Top 5 Tips on Caring for a True Black Car

Top 5 Tips on Caring for a True Black Car
Top 5 Tips on Caring for a True Black Car

Top 5 Tips on Caring for a True Black Car – If you go to car dealers, you are certainly familiar with the prices of the cars sold there. The range can be up to hundreds of millions, depending on the brand and type of car itself. Because the price is very expensive, a car is often considered an asset and used as a form of investment for some people. Therefore, if you have a car, it should be maintained and cared for, so that performance remains good and does not reduce the selling value.

Many ways you can take care of your car. It all depends on the type or brand of the car. How to treat diesel-fueled cars will certainly be different from how to treat gasoline cars. Certain brand cars will also have different treatments with different brand cars. For example, a simple way to take care of Toyota Avanza cars is different from how to care for Daihatsu cars and others. The difference can be when changing car oil, how to wash a car engine, how to repair a car air conditioner compressor and others. Not only that, but the color of car paint can also distinguish ways of maintenance. Black cars usually get different treatment from other color cars.

How to Take Care of a Black Car Authorized Dealer Recommendations

Black car care is not much different from other colored car care. The difference is caring for a black car must be done very carefully. Because if there is even a slight scratch on a black car, it will be very visible and can damage the aesthetics of the car. There are several things to consider when we want to treat a black car.

1. Clean the car from the stain slowly

Any car needs to be cleaned regularly to remove dust and dirt. But the treatment is different from the black car. When cleaning a black car, it is recommended not to rub the paint too hard. Because it can cause scratches and scratches. In a black car, no matter how small the beret that appears will be seen. Before rubbing, it’s better to spray the car first with a high-pressure water hose. This is useful for removing stains and dust as much as possible so you don’t need to rub too much.

2. Use High-Quality Lap Products

Reducing the touch of rough coating on the exterior of a black car is very helpful in reducing the risk of scratches. Moreover, fine hair can cause scratches on black cars. Philips, an automotive expert, recommends using microfiber cloths to clean black cars. Microfiber cloth is considered to have the ability to absorb water as much as seven times the weight of fabric without making scratches on the car.

In addition to lap products, proper scrubbing techniques are also important in avoiding scratches on black cars. The recommended way is to stick a cloth to the wet part of the car and then pat it gently. By using this method the rag no longer needs to be dragged so that it can cause scratches and scratches around the car. This method is very time consuming, but if you do not have time to do it, simply by rubbing the cloth into the car body slowly.

3. Use Two Different Buckets

When cleaning a black car, use two buckets so that the rinsed dirt does not return to the body of the car. The trick is to flush the car body from above, then rub it in the same direction. Then clean the cloth used to rub with clean water and then repeat the process. Dirt that sticks back to the dangerous car will cause scratches later on. Although not very significant, in the long run, the scratch will be increasingly visible.

4. Use Car Wax

Car wax has the same benefits as sunscreen, which protects the car paint from the sun. Besides, car wax also plays a role in dispelling sticking water and keeps the exterior of the car sparkling. To protect car paint, immediately apply wax to your black car. However, the procedure and selection still have to follow the car’s manual. According to Philips, the recommended time to use wax on a car is two to three times a year.

5. Avoid Automatic Car Wash

Washing a black car manually only has the potential to cause scratches and scratches, especially by washing the car automatically. Car wash automatically is very fast and the results are no less than those washing manually, but sometimes the car wash automatically uses harsh chemicals that can damage the car paint. Therefore, the best choice for washing your black car is to do it yourself.

Black car care is not too far with how to care for other cars. However, as explained above, you need to be careful in taking care. If it gets wrong, it’s not clean you will get but a blister or a few scratches.

Benefits of Doing Black Car Care

There are many benefits that you will get if you regularly do black car maintenance. Maybe you are not aware of this, so you need to know everything below:

1. Sleek

The car that you always care for will always look clean and shiny, with the condition of a car that is always clean you will be able to carry it anywhere and anytime. You will never feel shy when going to work for work or vacation with family.

2. Impressive luxury

When you always do regular car maintenance every week, you can see how your car looks. Usually, it will look luxurious, even if your car is a standard car for families. Conditions like this will make you look elegant when driving.

3. Stylish

With a clean sleek car, you will gain high confidence. You will be very free to do anything, with a cool car you can hook your partner as they pleased wherever and whenever. Usually, with a car that looks luxurious, your partner will be more comfortable and like it when you take him away on vacation.


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