New Cars Special for Families or Stylish 2019

New Cars Special for Families or Stylish 2019
New Cars Special for Families or Stylish 2019

New Cars Special for Families or Stylish 2019 Some manufacturers have openly provided information regarding the presence of new products. But some brands choose silence and keep their new products secret in 2019.

From the various information that appears in the media, you can find cars ranging from city cars, sedans, multi-purpose vehicles (MPV), to sport utility vehicles (SUVs). Below are some of the new cars that you can have in 2019.

1. Toyota Avanza

One of the names most awaited by everyone is the Toyota Avanza. We put the Avanza at the top of the list. Aside from being the best-selling car, this Low MPV has indeed not received a significant change since the second generation arrived in 2011. In total, the Avanza has only experienced two major changes even though it is already 15 years old.

The Avanza born from the collaboration between Toyota and Daihatsu first appeared in July 2003 at the Gaikindo Auto Expo before it was officially launched on December 2003. The first generation of Avanza (2003-2011) only changed 8 years later. That is, if calculated on an 8-year lifecycle, then in 2019 the third generation of Avanza will be born.

PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) itself still keeps this a secret. However, some leaks circulated in cyberspace. The new Avanza will offer a series of updates such as the start-stop button, HSA, VSC, Digital AC, LED lights and shark fin antennas. This can be a capital to compete with the Mitsubishi Xpander, Suzuki Ertiga, and Wuling Confero S.

2. Daihatsu Xenia

Along with the presence of the new Avanza, refreshments will also be obtained by his twin Daihatsu Xenia. This is possible considering the two cars have the same base. Just like the Avanza, the Daihatsu Xenia will also get a new exterior appearance. Not only that, it is reported that Low MPV will also get a new variant that relies on a 1.5-liter engine.

3. Wuling Almaz

Wuling Motors is one of the names that skyrocketed in 2018. The Chinese manufacturer was able to burst among Japanese manufacturers with their products. Until now they present Small MPV Confero S, MPV Cortez 1.5L and 1.8L, and Formo Mini Bus and Blind Van. The plan, Wuling will add to its line-up in 2019. This time the segment they will target is the SUV market. Wuling presented Baojun 530 at GIIAS 2018 last August.


In addition to Wuling, another Chinese manufacturer PT Sokonindo Automobile (DFSK) also intends to bring in its latest SUV. Even DFSK suggests that it will present two new cars at once.

DFSK is still keeping its newest product a secret. Currently, DFSK has Glory 580 (1.5L and 1.8L) and Super Cab in the commercial segment. Reportedly DFSK will bring in 1 SUV variant with a capacity of 7 passengers. This SUV with a 1.500cc Turbo engine is positioned under the DFSK Glory 580. Estimated, the model is the FFSuang S560 DFSK sold in China.

5. New Mitsubishi Triton

After a huge success with the small MPV Xpander, Mitsubishi Motors presents a new model in 2019. PT Mitsubishi Motors is sure to present the latest generation of 1 ton Mitsubishi Triton pickup which was introduced globally in Thailand last November. Appear with a new face that is in line with Xpander and Pajero Sport. This pickup with a 2.5L engine is expected to strengthen Mitsubishi’s dominance in the 4 × 4 Tanag Air pickup market.

In addition to Triton, Mitsubishi is indeed carrying out their passenger car. Two other names that are reportedly also present are the facelift version of the Pajero Sport and the Eclipse Cross that comes with the newest models next year.

6. Suzuki Jimny 2019

The car that became a star in the 2018 GIIAS was the Suzuki Jimny. In this fourth generation, Jimny has changed its form with a more manly and tough design like a true SUV on its exterior. The performance also increased with the arrival of many new features to support its toughness as a 4 × 4 car.

In Japan, Suzuki provides two engine options for the Jim namely the four-cylinder 1.500cc K15B and three-cylinder 660cc turbo, while the choice of transmission is a manual 5-speed and 4-speed automatic.

8. Nissan MPV

Nissan also did not want to be outdone by other manufacturers. After introducing the Nissan Terra SUV in 2018, Nissan is also ready to present its new product in the MPV segment. In this fastest segment, Nissan relies on Grand Livina, Serena and Elgrand. Now armed with cooperation with Mitsubishi, Nissan will present a Small MPV.

News about Nissan’s plan to launch a Mitsubishi Xpander based MPV and sell it with the Nissan label has long been heard. Although not much revealed, the presence of Xpander’s twin MPV will certainly be a breath of fresh air for Nissan.

9. Honda WR-V

Honda is said to be adding to the line-up line by presenting the Honda WR-V compact crossover. This car is considered to have many advantages, small, tiny, high ground clearance and has a platform like the third-generation Honda Jazz. However, information circulating says if the WR-V uses a 1.2-liter gasoline engine and is only offered in manual transmissions. This engine capacity is considered too small and is unable to compete with the more popular 1.5-liter engine. Besides, Honda will also refresh several other products such as Honda Mobilio, BR-V, Honda Civic, Honda Accord, and Honda Jazz.

10. BMW

The brand that is likely to be quite busy in 2019 is BMW. Bayerische Motoren Werke is rumored to be launching at least 5 new cars ready to be introduced. The names that appear starting from the luxury BMW X5 crossover, BMW 3 Series, BMW Z4, and BMW M5 that will appear new. Besides, there will also be a BMW 8 Series which was introduced globally on 15 June 2018.

You can have a row of new cars in 2019, and there are currently several that have been launched. Suppose that the Avanza has sold thousands of units in Indonesia. Immediately have new cars now at affordable prices.


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