How to Maintain Your New Car

How to Maintain Your New Car
How to Maintain Your New Car

It feels good to have a new car, every day it feels like to be driven on. Because it is a new car that is better than a car that has been bought for a long time. The quality of the engine and other parts are still good. Anyway, comfortable when you ride the new car.

To keep your new car always durable and comfortable to use at any time. we have prepared special tips that you can use.

How to Maintain Your New Car

Rest assured after you take care of this new car, its performance will always be excellent at all times.

1. Reduce speed when passing uneven roads

Indeed, many roads in Indonesia are paved smoothly to provide comfort for road users. But not all regions in Indonesia have smooth roads. There are still many that have not been asphalted, even if they have been asphalted but are not as good as the quality of asphalt on protocol roads in big cities. As a result, often results in peeling off the asphalt on these roads. Of course, this can be a big problem for users, not least for car drivers. Although the new car still has a good suspension system. But if you continue to pass through uneven roads plus driving at high speed will be bad for our car’s suspension system.

The suspension on our car will wear out because when we cross uneven roads the car’s suspension will be in a depressed position. Moreover, we crossed the road without reducing the speed of the car. Compressive power in the suspension system will be higher and further accelerate the wear suspension system. Therefore, it is best to reduce speed as much as possible when crossing these uneven roads. This may be because the road has not been paved, the asphalt peeling so that it leaves a hole, etc.

2. Use the gear transmission position correctly

This means adjusting the gear transmission according to the speed you drive. There’s also no way you can drive with speeds above 50 km / h using the 1st gear position or vice versa.

In essence, use the gear position following the speed limit. So that all the acceleration gears can work well and will also be good for other parts such as clutches and brakes.

3. Do not exceed the specified load limit

Every time you load passengers or goods into your car, you should consider the maximum load limit. Do not exceed the tonnage load limit specified in your car.

You need to know, loading excessive loads can shorten the life of your engine components and auto parts. Why? Because when loading loads above the maximum limit, the car engine will be forced to work harder. So avoid carrying loads that exceed the specified load huh!

4. Avoid braking suddenly

Sudden braking is not good for you to do while driving. Besides being very dangerous to the safety of you and others, this also harms your car.

Why is that? Because when braking suddenly, there will be big friction that will automatically occur when the wheels and car engines are suddenly stopped by the braking system. Of course, this can be bad for your car engine components.

5. Listen if there is a strange noise that might come out of the car engine

We must be sensitive to something that feels unnatural arises from our new car. For example, if there is a strange sound from the car you better quickly check or immediately take it to the garage. Fear that if left later can even be bad for your car engine. Overcome as early as possible the problems that arise from your car, rather than later sorry for trivializing little things like that.

6. Try to keep the battery terminal in a clean condition

The battery is an important component of the car, whose function is to supply electricity to the car. It should always be clean. Because if not cleaned often, the flow of electricity in the car will be hampered.

7. Clean the body parts inside and outside the car

Maintaining the machine so that its performance is always normal is very important. But you do not forget to always maintain the cleanliness of car parts both interior and exterior. Because this is also as important as caring for a car engine.

Who doesn’t want the car every day to look like new? Every owner wants it, including you. Therefore, you must keep it clean, by cleaning the underside of the door, the hood, all the outside and inside the car, or the fender. So you will always feel comfortable when wearing it and feel the condition of your car is always new.

8. Serve regularly

If you already have a new car, don’t forget to regularly service it. Because this is a suggestion from your car manufacturer. The manufacturer or seller recommends that the car be serviced regularly or periodically not without reason.

One reason is that the condition of the car is always in the best condition every time it will be used. And this will greatly affect the performance of your car’s engine. So do not be lazy to bring your car to an official service.

9. Check the condition of the tires and car fluids

First, always check the condition of your car’s tire pressure. Usually, the required tire pressure is specified in the owner’s manual.

Second, check the car fluid such as oil, radiator water, transmission fluid, and brake fluid oil. Because these liquids will also affect the performance of the engine in our car. If you want to run out or need to be replaced, then you should fill or replace it with a new liquid.

10. Drive with a calm heart

Booking Service, In the end, all you have to do when driving your new car, try to drive with the conditions as calm as possible. When you drive in a rush. This can cause you to lose control of your car. So it will have an impact on the way you use the car.

With a calm state of heart, you will be careful when driving a car. The performance of your car’s engine will also work normally and will certainly extend the service life of car engine components.


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