How To Easily Remove Smoke Smell From Cars

How To Easily Remove Smoke Smell From Cars
How To Easily Remove Smoke Smell From Cars

How To Easily Remove Smoke Smell From Cars – Smoking is one part that can not be avoided by Indonesians, although not part of course. Smoking is one part of a bad lifestyle, but the sad thing about smoking is that it cannot be avoided by those who are used to smoking. Worse is that smoking occurs in the car.

There are many alibis and advocates for those who like to smoke in the car one of which is to ward off drowsiness while driving. Although it is not recommended to smoke in the car greetings in addition to health risks and also other risks that harm the car these habits are still to be avoided. Car owners certainly know the dangers of smoking in the car.

The smell of cigarettes that will be attached to every part of the car will certainly make passengers uncomfortable because of the smell. The smell of cigarettes will continue to be attached to the cabin of the car, not least on the carpet, seats, ceiling to the air circulation system which will result in other effects that occur such as blotches on the car seat. Besides, the smell of cigarettes will also enter the air ducts such as air conditioning which results in shorter AC life.

There is an easy way to overcome the cigarette odor found in the cabin of a car that is by using a car service or salon. Using these services will certainly make the user no longer need to bother doing things for the sake of eliminating the smell of cigarettes in the cabin of the car. But we already know for yourself by using these services must prepare money that is not small even up to millions.

How To Easily Remove Smoke Smell From Cars

The smell that arises from cigarette smoke in the vehicle is quite difficult to clean. Although it is difficult, the smell that appears can still be overcome in several ways that are quite effective. Starting from using services to using special tools to eliminate the odor that is caused by cigarette smoke that is caused. One effective and inexpensive way is of course to use car deodorizers.

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Vanilla Powder

The vanilla powder which is usually used for cake mix ingredients can also be used as a Way to Eliminate Cigarette Smell in the Car. The sharp aroma or smell that is signaled to be sufficient to repel the odor caused by cigarette smoke. For how to apply yourself can use a plastic container that has a hole and then put the vanilla powder in the corner of the car cabin.

Pandan Leaves

Pandan leaves are famous for having a very distinctive fragrance. In general, pandan leaves with a fragrant smell that is very liked by everyone. For how to apply it yourself can be mashed pandanus leaves and then store it in a container before later placed in the corners of the car which would be able to provide a smell that spreads to all parts of the car.

Coffee Powder

One of the trends is to use coffee grounds to ward off odors. There are many traditional air fresheners with coffee ingredients that have been designed for cars. Automotive buddies, who like to smoke certainly like coffee too? can use either ground coffee alone or by using a ready-made method. If you want to make your own make sure to use coffee that has a fragrant odor.

Cinnamon Powder

Prepare a container given cinnamon powder and apple vinegar. Next, mix until evenly distributed, then place the container that is given a little hole in the corner of the car cabin to be able to ward off the smell of cigarettes in the cabin.

Branded Car Air Freshener

Furthermore, you can use a car air freshener, there are many car air freshener with different brands. Automotive buddies just need to adjust to the aroma preferred by the family. But a few tips try to use a car air freshener that has the ability also to kill bacteria. Not only has the fragrance smelled, but it also has advantages in overcoming bacteria.

Car Salon

The last way and we think it is most effective is to enter the car into the car salon. By entering a car using the solon car service, it is guaranteed that not only the car will smell good but will also make the car clean and neat inside. But car salon services themselves are usually not cheap, ranging from up to millions of rupiah. Of course, it depends on the level of complexity.


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