Personal Car Maintenance Log: Maintaining Performance To Always Be Perfect

Personal Car Maintenance Log: Maintaining Performance To Always Be Perfect
Personal Car Maintenance Log: Maintaining Performance To Always Be Perfect

Personal Car Maintenance Log: Maintaining Performance To Always Be Perfect – In general, all people who buy a new car will be given a car maintenance log from the dealer. But the problem is, sometimes some people don’t understand what is explained. Even though just a car game and you can try in madalin stunt cars 2.

This is caused by some car maintenance logs using the language of the country of manufacture, but indeed the most common ones use English. You don’t need to be confused anymore because we prepared a car maintenance log in this article that is very easy for everyone to understand!

Periodic Car Care You Must Do

Caring for cars is the most important thing when you have a dream car. In addition to extending the useful life of the car, car maintenance is also needed to ensure that the selling price of the car remains of high value and is always comfortable when driving. The following are regular car care that you have to do, both personally and periodically, to the workshop.

Make sure the liquid in the car is always sufficient

The car contains several types of liquids that must be considered, starting from the water on the radiator or coolant which functions as a cooling engine, power steering that functions as a lubricant, and fluid on the brake that functions as a hydraulic system during the braking process. Take your time when caring for a car to check the fluids, especially radiator water or coolant that often decreases in the radiator room. And make sure that your car always uses the recommended coolant, because it has an ingredient that can maintain the temperature of the combustion chamber.

Change Engine Oil Periodically

Engine oil is the most important part of a car that serves to reduce friction between components, coolers, vibration absorbers, dirt cleaners, to anti-rust inside the engine. However, the engine oil that works continuously will experience a decrease in its usability, thus requiring it to be replaced with a new one. Perform engine oil changes every 5,000 km once to take care of your car so that engine performance remains optimal.

Routine Service or Tune-Up

When the car is considered often used, it’s time for you to take care of the car by bringing it to the mainstay mechanic to do rejuvenation so that the condition remains in shape. Perform routine service or tune-up every 10,000 km once (according to your car brand’s manual) in a workshop that has been tested for quality and reliability. If there is a problem with your car, do not hesitate to consult with the mechanic to get extra care so that the condition of the car returns to prime.

Pay attention to the condition of the battery

The battery is one source of electricity for a vehicle and arguably a battery is a vital component. If there is damage or decrease in power, it will cause the vehicle to not operate normally. Check by making sure the battery water is always at the proper level, which is between the marked boundary lines. Besides, checking can also be done by looking at the battery voltage using a voltmeter, but if you are not sure to check it yourself, you should always check at least once a month to the nearest workshop.

Clean the Car to Avoid Rust

There are still many motorists who don’t care about cleanliness when driving. Even though washing cars is one of the things that is easy to do in caring for a car to stay durable. Wash the car at least once a week after traveling, especially with high mobility vehicles often pass through flooded and dirty roads. Wash it to the narrow corners of the car parts to avoid rusting on some components of the car.

Personal Car Maintenance Log: Car Care Entering the Rainy Season

Caring for a car to always have good performance is an important thing that all vehicle owners must do. Even if the car is protected by Best Car Insurance, car maintenance is still important, especially when the rainy season arrives. Yep, car maintenance during the rainy season is indeed a little different from the treatment during the dry season, as some of the following:

Washing car

Car washing is an important treatment that must be done even if it’s not in the rainy season. However, during the rainy season, this treatment must be considered, especially in cars that are wet with rain. Because rainwater even though it looks clean, it can risk damaging the car’s paint and causing rust. That is why, after the car is used to drive in the rain, it’s good if it is immediately washed or at least rinse with clean water and immediately dry it. As much as possible, avoid allowing rainwater to dry on the body of the car by itself.

Using carpet

The carpet in question is not a carpet made of cloth but rubber. Because rugs made of cloth will be difficult to dry when wet. Though when it rains it is very likely you get into the car with the condition of wet shoes. As a result, the carpet will be moldy and can be a nest of disease. But if you use a rubber carpet, the carpet will be easier to wash and dry.

Check several components

Several important components need to be considered more during the rainy season, such as wipers, tires, brakes, and suspensions. Also, check the overall engine condition especially when your car has just hit a puddle that is high enough or driving in very heavy rain. Ensure that engine components that cannot be wet are still safe so that the car’s performance will remain good.

Indoor parking

If possible, avoid parking the car outdoors because rain can risk damaging the car’s paint. Besides, parking outside, especially near trees will risk becoming a victim of fallen trees when rain accompanied by strong winds suddenly comes.

In addition to performing a variety of special treatments above, other general treatments must also not be ignored, such as changing the oil on time, using appropriate fuel, and so on. By paying attention to various treatments, it will reduce the risk of your vehicle experiencing problems.


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