The Best Basic Car Maintenance Tips

The Best Basic Car Maintenance Tips
The Best Basic Car Maintenance Tips

The Best Basic Car Maintenance Tips – For those of you who just bought a car whether it’s new or used, of course, you need to take proper care so that your car is durable and still looks good even though it’s been a long time. Maybe many of us only rely on car maintenance to the mechanic in the workshop when doing monthly servicing. It’s not wrong, but there are lots of details of the car that only the owner can know. For that, you need to know about the right way to treat your favorite car.

There are many things that you should pay attention to starting from the outside to the inside. Car paint, glass, and lights should not be ignored so that your car can still look cool. Besides, also pay attention to the interior of the car to make it more durable. Then, the basic car maintenance tips regularly for your car’s engine so that your car can live long.

Heat the car every day before use so that the oil can lubricate all the components of your car’s engine. For example, if your car is raining, try to water your car immediately with clean water so that your car’s paint lasts longer. After that, wipe your car with a cloth that has a smooth surface to avoid scratching the body of the car.

How to care for cars and manual cars is different, but the difference is usually only on the engine, while the outside seems just the same.

If you like modifying your car by adding other features, then you must pay extra attention to the care. Choose a safe accessory and ask the mechanic to pair it. This is done so that your car is not damaged and your car is still safe to use.

Basic Car Maintenance Tips For You

Maintain Car Paint

To keep your car looking strong, you need to pay attention to the care of the paint. Be careful when driving and be careful when parking your vehicle so that your car’s paint is not damaged. Besides, use special washing soap when you wash your car, do not use careless soap. After that, use a soft cloth to dry your car so that your car’s paint doesn’t scratch. Don’t forget, to use the car cover to avoid the damp and hot sun.

Pay attention to the use of fuel

The use of fuel that is not right will affect the performance of your car’s engine. For that use the fuel that suits your car and try to always refuel in a place that is official so that there is no mixture of other ingredients that will disrupt the performance of your car’s engine.

Periodic Oil Change

Oil is one of the supporting components that are very important for car performance. For your car’s engine to be always maximal, you must regularly make oil changes. Each type of car usually has different conditions for oil change times. But usually, oil changes are made when your car has traveled 3000 KM to 5000 KM.

Oil does not only affect the engine performance. Moreover, the oil acts as a barrier to friction between the components in your car’s engine. So, it is very important for you to make oil changes regularly. Make sure you choose the oil that suits your car’s engine needs. You, for example, you don’t understand. Then you should leave the matter to your trusty mechanic.

Also, note the use of power steering oil. For example, the power steering oil is almost gone, so it can make the steering wheel heavy and will make it difficult for you to drive. One of the most obvious signs, when your power steering oil starts to run out, is the sound on the pump when your car is down.

Check the Radiator Water

Many of us like to forget to pay attention to this, radiator water serves to neutralize heat in your car’s engine. So, make sure to check your radiator water regularly. If your radiator water is empty, it will overheat the engine so that it can damage your car. Not only that, but the empty radiator water can also endanger the driver, so it is important to routinely check the radiator water so that the radiator’s performance as engine coolant will be maintained properly.

Use Transmission Correctly

One way that we can do to maintain engine performance so that it remains optimal is by using the transmission correctly. For those of you who are just learning to drive, then you need to increase your ability to be better and more understanding when using transmissions, both automatic and manual transmissions.

Check Exhaust Condition

The muffler is an important component in the car that serves to remove gas from the remains of the vehicle. Regularly check the condition of your car’s exhaust and make sure there is no blockage so that your car’s gas disposal remains smooth.

Perform Tune-Up Routine

You can tune-up in official workshops. This can keep your car’s engine durable. In the tune-up process, the condition of the engine components of the car will be thoroughly inspected, so that you will find out components that are not feasible.

Periodic Service

Well, to make sure the car is always in good condition then don’t forget to do regular service. Usually, the services carried out include a variety of things including cleaning the inside and outside of the vehicle, changing oil, adding radiator fluid, checking the condition of the battery or car battery, checking the brake fluid and various other checks. This will certainly be very helpful, especially if you don’t understand the ins and outs of the car.

Your basic car maintenance tips for always in prime condition are important things to do so that your vehicle is durable and long-lasting. Besides, good care will provide comfort and safety in driving. You can take care of your vehicle regularly following what is stated in the guidebook or you can do it in official workshops.


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