Reviews, Specifications and Prices of Nissan Terra 2019

Reviews, Specifications and prices of Nissan Terra 2019 – The increasing standard of living we see many rich people buy SUVs in the class of Toyota Fortuner and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. We can easily find the two cars on the highway, because now the voters are increasing. Well, the Pajero Sport and Fortuner are selling well in Indonesia even though the price is very expensive. Understand that, Nissan rushed to release a new SUV which they named “NISSAN TERRA”.
Then whether the SUV can compete against the Fortuner and Pajero Sport?

Armed with a luxurious interior and exterior design that looks so tough and strong, Nissan Terra tries to answer the doubts of many people who have not wanted to buy a car made by Nissan. The technology of this car is no less sophisticated than an SUV in its class. Nissan also provides several variants that use a 4 × 4 and 4 × 2 drive system. The price ranges from 460 Million, so it is classified as a premium car in Indonesia. Well for those of you who want to see the greatness of Nissan Terra, please refer to the following information.

Machine Specs

Reviews, Specifications and prices of Nissan Terra 2019
Reviews, Specifications and prices of Nissan Terra 2019

All Nissan Terra variants marketed in Indonesia use a Diesel 4 Cylinder engine which has a capacity of 2.488cc. The engine is equipped with Turbo Diesel Common Rail technology which makes the power very large. Where the maximum power reaches 190 PS which can be achieved at 3,600 rpm engine speed. Whereas the peak torque reaches 450 Nm at 2,000 rpm. The power and torque are so large and are supported by a 6 speed manual transmission or 7 automatic acceleration with manual mode.

Diesel engines are known to be reliable when used through grades or other heavy terrain. Diesel engine fuel consumption is also more economical, making it suitable for Nissan Terra, which is a large SUV. Turbo-powered diesel engine can produce amazing torque at low engine speed, making it suitable for passing traffic jams or difficult terrain.
Its acceleration can also be relied upon to conquer all the terrain it passes.


Nissan Terra Eksterior
Nissan Terra Eksterior

Even more amazing, Nissan provides a special setting button for an alternative choice between 2WD and 4H drive systems in order to produce maximum fuel efficiency in various situations and road conditions that are passed. The button also features a 4LO option which is a special mode for driving on offroad terrain. Then there is the Rack & Pinion type steering system which is supported by the Tilt Steering feature to adjust the steering position according to the comfort of the Nissan Terra driver.

With a monster-powered engine that is reliable in all fields, it is certainly natural that Nissan dares to install expensive Nissan Terra prices. Moreover, this car has a tough and sturdy exterior design. Nissan Terra reflects a true SUV designed to bulldoze all the terrain it passes. The design is very attractive with a distinctive flared fender and body line. This SUV also has a very high Ground Clerance reaching 225 mm which makes it more optimal when passing offroad terrain.


Nissan Terra of Dimentions
Nissan Terra of Dimentions

In terms of dimensions, Nissan Terra has a body measuring 4,895 mm long, 1,865 mm wide and 1,835 mm high. While for the wheel axis is 2,850 mm and the radius of rotation is 5.7 meters. The prowess of Nissan Terra is also visible from the front of the V-Motion style grille which makes the exterior look more masculine. Then there are also LED headlights with LED Signature that provide more optimal lighting when driving at night or during the day.

On the side there are footrests available to facilitate access in and out of this car. Besides that, Nissan is equipped with a number of modern features, such as the High Mount Stop Lamp, Roof Spoiler, Daytime Running Light (DRL), Fog Lamp, and Electric Folding Mirror or electric mirrors on the exterior sector. Nissan Terra’s main headlight has an auto on / off feature that makes it more modern and can compete against the same class SUV that is priced at the equivalent of the Nissan Terra.


The success of Nissan Terra is more perfect with the presence of luxurious interiors wrapped in high quality material. The cabin space is very spacious and there are three rows of chairs that have a spacious legroom and luxury on each side. Special type VL has a leather seat and shift knob that makes it look even more classy. Whereas for Type E and Standard Type wear fabric seats. Well, there are 3 different types that automatically affect the price of Nissan Terra.

Nissan Terra has a button to set the second bar seat. You simply press the button, then automatically the second row seat will be folded electrically. Then for the dashboard equipped with a head unit with a 7-inch touch screen that can be connected to other devices via USB, Bluetooth, and AUX. Besides that, Nissan Terra’s interior is equipped with AC Digital and MID (Multi Information Display) screens. Not the feature of the Audio Steeering Switch and the Stop / Start Button button it also has.

Suspention and Brakes

Furthermore, for the legs sector, Nissan Terra is equipped with a Double Wishbone front suspension equipped with Stabilizer. While for the rear uses Multi-Link suspension with Stabilizer. The suspension is specifically designed to be comfortable to use across various terrain roads. Unfortunately for the braking section still uses drum rear brakes which in our opinion are incompatible with the expensive price of Nissan Terra.

In the legs sector is also available 18-inch alloy wheels made of Aluminum Alloy. The wheel design looks cool and has 6 holes to maximize durability when passing heavy terrain. The wheels are wrapped in tires measuring 255/60-R18 which, according to us, are able to compensate for the Nissan Terra body shape, resulting in optimum grip on off-road terrain and on the highway. Unfortunately for the standard type still has a smaller alloy size, the 17 Inch Ring with 255/65-R17 tires

Safety Feature

Where one of the safety features of the Terra Terra Anti-Lock Breaking System (ABS) prevents wheel locking by pumping faster brakes. Besides that, there is also an Electronic Brake Force Distrubution (EBD) feature that is useful to provide additional power to the rear brakes that are still drummed. Then there are also features of the Brake Assist and Vehicle Dymanic Control (VDC). The VDC features a service to monitor steering and braking through slippery turns.

Dymanic Control Vehicle (VDC) will respond to reducing engine power or increasing brake pressure on certain wheels, thus preventing the car from slipping. The Safety of Nessa Terra riders and passengers are guaranteed by Nissan Advanced Airbags. Systems that protect passengers and drivers when there are unwanted accidents. This car also has sophisticated construction that can reduce impact and provide extra protection. The tire pressure automatically offers information when the pressure is too low.

Specs of Nissan Terra

Type Common Rail Turbo Diesel, 4 Silinder
Capacity 2488 cc
Maksimum Power 190 PS / 3600 rpm
Maksimum Torsi 450 Nm / 2000 rpm
Bore x Stroke 89 x 100 mm
Transmition Manual 6-Percepatan & Otomatic 7-Percepatan
Drive System Rack & Pinion
Long 4895 mm
Width 1865 mm
Height 1835 mm
Seat 7-8 orang
Wheelbase 2850 mm
Ground Clearance 225 mm
Rotate Radius 5.7 meter
Suspensi & Ban
Front Suspension Double Wishbone with Stabilizer
Rear Suspension Multi- Link (5-Link) with Stabilizer
Wheel Dimention 255/65-R17 & 255/60-R18
Velg Dimention Ring 17 Inci & Ring 18 Inci
Brakes System ABS, EBD, BA
Front Brake Ventilated Disc
Rear Brake Drum Brake


So it can be concluded that the shortcomings in the Nissan Terra specification are still using the Drum Brake rear brake or drum brake. Though the price of Nissan Terra exceeds 460 million for the lowest type and the highest type exceeds 600 million. Nissan provides four variants that you can choose with the option of 6-speed manual transmission or matic 7 speed with manual mode. Now to find out the price of Nissan Terra for each type, please see below.

Yes, the price of Nissan Terra is fantastic. We have to take out the pocket deeply to get this 7-Seater SUV. Actually the price is proportional to the toughness of the engine it has. This car also features Intelligent Rear View Mirror which is a camera mounted on the back of the Nissan Terra. Besides that, the Intelligent Arround View Monitor feature is available which will provide a 360 degree view from the top of the car and is displayed on the rear view mirror inside the cabin.

Tipe Mobil  Transmisi   Harga 
Harga Nissan Terra (4×2) M/T Rp. 464.000.000
Harga Nissan Terra E (4×2) A/T Rp. 490.000.000
Harga Nissan Terra VL (4×2) A/T Rp. 515.000.000
Harga Nissan Terra VL (4×4) A/T Rp. 661.000.000
 Harga Terbaru : List Prices Nissan Cars


In total there are four variants of Nissan Terra that you can buy. Unfortunately Nissan only provides one type that uses the All Wheel Drive (4WD) drive system. And that is the highest type, which costs 661 million rupiah. Nissan markets this car to fill the premium class segment. Therefore they did not hesitate to sell Nissan Terra prices at very high prices. How, are you interested in buying it?


  • The design is dashing and with a large body shape and has a high ground clerence.
  • Maximum power and torque can be achieved at low engine speed.
  • Has the ability to explore various terrain
  • There is already a suspension equipped with stabilizer, so as to provide maximum comfort when driving
  • Sudah ada sistem pengereman ABS + EBD + BA
  • There is already an ABS + EBD + BA braking system
  • Equipped with 7 inch touch screen head unit
  • For the highest type has leather wrapped seats
  • The luxurious interior with cabin space is relieved and has three rows of chairs.
  • Already using LED lighting systems



  • There is only one variant that uses a 4 × 4 or 4WD drive system.
  • In our opinion, the price of Nissan Terra is too expensive and not suitable for most Indonesian people.
  • The rear brakes are still drum


Well that’s information about the specifications and prices of Nissan Terra. It can be concluded that Nissan Terra is devoted to filling the premium segment competing against the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Toyota Fortuner. Maybe you have a Fortuner or Pajero Sport that has proven toughness. But there is nothing wrong with buying Nissan Terra, which in terms of quality, performance and features are not inferior to the SUV in its class.


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