How to Claim Car Insurance for Beginners?

How to Claim Car Insurance for Beginners?
How to Claim Car Insurance for Beginners?

How to Claim Car Insurance for Beginners? – It is undeniable that insurance provides benefits for most people, therefore it is not surprising that insurance is highly sought after by the public. And in the insurance itself, there are many choices of products to choose from. One of them is car insurance which is very popular with the public.

Car insurance itself provides a lot of benefits, while some of them are providing good protection for car owners or car insurance owners. Then it helps for financial planning, in the sense of saving, if one day there is an unwanted risk, the car repair can be handled well and does not interfere with other finances. It also will provide a sense of security to every car insurance owner.

How to Claim Car Insurance?

If you currently want a car insurance claim, you have come to the right place. Many people are rejected when they want to file a car insurance claim, so that you don’t experience it too, follow the steps below!

1. Bring Important Documents when Claiming

Before submitting a claim, make sure the required documents have been brought in full. Bring this important document together in one folder so that it is not scattered with other documents. Documents that need to be taken usually include identification, a photocopy of a driving license, a photocopy of a car letter, insurance claim forms, copies of insurance policies, as well as a statement from the police stating the accident. Of course, if you bring the complete document, it will be processed quickly too, so the cost of liability can be immediately disbursed.

2. Pay Attention to Insurance Excluded Events

Insurance does not cover all forms of damage to us. So, pay attention to events that are excluded by insurance companies. Every company has different rules. Therefore, read the conditions set by insurance to facilitate you when filing a claim later. If a claim is rejected, two possibilities occur. First, the documents that were brought were incomplete, secondly, the claims submitted were not following the established rules.

3. Report Before the Claims Period End

Like filing a claim for health insurance, filing a car insurance claim also has a grace period. Make sure the claim is no more than 3×24 hours after the incident so that the claim is not rejected by the insurance company. If the claim is submitted more than the specified limit, the claim is not processed and rejected immediately. So, after a bad incident happened to your car, immediately take care of the documents needed to be taken when filing a claim later.

4. Understand the Costs Covered by Insurance

Insurance aims to reduce losses suffered by policyholders due to unwanted events. However, many people interpret insurance as the party that bears all the losses they experience. Though not the case. Now, to avoid any kind of misunderstanding, read the contents of the insurance policy regarding the cost of coverage carefully, carefully and thoroughly.

5. Bring Documentation Proof of Car Damage

When your car is damaged by an accident, don’t forget to take a photo of the damage to the car. This photo can be used as accurate evidence when submitting a claim, so the claim is accepted by the insurance company. The process of taking photos should be done shortly after the accident occurred. Do not delay time, if you do not want the insurance company to suspect the damage was intentional by yourself to get insurance costs from insurance.

6. Avoid Accidental Forms of Damage

Claims that you submit will be immediately checked by the insurance company, to prove whether the damage is real or not. If it turns out the damage was caused by an element of self-will, the insurance company will reject the claim, because the company does not want to be harmed by intentional things. Insurance companies never play around when providing insurance costs to the policy. So, do not ever intend to cheat the power of insurance companies, if your name does not want to be labeled bad by the company.

7. Fill in Filing Claims Correctly and Completely

Before submitting a claim, you need to fill in the claim form first. Claim forms can be downloaded through the insurance company’s official website, or contact customer service at the e-mail address listed. Fill out the form correctly and completely following the column requested on the main page of the form. Bring this form along with other documents when submitting a car insurance claim. Arrive early to avoid the queue at the insurance office.

How to Claim Car Credit Insurance for Beginners?

You want to make a car claim, but is it possible if the car is still in credit? Of course, I can. You can follow the steps and conditions according to the reviews below!

1. Photograph Car Damage

For the first thing you need to do is photograph the damage to your car, usually someone who always makes a claim on car insurance to several dealers or companies where the manufacturer of the car loan process is, of course, has experienced a variety of things that are beyond reason or unwanted, and one of them is an accident. And if that happens to you, then you should take a photo of the part of the damaged car to be shown and submitted to the party who submitted the credit application.

2. Preparing the Documents Needed

Then the second is to prepare some documents needed to submit a car insurance claim that is still credit. Indeed there are some main documents needed, while some of them are photocopies from the car insurance dealer policy, then also a photocopy of vehicle registration and driver’s license, besides that it also includes a statement from the police. Where is this letter needed if the condition of the car is damaged which is quite serious or more than 70%?

3. Come Directly To The Dealer And Fill In The Form

And for the final step is to come directly to the dealer and fill out a form. If all the documents and requirements have been met, then you can directly come to the dealer office or official workshop of the brands they have. Tell the insurer to submit the claim process, until later you will be intended to fill in many documents such as a complaint form on the receipt of the car insurance which suffered serious damage.


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