How to Maintain Fuel Efficiency in Used Forklifts?

How to Maintain Fuel Efficiency in Used Forklifts? – Managing used forklifts is a big challenge for any fleet manager in the material handling industry. This challenge arises because of the nature of the equipment and the intricacies involved in maintaining it and extracting the best out of it. There are in fact many intrinsic factors that contribute to the success and the failure of a used forklift. Forklift operators and fleet managers alike have to stay sharp to ensure the best performance from the used forklifts since they are not always in their best state.

Maintaining the performance of forklifts at a certain level throughout their functional life is technically possible, depending on the working conditions. However, it very rarely ever comes to pass that a material handling business can get the most out of every forklift till the very end. This is because, as stated earlier, there are many factors contributing to how well the forklift can function throughout its life. When it comes to a pre-owned forklift, the matter becomes even more complex since the history of the forklift comes into play. This means you have to consider where, how and when it has been used by its previous owner.

Many fleet managers opt to purchase Moffett truck mounted forklifts since they are considered the best. However, not all material handling businesses are equipped to purchase brand new equipment right off the market. As such, they end up buying used forklifts that can work just as well if taken care of properly and maintained on a regular basis. Among the number of things that are required for proper maintenance of a used forklift, maintaining fuel efficiency is quite important.

Fuel efficiency would in fact, take precedence over let’s say recycling parts in the pursuit to maintain overall functional life of the used forklift. This is because the main advantage provided by used forklifts is that they cost less for the value offered. As such, it saves the business precious capital that can then be invested on other, more important parts of the business. Anything that allows the used forklift to capitalize on the advantage would be of utmost importance to forklift operators, fleet managers and material handling businesses alike. That is where fuel efficiency comes in.

Understanding Fuel Efficiency

Now before we discuss how to achieve fuel efficiency in pre-owned forklifts, it is essential to understand what fuel efficiency actually is. The more work a forklift is able to get through on the same amount of fuel, the more fuel efficient it is said to be. That is only possible when :

  1. The forklift operator is experienced and does not waste fuel on unnecessary forklift functions.
  2. The fuel is well suited to the type of engine in the forklift.

It is essential to implement both of these steps in order to get the most out of the forklift. It is important to note here that no matter how experienced the operator is or how well suited the fuel is to the forklift, if a forklift is defected to begin with it, it is unlikely to ever be fuel efficient. Therefore, it is better to purchase used Moffett forklifts for sale through experienced retailers such as Bobby Park Truck and Equipment who know what to look for when making the purchase.

How to Achieve Fuel Efficiency?

Now that we understand what fuel efficiency is, let us take a look at some of the ways you can achieve and maintain fuel efficiency through tried and tested methods.

Plan out Indoor and Outdoor Routes

In order to make the most of the fuel available, you need to know the best and shortest possible route to and from your target destination. As such, you can plan out your route before you set off, conserving precious fuel and reaching your marker with the least possible amount of fuel expenditure. This is particularly useful in outdoor forklift operations when there is more ground to cover and a greater number of possible routes.

Facility Layout

There is a way you can conserve fuel without doing anything to your forklift at all. Instead it is advisable to set up your facility in a favorable layout so that there is less distance for the forklift to cover on the ground.

Operator Experience

Of course, a more experienced operator will know how to conserve fuel and will be able to achieve better fuel efficiency than an inexperienced or untrained forklift operator. That is why it is better to hire or at least train all your forklift operators in order to maintain fuel efficiency.

These were just some of the ways you can achieve fuel efficiency with your pre-owned forklifts and get the most out of them. Remember, achieving fuel efficiency is just one part of the whole and there are many other factors to maintaining pre-owned forklifts.


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