Regular Car Care: What To Remember?

Regular Car Care: What To Remember?
Regular Car Care: What To Remember?

Regular Car Care: What To Remember? – Regularly servicing the car and checking several aspects not only maintains its condition but also slows down natural wear. Many people only serve vehicles when they have problems or during annual inspections.

Regularly checking several aspects of your car can help prevent several problems – and therefore also save repair. In this article, we present a list of steps that must be followed and details that need to be remembered to maintain your car regularly.

Regular Car Care Every Month

There are several Regular Car Care you have to do every month to make your car always perfect.

Oil level

Make sure there is no oil level leakage and check the oil level once a month. If the level is low, add oil that can be purchased at any automated supply store or gas station.

Engine oil is very important for lubricating the engine, to prevent engine wear and to maintain engine temperature. Having lower oil levels than recommended can cause engine heating, increased fuel consumption, and serious mechanical problems.


Check regularly – every month – the condition of all car seat belts. When they show signs of wear, change as soon as possible. Safety belts are important to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers and are very important in good condition.

Cooling or antifreeze

Check the radiator fluid level every month. If below the recommended level, immediately add liquid! The lack of cooling or antifreeze or leakage can cause the engine to overheat and corrosion.

Engine air filter

Replace the engine air cleaner every time it is dirty or every 10,000 kilometers. The engine air filter is responsible for filtering impurities inside the engine. If it’s already overloaded, this causes higher fuel consumption and loss of rpm power.


Tires must be checked once a month and every time you make a big trip. Make sure there are no punctures, damage, uneven wear or no pressure level below that recommended by your car manufacturer. Keeping tires in good condition is very important to ensure vehicle safety and prevent accidents.

Regular Car Care Every 3 Months

And for the next Regular Car Care, you should check several components, such as:

Oil filter

Oil filters must be replaced every 5000 kilometers or as recommended by the manufacturer. Oil filters prevent parts such as pistons, rings, valves, and others from being damaged by metal particles from the fuel. Failure to maintain this part or improper maintenance can cause wear and damage to these parts and other metal components.

Windshield liquid

Check the windshield fluid every 3 months and regularly, especially during periods of heavy use, such as in winter. Add water or liquid to the windshield if it shows a low level. It is important that the windshield has enough liquid to prevent the brush from scratching and damaging the windshield.

Transmission oil

The lack of oil in the transmission causes the transmission to not function properly. Because this oil is responsible for spreading excess heat from the transmission, the lack of routine maintenance of cars where this level is found can cause serious driving problems.

Battery Terminals and Cables

Every three months it is recommended that you check the terminal and battery cable. If the terminal shows signs of corrosion, clean it with a wire brush and if it is damaged, replace it immediately.


Remember to have your vehicle serviced regularly, which tests all rear lights, front and side. If you have lights that are fused or operate occasionally, this can cause accidents or driving disruptions due to poor visibility. In addition to maintaining this ordinary vehicle, make sure you always have a replacement lamp in your car.

Regular Car Care Every 6 Months

Apart from the above, Regular Car Care has several components that must be checked every 6 months. Check out the reviews!


Windshield wipers must be replaced every 6 months or every time has worn out. Used to remove excess water from the front window, check the condition of the brush especially before the rainy season.


Often overlooked during regular vehicle maintenance, the horn must be tested from time to time to make sure it functions. Even if you don’t use it in your daily life, the horn can serve and help a lot if there is a danger.


Brakes are what ensure your safety and the safety of others in the event of an accident. Make sure they work well and show no signs of wear. Pay special attention to brake pads, which must be checked at least twice a year.

Replacement Tires

During regular vehicle maintenance, check whether the spare tire has bounced well. You only need to use this tire if you experience problems while traveling, such as puncture or leak. However, it is very important that it is in good condition if necessary to use it. This inspection is even more important for long trips by car.

Exhaust system

Make sure the vehicle’s exhaust system is free of rust, wear or lose parts. The exhaust system is responsible for evacuating the gas produced by the fuel and reducing the noise produced by the engine. Lack of care can disturb passenger comfort and pollute the environment.

Shock absorbers

Shock absorbers ensure the correct grip between tires and road. They guarantee an effective response in the event of a hole, bend, braking or side wind. It is very important for you to regularly repair the vehicle to make sure there is no oil or wear infiltration on the shock absorbers.

Regular Car Care helps extend the life of each part and the vehicle as a whole. If in doubt during this routine maintenance, don’t hesitate to go to the garage or special car shop to ask professionals. There is nothing better than preventing mechanical problems by avoiding very high repair values!

Don’t let your car get damaged, just because you forget to do Regular Car Care. Avoid bigger losses, than your money is used to repair the car, better to use for other purposes.


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