The Best Websites for Buying and Selling a Car

Vehicle seekers are increasingly facilitated by the presence of online-based car buying and selling sites. In Indonesia alone, many similar sites have sprung up. Not only can it be accessed via desktop, they also have a mobile platform that makes it easier for searchers.

How about you, CarsStories Friend, have you ever used it to find your dream vehicle? This time CarsStories will discuss several buying and selling sites for cars both new and used that are often used. Let’s look at the full review as reported by below.

The Best Websites for Buying and Selling a Car

1. is one of the biggest car buying and selling sites in Indonesia. This portal under the auspices of the Astra Group is one of the largest automotive online portal networks in Southeast Asia.

There is an interesting new service called “expert choice”. For people who want to buy a used car can find a car that offers the best price. also works with the workshop as an independent inspection service to inspect the car before it is published online. You will find top queries in Indonesian language such as “Beli Mobil Baru Atau Mobil Bekas Hanya Di Seva.Id” as an example of this website review.

2. is not a car buying and selling site, but it is better known as a marketplace in the form of a classified ad platform. OLX Indonesia itself offers various types of goods ranging from gadgets, household appliances, baby gear, property, motorcycles, and also cars.

In buying and selling cars, OLX provides around 200 thousand second type car ads. Not only that, the searchers can find various choices of car accessories, audio, spare parts, to the choice of alloy wheels and tires.

In order to provide maximum security and comfort in the sale and purchase transaction of used cars, OLX took OtoSpector as a partner in conducting vehicle inspections. The collaboration between CarsStories and OLX has increasingly made buying and selling used cars even more practical.

3. is one of the biggest car buying and selling sites in Indonesia. This portal is owned by iCar Asia from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is the largest online automotive portal network in Southeast Asia.

There is an interesting new feature called “Mobil123 Auction Center”. For people who want to sell their favorite cars, can find dealers who offer the best prices. also works with CarsStories as an independent inspection service to inspect cars before being auctioned online.


Even though it is a new player as a car buying and selling site in Indonesia, Carmudi is quickly recognized by the public. was mentioned by Tech in Asia Indonesia, brought by Rocket Internet company into Indonesia in 2014.

Thanks to the company’s support, the site used to have only 4,000 used car listings and now (as of June 2018) has 28,662 listings. In addition to cars, Carmudi also appeared to provide a choice of buying and selling two-wheeled vehicles. Just like a car, the condition of the motor offered is new and used.

5. is one of the automotive sites that is quite “senior” in Indonesia. This site debuted as a sub-domain of the site The more read and developed the sub also turned into and then incarnated as

When opening this site, don’t be confused, O OtoSpector Friend because you will find the main page in the form of articles about automotive articles. In the upper right corner there is a button that will take you to the car buying and selling website.

Used and new cars are available on this site. Judging from the site, there are quite a lot of types and brands of cars offered in the car buying and selling catalog. About the price, car seekers can adjust it to the budget they have.

6. is a marketplace that is arguably the most recent in serving the sale and purchase of used cars. This site also appeared to offer features to trade-in alias trade-in. Based in Jakarta, this car buying and selling site is not limited to the capital, but in Indonesia.

This site was first launched on December 15, 2017. Adira Finance, known as a car purchase credit financing institution, is the name behind the birth of Not just doing a search, people can immediately buy a dream used car with a credit facility.

Searchers can submit applications and request installments, enter flat themselves, and the will also contact. It was stated, the plus point of this site was that credit supervision carried out was overseen by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Hopefully the review of the car buying and selling site above can be useful as your reference before buying a dream vehicle, Friends CarsStories!


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