How To Clean A Car Engine With Simple Steps

How To Clean A Car Engine With Simple Steps – Many things need to be considered when having a car, starting from the cleanliness and comfort of driving, where there are so many factors that can affect it, especially one main part of the heart of the race behind the front hood.

Maintenance of the engine itself is not only limited to oil change or tune-up, but the cleanliness of the engine also has an effect that is no less great, because by maintaining engine cleanliness, besides making it pleasing to the eye, it also makes us know about the actual condition of the engine, whether there is damage or not, the effect of usage.

Besides that, engine cleanliness is very influential on performance, because the dust that builds up when the car is used, can block the flow of air into the filter, the engine becomes less powerful, and makes the car wasteful of fuel.

But on the other hand, cleaning the heart pacemaker on this car can not be careless, because wrong – wrong can cause damage and the car broke down. Therefore before automotive buddies continue to care for the engine, it is better to see the steps and How to Clean the Car Engine in full below.

The Car Engine Is Preheated

Early will clean the car engine, the engine must be heated first, with the intention that stubborn dirt can be easily removed. Because when the engine is cold, the black crust attached to the outside of the machine or other parts becomes difficult to clean.

Now the engine does not need to heat up too long, which is 10 minutes – 15 minutes. After that, the car engine is ready to be cleaned.

Use Hand Protection

To avoid things that are not wanted, such as direct exposure to engine heat, because the engine is preheated beforehand, sharp objects found in some car pasts, and avoid allergies due to engine impurities, you should use cloth gloves.

Wrap Machine Components

In addition to the hands, another thing to consider before starting to clean the car engine is to wrap the engine parts or components that have electric power using aluminum foil, which is to keep my friend from being electrocuted while avoiding electrical shortages that can occur after the engine is cleaned.

Spray Using Low-Pressure Water

It is not recommended to use high-pressure water when cleaning a car engine, instead use low-pressure water, because it can damage some components of the car, which later will not be clean and maintained, but provide new diseases when the car will be used.

First Clean the Bottom of the Car Hood

First clear clean the bottom of the hood, because if this part becomes the last part, later when cleaning it, dirty water will automatically fall to the engine.

Brush and Sponge

In cleaning this part of the machine, the tools needed are fairly easy to find, including sponges to clean the engine area with mild dirt or finishing, while a brush is needed to remove stubborn stains, such as oil provisions that have been stuck to the engine part for a long time, and to reach interrupted parts – between the parts with one another.

Special Soap Machine Cleaning / Soap Flecking

When cleaning the machine, of course, it requires soap so that the engine parts will look shinier later. If you have more budget, you can buy soap that is specifically for cleaning machines, but if you want to minimize expenses but with maximum results, dab soap is very reliable in this regard.

Rinse Back With Low-Pressure Water Spray

If the stain is completely lifted and the machine looks clean again, the steps/ways to clean the correct machine then just rinse using water spray again, and of course with low pressure, so that water does not enter the gap between components such as those in the filter.

Make Sure No Soap Stains Are Left Behind

Well, here it is the last part that can not be left. So that the results of cleaning the machine more maximal again, after rinsing, make sure there are no traces of soap left behind, the way is very easy, namely by wiping it using a dry cloth.

Reheat the Machine With the Hood Closed Position

After all, the engine is reheated with the position of the hood closed, this is necessary so that the engine and engine area are completely dry again, and later ready to be invited to reactivate.

It’s not an easy way to clean a car engine, so don’t forget to remove the aluminum that was previously used to wrap parts that have electrical power. In essence, do not get the wrong step and leave the step by step that we reviewed above, so that the final result is satisfying and avoids the machine from damage.

Silence on car engines is very important, in addition to this will make the engine remain smooth and will also make the performance when pulled always comfortable. This condition will automatically make you feel comfortable and not worry about car obstacles such as breaking down.

Many people think that to clean a car engine must go to the garage, maybe for those who do not have free time is the case. But if you want to try to do it yourself, surely everything will be OK.

Don’t be afraid to try, if you are still in doubt then you can read all of our articles about cars on this site. We review in detail, thoroughly and following the facts that have been done directly by us.

Is it safe to clean it yourself at home? We can say that it is very safe. But with a note, you must follow all the steps that we have shared above. If there may be problems, you do not worry, please contact us immediately. We will be ready to get you out of this rather complicated problem. Contact us through comments that are available or via email!


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