Know the Important Things Car Engine Maintenance

Know the Important Things Car Engine Maintenance
Know the Important Things Car Engine Maintenance

Know the Important Things Car Engine Maintenance – Car cleanliness is also not only on the exterior or interior of the car, for example, maintaining the cleanliness of the car carpet during the rainy season, the car also needs attention. This is because the engine becomes one of the centers of car performance so it requires special attention.

Dirty car engines are very risky rust and certainly dangerous when driving. Usually, a dirty car engine caused by oil droplets, engine heat, coupled with the sticking of dust on the engine that drops the oil and others. Below are a few reasons why car engine cleaning is the most important thing and needs special attention.

  • Prevents the obstruction of the release of heat or hot coil that is on the engine due to dirt that accumulates dirt such as drops of oil or dust on engine components, engine radiator and air conditioner and so on.
  • It can prevent the risk of wear out on exposed parts of the engine. The engine components such as ACG, dynamo, balt AC, power steering and so on.
  • Lighten the work of the fan on the engine radiator and air conditioner to prevent the cause of the car’s air conditioning heat.
  • Maintain the condition of the electrical connector to keep working optimally because no dirt can clog in it.

How to Clean a Car Engine?

After knowing that cleanliness is not only on the exterior and interior of the car, but cleanliness must also be maintained on the cleanliness of the car’s engine. This has become one of the things that are quite important in maintaining the performance of the car. Below is the correct Car Engine Maintenance:

Car engine cleaner

Washing a car engine is different from the car body parts, even the cleaners used are also different. There are two types of cleaners used for washing machines, namely:

  • Engine clean, which is one type of wiper on a car and car engine cleaner used on dirt that is quite attached to the engine.
  • Engine dressing, which is one type of cleaner used to restore the color of car engine components.

 In addition to the cleaners above, several other cleaners that can be used by many people to clean car engines such as:

  1. Kerosene or engine degreaser

Some people use more diesel for car engine cleaning fluid, but because of the combustible nature of diesel fuel, it is better to use kerosene to clean car engines. Kerosene also has a much lower price compared to how to treat diesel-fueled cars. For engine degreaser, this cleaner is usually sold in the form of aerosol cans. For a more expensive price when compared to kerosene.

  • Belt dresser

This cleaner is a special liquid that can be used on all types of rubber belts such as water pumps, air conditioners, alternators and so on. These cleaners are usually sold in the form of aerosol cans.

  • Dab soap

 Dab soap is used as a car engine cleaner because of its strength that can clean even stains.

  • Silicone liquid

This cleaner is used to maintain the flexibility of components made of rubber or PU, such as rubber damper, rubber hood and so forth.

  • Grease

 Most people call it fat. This cleaner is a lubricant that is shaped like a paste.

Then the process of washing a car engine is the same as the process of washing the car body. Only in the process of washing a car engine requires extra precision and energy. The following are things that need to be considered when cleaning a car engine, including:

  • Pay attention to the sidelines of the car engine, this is done with the aim that the water used for the washing process does not enter the car engine or carburetor. This can cause car engines to experience serious problems because the engine oil is mixed with water and this is what causes the engine to experience serious damage.
  • Pay attention to the cable connected to the car engine, the second thing to consider in the process of cleaning the car engine is to pay attention to the cable that is connected to the engine. By paying attention to the cable, we can minimize the damage caused by the cable that was released during the car cleaning process. Or when you disconnect the cable you can reconnect it correctly and correctly.
  • Pay attention to the hose that is connected to the engine, the next is to pay attention to the hose that is connected to the engine, for example, a fuel hose and so on. By paying attention to the hose connected to the car, we can minimize the damage caused to the engine caused by the hose being dislodged. Besides, we can also prevent damage caused by broken or fragile hoses, we can replace them properly.

The Benefits of Cleaning The Body and The Car Engine Regularly

Body and car engine cleanliness are things you should pay attention to if you want your car to be at maximum performance every day. Many people think that a car will not be a problem as long as you always do the right thing in the car. But you also already know, the machine will be able to wear out and when that happens there is a problem approaching you. To make sure that car maintenance is very important, know the benefits of caring for a car below:

  • Maximum Performance

With your routine car maintenance, make sure your car will always provide the best performance. Starting from a clean body that shines and a durable engine.

  • Saving Money

Indirectly when you always routinely do car styling, then you are more economical about money. Just imagine if you never took care of a car, there could be a lot of parts that have to be replaced and cost more.

  • The more stylish

When you have a car that is always maintained, you will be more stylish when driving. Not only is the body clean and looks luxurious, but the engine will also last longer. You will be more confident with a car that looks luxurious and has a perfect engine.


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