The best and most trusted car buying sites

The best and most trusted car buying sites
The best and most trusted car buying sites

The best and most trusted car buying sites – The world of automotive in the world has experienced a significant increase, it cannot be separated from the development of existing technology. At present, there are even cars that can turn into ships. So it automatically makes the person driving the car use it on land or in water. Such developments are not all developing countries and only a few countries are currently producing them.

Getting out of the car in the world from producers to consumers has increased sharply, even from one country to another can enter. As we know, many car-buying sites are scattered on the internet from all over the world. It is not surprising that external products can enter a country. In fact, it is not uncommon for transactions to be done without having to meet.

Where can I find trusted car buying sites?

You come on this blog, it’s the right choice. Because here we will review some of the best and most trusted car buying sites that you can visit if you want to make a car purchase.


When you are looking for a new or used vehicle in Autotrader, you will be able to narrow your results in a variety of ways, such as your ideal car fuel economy, interior and exterior specifications such as heated seats and automatic doors, and don’t forget the long list of other details you have it. When looking for affordable cars, Autotrader is one of the best online car buying sites for you.


Rocket Internet brought Carmudi to Indonesia in early 2014. At the time of its launch, Carmudi only had around four thousand vehicle listings. But with the support of Rocket Internet, Carmudi has now grown to become one of the largest online marketplaces for used cars and new cars. Carmudi itself works with local dealers and used car showrooms such as Sky Moto and Mobile Gallery to provide listings on their site. As part of Rocket Internet, Carmudi is a global brand with branches spread across countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and the Philippines


The amazing advantage of the Autolist online car purchase site is the high-ranking mobile application, available on iOS and Android, which allows you to checklists of several car purchase websites and dealers from your gadget. Here you can search by body and style or by making and modeling, or see everything near you at once without coming directly. is a classified ad site that can help you buy a motorized vehicle. Previously these car-buying sites were launched with the name Carbay which was launched in Indonesia in June 2015. In addition to providing various search filters, also provides a feature that allows users to compare cars of interest, from new cars to used cars.

Orthosia is now one of the largest media sites in Indonesia. The development of the high traffic flow of Otosia readers finally pushed this media group to make it a stand-alone automotive portal.

Otosia’s main content is about automotive news, but this site has a sub-directory that focuses on facilitating the purchase and sale of new and used cars. Orthosia provides a variety of vehicles ranging from trucks to luxury cars, this marketplace can be a one-stop-shop for you to buy a car.


Carsome is a startup of a used car marketplace from Malaysia with a B2C concept that is claimed to provide the best price offer for automotive consumers. To Tech in Asia, the CEO Eric Cheng stated that in a year they could facilitate the sale of around 4.5 million cars, with gross revenues of around US $ 30 million (around Rp400 billion). In addition to our country, Carsome has also been available to expand in Singapore and Thailand.


Mobil123 is one of the largest car buying sites in the world today with hundreds of thousands of vehicle listings. In 2008, Nucky Djatmiko established this service before it was purchased by iCar Asia (ICQ: ASX) from Australia in 2012. iCar Asia’s head office is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is currently the largest online automotive network in the ASEAN region. Other businesses in the iCar Asia portfolio are and in Thailand, as well as and from Malaysia.


Former Director of Product and Business Development of KMK, Patrick Williamson founded Otobro in 2016. This car buying and selling startup provide comprehensive post-sale credit and technical inspection services for consumers who want to buy new or used cars.

In March 2017, this startup was acquired by C88 Group which is engaged in financial services. Through the purchase of Otobro, the C88 group, known for its financial product comparison site services ( and insurance (, is now expanding in the automotive sector.


Otomart is a site that provides several choices of cars both new and old, of course, the car you will buy has provided some information about the brand and other specifications. On this site, you can search for cars based on prices so you can search for cars based on your budget. is a website for buying and selling used cars that gives visitors more trust in the products they sell. Every car sold here has gone through the inspection stage to produce a choice of quality cars. Engine protection for 3 years and also cars can be delivered to the house making this website have quality services and goods.

You can visit car-buying sites immediately if you need a private vehicle. You will not feel the loss of buying a car or other vehicle on the site, because the price offered is very affordable and indeed the market price of the original manufacturer.

Indeed there are many car buying sites on the internet, but are you sure the site is trusted? Need to know many sites that cheat the buyers. Therefore you must be careful in choosing a site if you want to buy a car. This is done to minimize fraud on you. Hopefully, you can find the dream car.


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