How to Reset Your Car Remote

How to Reset Your Car Remote – Having a dream car is everyone’s dream, there is even a struggle that comes out in owning a dream car. Knowing the struggle to get the dream car is not easy, of course, we need to provide some protection to the car. The existence of protection has the aim to protect the car from crime.

No wonder it feels like almost all the cars that are given security protection in the form of a car alarm. Some cars are equipped with this feature by default, but some cars also do not yet have this feature. So that makes the car owner provide additional car alarms on the car. For Automotive buddies who want to get in touch with car alarms, then don’t worry because there are many best car alarm brands.

The safety condition of the car is one of the things that must be considered by vehicle owners. But not all cars with safety features can provide their satisfaction, often even experiencing ERROR. One example of an alarm function that often experiences errors is the Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia car alarms. Cars with the same DNA is very often experienced an error.

 The car that received the predicate as the car of a million people somehow experienced an error due to several things in the alarm sector. However, the error that occurred can be resolved by resetting the car alarm. For car users with an alarm security system, it is obligatory to know how to reset a car alarm. Where this method is the most effective way when car error in the alarm sector.

How to Reset Your Car Remote

How to Reset Your Car Remote
How to Reset Your Car Remote

Some cars certainly have different alarm mechanisms even though mid-range cars have almost the same alarm system. So when doing a reset, just have a few equations. This time we will provide information about how to reset Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia car alarms. Where the car has the same alarm system.

Car Alarm Turns On

The condition of the car alarm goes on and makes a sound when nothing is threatening is an ERROR that makes you upset. This incident will be more frustrating if the car is in a public place, the owner of the car might even be accused of being a thief. Even though he was experiencing an error in the car alarm.

This can also occur because of the process of changing the old battery to a new battery. The process of removing the battery cable can also be one of the problems that make the car experience an error in the alarm. Even though the protection is correct, panicked actions can make the car difficult to overcome.

The fix is ​​to enter the ignition key, proceed with turning the ignition key in the ON position after that wait for 5 seconds. Then make sure the door is closed in all parts, continue to press the brake pedal then the door will automatically be locked all. This is to enable arming mode automatically without the help of the remote, then unplug your car ignition until the car door lock is opened automatically.

Car Remote Battery Consumables

In some cases, the problem that occurs is that the remote battery is due to run out of battery. A depleted battery also causes the remote function to become an error. The step to overcoming this is to replace it with a new battery.

Wet and error remote

Keeping the car remote is the right thing. Many car owners are negligent in maintaining the remote alarm, one of which is exposed to water which makes it error or die. Therefore it is highly recommended Automotive friends to be able to keep the remote car alarm from error due to exposure to water.

How to Reset an Alarm

Get in the car. Separate between keys and remote control of a car that usually becomes one. Also, make sure when you enter all the doors in a closed condition all. Continue with the contact input then turn the key until the ON position. Then continue with the lock button on the remote continuously and do not let go first before it works. After that turn the contact back to the Off position. Buddy Automotive can do that until the red indicator light turns off.

Before saying reset is successful then do some testing. You can see the indicator LED lights off. Test by pressing the lock button on the remote and unlock on the remote. If the reset is successful, the central lock will be opened and closed and the horn sound will sound and will be followed by the turn signal. If this is still not working, repeat as before.


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