Caring for Cars Without Capital

Caring for Cars Without Capital
Caring for Cars Without Capital

Even though you are a person who doesn’t understand the engine and only gets it done when servicing regularly, you still need to know how to care for this simple car. Your laziness, surely you can do this.

How to care for a car that we will discuss this, will not be a complicated oil change. But, some steps do require you to open the hood.

Free Car Care at Home

Is the way tiring? For lazy people yes maybe. If lazy, definitely lazy also open the hood for fear of being the item’s hand.

But how to care for this car should be understood and done by lazy people though. Because if you don’t understand, just sell your car and take a taxi online every day.

Change the tire and check the pressure

Changing the tire and checking the pressure is very important to note, so there are no obstacles when driving.

1. Change the tire

The function of a tire for a car is indeed very important and can determine driving safety. Then car owners must understand how to take apart pairs of tires.

If you can’t just remove the tire, then what if the tire suddenly leaks in the middle of the road? I want to ask someone to put up a spare tire.

In the process of removing tires, you also have to understand how to use a jack. For those who really can’t, it’s okay, there’s still time to learn it. The trick is not difficult.

2. Check the wind pressure

In addition to the tire pairs, you must also know the tire pressure. Be sure to know the standard pressure of your car tire in the manual.

After that, try kicking your tires with your feet. If the sound is loud and the reflection is strong, you can say that your tire pressure is too high. But if it’s the other way around, it’s clear your tires don’t have enough air.

So, don’t forget to check the pressure. Especially if you go home going home, touring, or a long trip hundreds of kilometers.

3. Check engine oil

Changing engine oil is routinely done when your car has traveled a distance of 5 thousand KM. But sometimes, there are times when oil changes are delayed considering there is a rush.

As a car owner, it’s mandatory to check the engine oil yourself. How to check the oil is easy, you just need to start the engine. If the oil indicator on the dashboard is dead, then your oil is still in good condition.

But to be more accurate, you must do the following. Here are the steps.

  • Turn off the engine and wait for about 10 minutes
  • Open the hood and pull the oil stick (on top of the engine chunk)
  • Clean the stick tip with a cloth
  • Put the sticks in again and pull again
  • Look at the oil stick, you can read the car oil level through this stick, low, normal, or most.
  • If there are parts in L or 1, the condition of the car oil is reduced. In position two it means normal, and if above the number 3 or F then the sign is fullness.

Caring for batteries

There are two car batteries, the type of wet battery and the type of maintenance-free alias dry battery. The treatment of the two batteries is not the same huh. Here are more details.

1. Wet battery

Many mechanics say that the wet battery lasts longer, but in terms of maintenance, you have to bother a little. You need to replenish the electrolyte liquid if it decreases regularly.

2. Dry battery

If this one does not need to be filled with electrolyte water, the useful life is usually only a year. In essence, don’t let your car not be heated for days. Heat it regularly. And if the starter starts to weaken, take it to the garage to check.

3. Add a wiper water supply

The main function of this water is to clean the surface of the glass. You can fill it with plain water or additional washer fluid. If it has never been filled, then obviously the supply will be exhausted. Certainly very disturbing when the drizzle drops.

4. Wash the car

do not understand how to rinse and wash the car properly, then every week have to pay $ 10 to the steam wash shop. Car washing is mandatory once a week even though it is the rainy season. it shouldn’t be too much, it shouldn’t be too rare either.

If the frequency of the car body will become moist, the car is also susceptible to mold. Meanwhile, if rarely washed, stain spots can easily land on your car. The stains can also make some components rusty.

Can you do these five things yourself? Or not yet? it’s okay if you can’t. There are still opportunities to learn.

Caring for a car every day without having to pay a mechanic will make you a little cut maintenance money that must be spent in a full year. If you do regular maintenance, your favorite car will always be in top condition.

Just imagine what will happen if you are lazy to take care, even to bathe you don’t want to. A little more with the cost of a car wash that is quite cheap if done every day it might feel a lot when calculated at the end of the month.

Besides being economical, with regular maintenance, the car will look beautiful and clean. You will always be confident when driving. Unlike when your car’s condition is broken. You might get confused if dying at home isn’t too problematic. What if your car dies while driving, and your position is far from home.

What would you do if you did? Even animals need the care to be healthy. Your iron horse also needs attention so it is always fit. You feel comfortable without worrying about breaking down in the middle of the road, you are satisfied and everyone in your car feels at home!


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