The Best Old Automotive Car Maintenance

The Best Old Automotive Car Maintenance
The Best Old Automotive Car Maintenance

The Best Old Automotive Car Maintenance – The development of technology is going fast now. Many sophisticated products have sprung up. One of them is a car company. Car companies create various sophisticated cars. Starting from the progress in the security system to a car that can run alone. Even so, in the middle of the crowd of sophisticated cars, quite a lot of people who have unique hobbies. As unique as a person whose hobby is collecting stamps. Namely collecting old cars.

Old cars have their unique value. But the name is an old car, of course, the age of the engine components is aging. Like treating the elderly who are a little sick when on the move. For those of you owners or collectors of old and antique cars, it is very necessary to always pay attention and care for your car. Including its components. One component is the radiator.

The radiator is a car component that includes a cooling system. You need to know the radiator components to find out the ins and outs of the radiator. From the name, of course, it serves to cool the engine temperature. Prevents the engine from reaching the maximum temperature. Make sure the radiator works well. Starting from water, channels, covers, and others.

If one of the components in the radiator is damaged, then repair it as much as possible. If it cannot be fixed, then replace it with a new one. It sounds troublesome because it is often damaged or must be taken to the garage. But the wisdom, indirectly forcing the old car owner to dissect and understand automotive problems. In other words, caring for an old car makes us smart. But still, be careful because the way to clean a new car radiator is slightly different from the old one.

How To Old Automotive Car Maintenance?

Care of an old car is something you must do so that your Antique car can still be used wherever you like. As explained above, the radiator is an important component of a car and regarding its maintenance, you can see the review below!

Set the Cooling Rhythm

Bad radiators often overheat car engines. Usually, it will arise if driven for a long time, for long distances and without stopping for a moment. Suppose you drive it as far as 500 km, maybe your car will experience three or four times overheating. Especially when you have to go through the incline. There are several factors when the car’s temperature rises when climbing. The car must stop because the heat indicator almost touches the red mark. There are several characteristics of a car overheating and several causes of a hot car. So you have to pull over a few times and try not to force the car. Adjusting the cooling rhythm is your first attempt to care for an old car radiator.

Do not let the engine run for too long when the indicator reaches the red mark. When the indicator reaches more than half, it is better to immediately find a nice place to pull over. You can pull over at a food stall to enjoy a meal together or in areas where nature is good for enjoying the scenery with your wife and children. If a hot engine is forced to work, the risk is that the cylinder head is curved so that the engine must go down. Sometimes the car radiator leaks and the cause of the reduced radiator water. As you know, the cost of getting a machine off is not cheap.

Several factors cause the engine to overheat. Like there is a crust in the radiator, dead-end circulation, the radiator is leaking, the cooling fan is rather weak, the water pump is weak and the radiator cover is broken. His name is also an old car, we must carefully care for him.

Use Coolant

Using coolants to help radiators is a good thing. But usually, an old car is not suitable if you use coolant. Because of the manufacture in his day, radiator technology was limited to using well water. It is this well water that causes crust on the radiator because there is a metal content in the water which can later cause a deadlock. To solve this deadlock problem you need to know how to clean a clogged radiator. Old car radiators are not yet designed to use coolants. But you can give it coolant in a special way and the right way.

There are special techniques for using coolants on old car radiators. Buy flush and coolant radiator fluid. The first step, drain the radiator contents by opening the radiator drain flow at the bottom. Then close the radiator drain flow again and fill the water again to the brim. Start the engine until it reaches the optimal temperature which takes about ten minutes.

Open the radiator drain again and observe how the turbidity of the radiator water. Continue to repeat the process until the dirt is gone. For more details, you need to know how to replace car radiator water. To produce clean disposal water, approximately four to five times the drainage takes. Then fill the radiator with water again and don’t forget to fill it with a radiator flush so that the rust and scale in it are all gone. Start the engine again for a few minutes and wait for the effect. After that, drain the radiator again and clean it. Then, load the coolant into the radiator according to its limit. Your old car is now supported by coolant.

Many people say they can clean a radiator with a floor cleaner. But this method is not recommended for old car radiators. Because the technology of old car radiators and cars is different now. To be safer, you better use coolant.

Thus The Best Old Automotive Car Maintenance on the radiator that we can share for you. With you always take care of important components such as radiators, even though the car has been old enough you will still be able to use it for work or style.


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