Pay Attention To The Auto Maintenance Schedule To Keep The Car Is Up To Date

Pay Attention To The Auto Maintenance Schedule To Keep The Car Is Up To Date
Pay Attention To The Auto Maintenance Schedule To Keep The Car Is Up To Date

Pay Attention To The Auto Maintenance Schedule To Keep The Car Is Up To Date – The latest treatments are guaranteed for cars running without headaches. But various mechanical systems have their peculiarities. Each must be checked at different intervals. Therefore, we compiled an auto maintenance schedule for each component, based on the research we conducted on several types of cars

The auto maintenance schedule is divided into ten revisions. Ideally, each one is made in one year or 10 thousand km, not exceeding 15 thousand kilometers. This text considers inspection every 10,000 km.

Engine, oil, and filter

Regular machine operation, absence of leaks and belt conservation conditions must be checked at each revision, ie every 10 thousand km. Spark plugs must be inspected with 10,000 km and replaced with 20 thousand km. After that, check again with 30 thousand km, exchanged for 40 thousand km, and so on. In terms of timing belt from distribution, it is important to check its condition every 20,000 km and replace parts every 40,000 km.

It is good practice to check engine oil levels every week. Under normal conditions, exchanges must be carried out every 12 months or 15 thousand km. Already under severe conditions of use (such as heavy urban traffic, driving on dust and sand roads or commercial vehicle use) the deadline falls by half: 6 months or 7,500 km.

The oil filter must be replaced at the first oil change, and then every two exchanges. Air filters must be inspected (and cleaned if necessary) every 10,000 km and replaced every 20,000 km. For fuel filters, exchanges must be carried out every 10,000 km (flexible engine or ethanol) and 20,000 km (gasoline engine). Every 10,000 km, check the engine coolant system coolant level and check for leaks. Fluid replacement must be carried out every 20,000 km, after drying and cleaning the system.

Steering, suspension, wheels, and tires

Check the power steering fluid level, complete if necessary, every 10,000 km. Every 20,000 km, you also need to check the hose and steering connection, as well as slack and torque on the system bolt. Suspension and suspension springs must be checked every 10,000 km and replaced every 40,000 km, preventively. The wheels must be parallel and balanced every 10,000 km. Check noise and trousers at pads every 20,000 km. Tires must be calibrated as often as possible and rotated every 8,000 km.


The brake system components can wear out constantly. Inserts and discs must be checked every 10,000 km; tarps and drums, every 20,000 km. Parking brakes must be checked and arranged every 10,000 km. Brake fluid must be replaced every 20,000 km, or according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Other components

Lights and fuses must go through weekly reviews. Every 10,000 km, check the fluid level and battery charging, headlight adjustment and the condition of the windshield wiper and rear windshield wiper blades. Besides, every 10,000 km, you need to replace the air conditioning or ventilation filter cleaning system. At the same frequency, check the safety conditions of the seat belt: straps, buckles and fastening screws. The bodywork must be inspected every 10,000 km for damage to paint and corrosion points, including the bottom of the floor. Take advantage of lubricating hinges and lubricated doors.

Why Need to Make An Auto Maintenance Schedule?

We believe everyone has their daily activities. They must have jobs that must be completed immediately. With a very busy schedule, many of them have no time to maintain the car. While the car is transportation that must always be excellent when driving. Of course, if there is no free time it will be fatal to the car later on. From there you have to set up an auto maintenance schedule on your favorite car to always be perfect.

How To Make The Car Always Perfect?

The display may only be the case of the car, but it also fits in one of the components that you must guard. So, the car is always comfortable when driving, see the way below!

New Battery Returns Used Car Performance Like a New Car

Don’t underestimate changing car batteries. Although it looks simple, the benefits are extraordinary. Your car may have a battery that is already dry. If not replaced immediately, the soak battery makes the car’s condition worse. For example, there is no starter, horn (horn), turn signal does not work, until a very disturbing sound is heard. How to replace the battery is very easy, you only prepare the same size battery with the old battery. If it feels difficult, you can use a workshop or battery shop.

Replacing Oil is Important

After the battery, the important component you need to replace is engine oil. Even though the oil still looks good, it would be nice to keep replacing it with a new one so that the car stays in the best condition. Choose an oil that is following the current technological engine. Castrol MAGNATEC STOP-START specifications are also recommended by today’s car manufacturers.

Castrol MAGNATEC STOP-START has a smart molecule that attaches and forms a self-healing layer. This one lubricant can fix itself on the system of extra protection for your used car. Industrial test results prove Castrol MAGNATEC STOP-START is also able to reduce thirst significantly on the condition of car engines that often experience stopping – back roads, and proven to provide 20% better engine protection on driving conditions.

Let the Machine be Dust-Free, Air Filters Need to be Replaced

For the inside of the machine to be free of dust, the air filter needs to be replaced. If the air filter is in good condition, it can be ascertained that the supply of air flowing freely into the engine is still maintained. As a result, the speed of the vehicle is free of obstacles.

Follow all auto maintenance schedules on your car according to the rules we review. Rest assured, your car will always be comfortable and perfect when taken to travel with family or friends without worrying about obstacles.


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