How To Car Detailing for Beginners?

How To Car Detailing for Beginners
How To Car Detailing for Beginners

How To Car Detailing for Beginners? – In the process of detailing the car is not only cleaning the dust and washing the vehicle but also must pay attention to details for the details that exist in the vehicle so that the car looks more sleek, beautiful and can be proud of the owner.

Car detailing itself is divided into two types, namely interior detailing and exterior detailing which are usually worked out in one package and are usually preceded by working on new interior details then exterior detailing.

Because if the process is reversed, it will waste time because when the exterior is done first then clean the interior, it is feared that the exterior will return dirty and have to repeat it.

Car Detailing interior

There are more points in the interior detailing process than exterior detailing. You must pay attention to the entire interior of the car starting from the ceiling, dashboard, carpet flooring, upholstery, the bottom of the seat to the gaps between the buttons and blowers you need to clean.

Remove dirt in the car

The first interior detailing process is removing all the impurities in the car such as used tissue, snack bags and so on. Then remove the car carpet and clean it either by vacuuming or washing it can be adjusted to the language of the carpet.

Clean the dust on the dashboard of the car

After removing all the dirt and carpet from inside the car, the next step is to clean or suck the dust in the car starting from the dashboard, car seats, car floor to narrow locations you need to vacuum it.

Repair the damaged interior

After the dust removal process is complete look for parts of the car that might be damaged and repair it with the owner’s permission, for example, there is a torn carpet you can suggest patching with a small demo to convince the car owner.

Clean the car ceiling from all dirt that is attached, if necessary do the washing and suction with a wet suction extraction tool so that the ceiling color of the car back as new.

Wash the car seat

After that you can clean upholstery from stubborn dirt, you also must pay attention to the upholstery material whether leather, vinyl or cloth because each material certainly has a different way of cleaning. If it is made of leather, it is certainly not easy to get dirty and clean enough to wipe using a soft cloth and apply conditioner so the leather seats look moister.

For upholstery-based fabric, of course, often look dirty, especially when exposed to spills such as drinks and food will imprint. To clean it you can use the upholstery washer on the market or can wash it manually using environmentally friendly soapy water and a soft brush, after brushing you can immediately suck the part that has been washed with wet suction extraction so that soap and dirt are sucked so that the seat is clean again.

Car Detailing exterior

Before you do the exterior detailing process you should wash the entire body of the car including the wheels and under the car and wipe it with a special cloth to knock out dust and sand. Some parts that you need to clean are as follows:

Tidy up the car engine room

Open the hood of the car and do the fireplace some electronic components such as cables that may be scattered using clips or special cable ties. Spray the oil and liquid cleaning fluid using a water gun so that it is evenly distributed. Spray also the non-metallic anti-heat coating which is usually found under the hood of the car (if any) with a vinyl/rubber shield to make it look shiny.

Wash engine room/engine

If the owner wants, you can wash the inside of the engine room of course with special expertise commonly referred to as engine care. Give a layer of silicon and flatten it using the pressurized wind so that evenly so that the engine room returns sleek like a new car to buy. Most people are afraid to wash their car engine room for reasons of fear of damage or short circuit, if you want to wash the engine room of the car but feel afraid, you can wash it in a special workshop that provides Engine Care services.

Wash the car body

After everything is sorted out the final step is to wash the car body using special car wash soap evenly under the car should also be washed. The washing process is also a must for you to pay attention to, use two different buckets with different washing clothes, one specifically for washing the body of the car while the other for washing other parts such as liners and underneath the car. After the washing process is complete make sure you immediately wipe the surface of the body using chamois to absorb the remaining washing water so that no crust settles and causes an unattractive appearance.

Clean wheels and tires, do not forget to polish

Clean the alloy wheels using a special brush for the alloy wheels and use special alloy cleaner or special oil removal fluid to clean the legs of the vehicle’s feet because here is where the dirt, oil, and dust are attached. You have to clean the car wheels and tires for the initial stages of exterior detailing. Some wheel cleaning products that are sold in the market may take several minutes to shed oil or dirt on the wheels of a car, so give time between 1 and 2 minutes after spraying the cleaner and then brush.

The next process is washing the car tire using a special cleaning agent for the tire to knock out dirt and fungus that might stick to the tire. After the tire is washed clean the next step is to give the tire coating/polish and wait for the tire polish to absorb, then wipe it with a cotton cloth to give it a shiny touch and looks sleek.


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