Tips for Choosing a Family Car

Tips for Choosing a Family Car
Tips for Choosing a Family Car

Tips for Choosing a Family Car – Having a family car is the dream and dream of every family. Family cars or often referred to as MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) cars still dominate people’s choices until now, this is evidenced by the sales of these types of cars that are increasing every year.

The capacity to accommodate a large number of passengers is often one reason to choose, but also the size of the wider cabin makes this type of car more functional to accompany various activities and more pamper its users.

The family car market is very open, so many manufacturers offer various car variants for the family vehicle sector. So it is not surprising if automotive manufacturers always make innovations and also aggressively create attractive family cars to choose from.

They also usually compete to offer a variety of advantages both in terms of price, models and modern features in order to be able to carry the title of the best family car and most importantly can bring more prospective customers.

How to choose a family car?

The number of brands, types, sizes, and models of family cars on the market makes consumers have more choices. Not infrequently also with the increasing number of choices, will make consumers difficult in choosing the right car and also in accordance with what is needed.

Because things like this, of course, must be carefully thought out also need careful consideration in deciding. Unlike the case, if we are faced with buying a need that has a non-permanent nature, then certainly not difficult thinking is needed. Below are tips for choosing a family car.

Calculate the Number of Passengers

The number of seats or seats in a car is the most important consideration in choosing a family car. Family cars must also be capable and have the ability to accommodate all family members. Other things also consider additional seating, for example for caregivers and helpers if you have to invite them to participate while traveling with family.

As a basic guideline that you must understand, usually a car with 4 seats is suitable for families with a maximum of two children. If a car with 7 seats is suitable for families with 2 people or even more children.

Determine Car Engine Capacity

The second thing you should pay attention to is determining the capacity of a machine. Engine capacity is usually expressed in terms of engine cylinder volume quantities such as 1000 cc, 1100 cc, 1300 cc, and so forth. The greater the capacity of a machine, the more power the car can produce.

Of course, besides you want a good car, you also need to be supported by the ability to run fast so you can get the most out of your users.

Consider the Transmission System

In general, there are two types of transmission systems in cars, namely manual transmissions, and automatic transmissions. This is so that you can choose an automatic car that is slightly more expensive but easier to operate or choose a car with a manual transmission that is cheaper and easier to maintain.

Know Fuel Consumption

Fuel costs are one of the main expenditure items in the operational budget of a car. Steps to reduce these costs by knowing how many kilometers the optimal mileage of a car in every liter of fuel consumption.

The farther the distance of the car per liter of fuel consumed, the more efficient the car will be. So that after knowing this you will be easier to control the costs needed by a car.

Pay attention to the Safety Features

The most important thing in a family car should have adequate safety features. Such as seat belts (seat belts) should be found in all passenger seats, also doors and window glass should have an automatic locking system so that it will be safer for small children.

In fact, some cars now have more sophisticated security features, namely airbags and ABS brake systems (anti-lock braking system). Because the components that support safety are mandatory elements in a car.

Pay attention to comfort

The comfort of a car is very important for all family members. For example, children and elderly people tend to get tired faster, especially when traveling far by car.

A car that can be called comfortable must meet a number of things including a soft seat, cool air conditioning, spacious space, quiet sound, and a soft suspension.

Calculate Maintenance Costs

You should also know the comparison of car maintenance costs that you are interested in with other similar cars. Basically, the more complex the technology used in a car, the greater the maintenance costs and the price of the component parts. Because of course, you do not want to spend more on car features that are rarely used.

Better before deciding to choose a car, take into account the cost of care to be released later.

Consider the Value of Selling Cars

Cars at almost the same price can have a resale price or a different used selling price. This is because there are differences in the level of market demand for used cars. Based on the law of supply and demand, used cars that many enthusiasts have had a higher resale price.

Therefore, when you are going to choose a car you also have to consider the selling value again, maybe sometimes you get bored, or force you to sell the car because of an urgent need, so you won’t have any more trouble selling it.

Adjust the Desire with Financial Capabilities

In essence, every person must crave for a family car that is right and ideal. But you should when choosing a car at a price that matches your current financial capabilities. A car may be comparable to the nominal value of a house, even if it is observed the car will certainly decrease in value as time goes by.

Do a Test Drive

You can’t imagine all the features in a car only from people’s stories or from the information printed on the brochure. To better ensure a car meets the desired criteria, you must try to drive the car yourself.

Invite your family members to try the car you are interested in so you can ensure they like the car too.


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