direct sunning

Try not to park in open places. Look for a shady place if you are on the move outside. If you are forced to no more shade for parking because of limited land as well as urban areas, you can cover it with a special car cover that contains anti-UV.

Too much drying and interacting directly with the sun for too long with long periods can be a major cause of car paint fading easily or even looking dull. Besides, other parts such as tires are also easily damaged. In general, tires that are often dried in the sun will look cracks on the edges. You can also learn other things about caring for old car engines.

3. Use the Right Washing Materials

The next car maintenance tip is to choose the right washing agent. When you wash your car at home, then you can use soap or even a special shampoo to wash the car. Do not use soap or shampoo at random which will damage your car’s paint.

Many do not pay attention to trivial things like this. Many also use dishwashing soap to wash cars. It’s ironic, but the reality is undeniable. What is seen is the final result without regard to the long-term effects of what will happen if using soap is not following its function. You can also learn other things about car body care.

4. Perform Services Periodically

The name of the vehicle needs to be serviced just as humans need to see a doctor. Thorough checking when the service is very good to do to find out how far the existing constraints on your car.

If there are no problems, it means that the care you take every day is not in vain. However, if a problem is found, further treatment can be done immediately. Like the time for an oil change, the provision of battery water and so on can be controlled. You can also learn other things about car interior maintenance.

5. Avoid using cars in a rough way

Stop and go or known as a sudden step on the gas brakes will make the components of the car become shaken. This will make it loose more quickly or be damaged because of small collisions and even hard collisions.

Events like this that you are not aware of often contribute to severe damage to your car. Reduce bad stop and go habits. Even though you are stressed out on the road because of traffic jams that are difficult to avoid, don’t relieve your frustration by doing rude things to your car. You can also learn other things about car air conditioner maintenance.

6. Always warm up the car engine regularly

Warming up the car engine is needed to maintain the performance of the engine to remain good. Before driving a car, it is better to warm up the engine in five to ten minutes first.

Similarly, when your car is rarely used, make it a habit to warm up every day the morning routine. If the engine is in cold conditions for too long it will make the engine become damaged quickly. You can take the example of a knife, if the knife is not used for too long it will be blunt. Then in the brain, if accustomed to lazy to think, it will be difficult to develop.

7. Check the car tires periodically

Car tires are one of the main components that can support a car that can run well. If the tire is in low wind condition, it will cause the car to become underpowered and can cause damage to the alloy wheels of the car.

Meanwhile, if the tire is in too much wind conditions it will make it more sensitive to bounce when exposed to slight shocks. These two things naturally create a sense of discomfort when driving.

Those are some Regular Car Maintenance that you must do if you want to always have maximum performance. You do not need to worry that spare parts will have problems, usually with your regular maintenance, the machine will last longer.


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