How To Buy A Car For Beginners

How To Buy A Car For Beginners
How To Buy A Car For Beginners

How To Buy A Car For Beginners When you live in a city and need transportation every day to commute to work, of course, there are 2 alternatives namely public transport or private cars. Vehicles are needed, in addition to protecting from the heat of the sun can also protect you from the heavy rain. Own private car can be obtained with 2 alternatives, namely new cars and used cars. Many indeed prefer to buy a new car because of its quality which is certainly guaranteed and minimizes fraud.

But the disadvantage is, of course, the price is much more expensive than used cars. But not all understand the car and buy the wrong car. Finally, it can’t be replaced because when it is sold the price has gone down considerably. If you are also a beginner in a new buy car, don’t worry. Through this article, we will review the effective tips for buying a new car for beginners.

Careful in Choosing Vehicles

Many people end up in the wrong car because they don’t carefully check the specifications. Usually, beginners in buying a car only check the body and engine, or maybe just tempted a cheap price. Prices are usually one of the indicators of quality that is quite strong. To prevent this, here are some tips on choosing a vehicle:

  • Choose the type as needed (city car, SUV, family car, etc.)
  • What are the specifications and quality? Is it just launching or has the quality proven on the market?
  • Is the price worth the quality? Are there other alternatives that are more commensurate?
  • What is the price according to your financial ability?
  • Also pay attention to service costs and spare parts, taxes, and others.

 Don’t let carelessness make you regret it, because the price of a car isn’t cheap. At least hundreds of millions of rupiah are needed for this type of vehicle.

Prioritizing safety and comfort

When you buy a car, if you have a family, of course, the vehicle is not only limited to protecting yourself from rain and sun. The vehicle chosen must be proven to be safe and comfortable. For example, the car must be able to accommodate the number of passengers and luggage normally carried.

Some of the main features of multi-functional vehicles that are often used as family cars include the following:

  • Large passenger capacity
  • Spacious cabin size
  • Comfortable, safe and functional for the family
  • There are entertainment features (radio or TV) for your baby

Fuel Consumption

Honestly, of course, fuel is one of the main burdens in owning a vehicle. How come? Fuel costs are increasingly rising, coupled with traffic jams lately, of course, the use of fuel is increasingly wasteful. Thus, it is important to check the fuel consumption of a car before you decide to buy it. A car with large power indeed needs more fuel but check your needs again. Do not let you choose the super-powered car even though the energy needs are not too needed.

Choosing a Good Design

Apart from its function, the car must also be beautiful. But usually, people’s tastes in vehicles are different. Some like the type of elegance and luxury, some also like the cute and compact design. For those of you who are still confused about what kind of vehicle is right for you, try asking again what type of person you are. Also, consider the design of the selected car is quite general so that it can then be sold again at a high enough price.

Has Safety and Safety Features

No matter for whom the car is used, alone or with the family, of course, security and safety is the main thing. No parents want their children to have an accident right?

Thus, you should check some driving safety features as follows:

  • Dual SRS Airbags features (two Supplementary Restraint System Airbags and Driver’s Knee Airbag).
  • Complete seat belt.
  • Auto-lock feature so that children cannot open doors or windows carelessly.
  • Brake features (Anti Lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD)).

With the complete and guaranteed safety and security features, you can drive with your family without feeling anxious and afraid.

If Credit, Look for Low Down Payment

Cars are indeed classified as an expensive necessity. The price usually ranges from hundreds of millions of rupiah, but not infrequently some cars are worth billions of rupiah. Therefore, a vehicle loan product (KKB) emerged to facilitate those with limited income. Well, but unfortunately car loans also require a down payment to be paid at the beginning of the credit. Thus, always check your financial capacity first and choose a car with a reasonable down payment. Do not let you add debt to pay down credit.

Choose the stable selling price

Vehicles are usually different from houses, where the lifetime is not too long. Vehicles are generally used for 5 to 10 years. But not infrequently those who change their cars in just 2-3 years.

The car can experience a price decline of up to 50% when the status is a used car. Therefore, it is highly recommended to look for a public car with a high enough selling price so that you can minimize future losses. A stable selling price also means that cars are commonly used and are sought after by many people, making it easier for you to offer used cars.

Search for Easy to Get Spare Parts

In choosing the type of car, you must pay attention to the ease of finding spare parts. This aims to anticipate if someday there will be damage to the car’s spare parts that we drive. General spare parts are usually easy to find so that the vehicle repair process can also be done immediately. While foreign spare parts that are difficult to find will result in delays in the repair process. Besides, it is recommended to always choose the available vehicle spare parts (original parts) so that the vehicle is more maintained and maintained in the long run.


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