Recommended Tips And Methods For An Oil Change ?

Recommended Tips And Methods For An Oil Change ?
Recommended Tips And Methods For An Oil Change ?

Recommended Tips And Methods For An Oil Change? – How many months do you have to change the car oil? The answer is diverse. Although they both drive certain brands and types of cars, both cars can have different oil change times. This is influenced by many factors, including the traffic situation facing the car.

The condition of car engines that take the toll road every day with a constant speed can replace the oil longer than cars that face traffic jams. If the car is used every day and always gets stuck, then the quality of the oil becomes less good. Because in a traffic jam, the engine and oil still work so that the oil must be replaced earlier to maintain the quality of the lubricant and the heart runway sector.

Vehicle oil changes for different cars, wherein the instructions or manuals are generally cars every 10,000 km or 6 months. But this rule cannot be applied to all cars, because every driver uses and maintains his vehicle differently.

For cars that use oil with a mixture of more minerals, you should replace the car oil every 5,000 km. But if you use oil with full synthetic content, it doesn’t matter if you replace it every 10,000 km. And Keep in mind that engine oil that is late replaced can cause damage to the engine and reduce the engine’s performance.

The quality of the vehicle oil you are using also affects the period for oil use. The oil with the right additive content for each vehicle will maintain the performance of each engine component, such as Deltalube oil. Therefore, cars that are used in static driving conditions with constant speed, it doesn’t matter if the new oil changes every 10,000 km.

As for cars that face traffic jams every day, it is better if every 5,000 km has changed oil or at least check the condition of the oil and pay attention to engine performance. Because the condition of road jams keeps the engine from working until it often experiences excessive heat (overheat). Besides, if you feel the engine pull is a bit heavy, or the engine vibration feels rougher, it never hurts to check the condition of the engine oil.

How To Change Oil Cars?

As written above for every 5,000 kilometers of vehicle travel, an oil change is highly recommended to maintain engine performance. For those of you who don’t want to go to the workshop just for an oil change, you can change your car oil at home.

Prepare the car oil change equipment you need

To change your car oil without going to the garage, you will need a spanner, a container for used oil, an oil filter, a tool to open the filter, and new oil that matches the car spec. Prepare your vehicle on a flat surface before starting the oil changes. Attach the handbrake and block the wheel with the beam if necessary. Also make sure the engine is cool because if the engine is hot, the oil will stick to the surface of the engine a lot.

Check for leaks before changing the oil

Before changing oil, first, check on your car oil. Open the oil cap on the hood and check the oil stick, is your old oil reduced or not? The reduction of 1 liter of oil can still be declared normal because oxidation of engine heat and room temperature can cause the oil to evaporate. If the oil is reduced by more than 1 liter, immediately check if there is a leak from the wet exhaust, white exhaust fumes or dripping oil. If this happens, you can take the car to a workshop for more professional and comprehensive repairs and checks.

Drain old oil

Once the vehicle and equipment are ready, you can start draining the old oil. Jack your car and place the container under the car oil tank. Open the hood and top oil tank knob. Then from the bottom of the machine, open the oil tank bolt and let the old oil flow into the container that you have prepared beforehand. Be careful when removing oil, because high temperatures can hurt. You also have to be careful when opening the bolt, because the bolt that slides will result in leaking oil. If the car oil leaks without the knowledge later, it will result in engine damage.

Change the oil filter

After the old oil has been drained, you need to replace the filter before filling it with new-car oil. Replacing the oil filter with a new one needs to be done every time you change the car oil so that the incoming oil will not be contaminated by old oil. Make sure you also use the right tools to open and install your car oil filter.

Before installing a new filter, it’s good to first lubricate the filter with new oil. This is to avoid oil leakage. After the filter is installed, pour the new oil and check the oil stick at the right volume, not less or more.

Choose the right and quality car oil for the vehicle

You also have to choose car oil that is following the API service and SAE of your car, as well as quality oil to maintain vehicle performance. Considering the development of automotive from year to year that continues to change, the best oil is car oil with the latest technology. Supermax oil is equipped with heat-activated technology that protects the vehicle’s engine in extreme conditions and improves engine performance. This technology has also been patented in the world by Magna International as the holder of the Lupromax brand!

Interrupting car oil is very easy, but if you don’t have enough experience to do it yourself you should leave it to the workshop. Usually, the workshop will have more complete equipment and experienced mechanics, so your car will be safe from problems when changing the oil. Moreover, if there are other problems in your car, the workshop will be notified.


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