New Car Maintenance From The Dealer

New Car Maintenance From The Dealer
New Car Maintenance From The Dealer

New Car Maintenance From The Dealer – A car is a land transportation device that functions profitably transporting an item, to facilitate the work of humans, or others to get to their destination faster. Cars are driven by using engine power, which uses internal combustion, with oil such as gasoline, diesel fuel, etc. to facilitate the work of the engine.

In the care of a new car from a dealer, it is not necessary to take it to the workshop or call a car expert to check it, but it can be handled on its own, the benefits of which can reduce maintenance costs compared to being taken to a workshop. But the side effects, if you forget the routine maintenance, then it will reduce performance to be reduced, even the car looks very dirty like a dune of dunes.

New Car Maintenance Recommendations That You Have To Do!

Self-care can not be done every day, but at least once a week or two weeks, when the free time arrives, such as official holidays, and for families who can set their own time with the situation. If maintenance can be done routinely, the results will be very satisfying, can provide fresh nuances at any time, a sleek look because of the coloring with the best paint protection cars, and many more good effects. Here’s a review of how to treat a new matic car or a new manual car:

Keeping Cars From Mushrooms On Glass and Body Paint

How to care for a new car from the first dealer, that must be able to avoid the car from the fungus that is usually present in the glass or body paint, because if the fungus sticks or attaches firmly to both parts, it will certainly reduce the impression of the cleanliness of the car. a used car without maintenance.

Calm down, to avoid it, just need to avoid the car from being damp which usually happens when the car gets wet from rain then is hot, preferably if something like this happens, just clean it with a dry cloth. This is one of the tips for car care properly and correctly from mold or mildew. Then avoid wearing the coat of the car, because by using a car coat when it rains, it will provoke the mushrooms to come and land on the car.

Washing the car every time it’s dirty

Sometimes a feeling of laziness that is very very attached to anyone that makes everything fall apart. Especially if only for washing cars, usually considered trivial. Even though just washing a car is something that must also be considered. Because if the car after the trip especially in the rain, of course, the car looks very dirty and dirty.

If it is not cleaned, the attached dirt will glue strong and difficult to remove. And it will worsen the beauty of the car. Therefore, learn how to wash an efficient car and be diligent in washing cars to maintain the beauty and beauty of the dream car that has been obtained.

Avoid the car from the blazing sun

It is appropriate when the heat during the day, the car should be placed in a place that is protected from direct sunlight, for example, if there is no closed space, the car can be placed under the trees, or in other places as long as it is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Because the effect of this one thing will be very bad for a new car, it not only makes the condition of the car become hot, but it will make the car paint quickly dull and faded. Therefore, when I have a car, it is necessary to learn how to care for the body of the car, one of them is by avoiding the car from direct sunlight.

Cleaning the Inside of the Car Routinely

Cleaning the inside of the car regularly is one way to take care of a new car, you can use a clean and soft cloth with cleaning products. But don’t just play spray, you should spray the cleaner on the cloth first, because if it’s directly, it is feared something will happen that disrupts electricity, especially in cars full of electronic devices.

After that, then wipe the fabric that has been sprayed into each part of the car, starting from the dashboard, door trim, and all parts that are considered dirty. With notes, cleaned from rubber or plastic, not furry fabric.

Caring for Car Engine Parts

Usually, machine parts are often ruled out by their owners. Apart from being rarely reached if it’s not damaged, the engine is often avoided because of the effect of heat after use. However, it is better if you clean the car engine parts from various dust inside with clean water with a brush or a cloth that is given cleaning fluid, or it can also use engine degreaser products which are found in the market, which can be obtained at various prices.

Keep in mind how to wash a car engine, before cleaning, first check the engine parts, do not let anyone open or peel off. Because it will affect the work of the machine. Car engine maintenance is certainly not enough to clean or check the engine parts alone, no doubt that the need for a battery in every car that also needs to know how to care for car batteries.

Change Oil Regularly

This one thing, can not be tolerated, both new and old cars, certainly must be diligent to make oil changes. No exception for cars that are rarely used, all must change the oil according to the procedure or at the most for 6 months. Because the oil is too long in the car it will usually experience deposition which makes the core or most inner part of the engine stain. And from this stubborn stain, which will make the car’s performance not prime and stable. In addition to this, it is also necessary to know the type of car oil that is often used. If you want to save on service costs, of course, you need to learn how to replace your car axle oil. &


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