The Best basic car service So the price remains expensive

The Best basic car service So the price remains expensive
The Best basic car service So the price remains expensive

The Best basic car service So the price remains expensive – The more choices cars currently have at a price that is arguably affordable, it makes people easier to own a car. Many people who are buying cars for the first time don’t know how to take care of a car properly and correctly. They only submit fully to routine maintenance at the workshop.

In fact, if you can know how to take care of your own car at home, it will reduce the possibility of major damage due to the accumulation of small damage from time to time. If the damage has spread everywhere, then the cost of repairs will also increase. Even if sold with the conditions as they are, surely the price will be much lower.

The car now consists of a lot of parts, and damage even if only one part, can make your car have a problem. Maintaining a car in good condition will help you stay safe while driving, extend the life of the car, and increase good selling points later.

In order for your vehicle to remain expensive when you sell it later, you can follow the basic car service below!

Make a simple plan

Make a plan every month about the basic car service is very important. You must pay attention to Tires, Oil, Brakes, Windows, Interior and Oil. Rest assured when all these items are in good condition, your car will always be comfortable when driving.


Make sure your car tire is in accordance with the pressure specified by the manufacturer. If there are funds, have your own tire gauge at home. The price is quite cheap and easy to use. Tires must also be replaced when “tread wear indicators” are seen between the sites. If you notice, between the lines on your tire tread there will be a wear indicator which if the indicator is visible/flat, then it’s time for your tire to be replaced (ask the tire shop/workshop if you don’t know the location of this indicator). Check your tires every day for pressure and every week for wear or damage. The more you often use your car, the faster your tire conditions will decline.


How to take care of your own car, the second is to check the oil. Oil is like blood to your car, and without it, the car will not function properly. Check the condition of your car’s engine oil by looking at the indicator on the engine oil cap, whether the condition is still quite good and full or needs to be replaced or added. In general, the engine oil will be replaced every 10,000 km.

But in heavy driving conditions (traffic jams / hilly areas / commercial cars) changing oil can be recommended every 5,000 km so that your engine remains durable in the long run. Check oil regularly, about once a week, and change the oil if it’s time.

Brakes and batteries

The modern car braking system is designed to be replaced regularly to maintain maximum braking efficiency. If you see a problem with the brakes, take your car to the garage to check the condition of your brakes. This brake has a vital role, if your brakes are in trouble, you can have a very serious accident.

Check the battery once a month for cleaning from corrosion. Avoid using batteries that are not feasible because of course, it will be a serious problem if you die in a traffic jam or on a quiet road while your car cannot be started. The battery will not be used forever, you have to replace the car battery when it’s time. Also, check the alternator to make sure it is still functioning properly.


The next way to treat a car is to check the window. Ensure that all your windows, car windows, mirrors and lights are clean and undamaged. Replace the lamp or mirror/glass as soon as possible if it is damaged. If there is a small crack on the windshield of your car, it may immediately bring it to the garage if the windshield can be repaired or needs to be replaced. Check regularly for cracks and damage like this.

TIPS: to avoid minor damage as above, keep your distance from the car in front of you to avoid the possibility of being hit by objects from the road or debris that are far from the load. Even small gravel from the back of the truck can damage your windshield.


After checking all the glass, the way to care for the next car is in the interior. Clean the interior regularly. The interior of the car is often a point of sale strength when the car is resold.

Sometimes, there are buyers who don’t care about the condition of the tires or another exterior, if the CD player doesn’t work, or the interior looks a little dirty, a sales agreement will not occur. The selling value of the car can increase from a good cabin condition, and the statement applies. Having a special vacuum car can be a good idea.


You can check the lights yourself if you have a place where you can park near a reflective glass window, or you can ask a friend to check everything in your car when you turn on a different light. Alternatively, check the lights at night. Be sure to check the headlights, rear lights, reverse lights, brake lights and turn signal lights.

Note the direction of the highlight of your car’s headlights. If it is not right or uncomfortable for you, immediately repair or correct the lights as needed. The headlights that don’t fit can be annoying or dangerous for the driver in front of you. Make sure your lights are not too low, but also not too far away.

This is some basic car service that you can do on your favorite vehicle. There is nothing wrong with what you do if it makes the car always at maximum performance


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