Car Service Tips Alone The Most Complete Along With The Explanation

Car Service Tips Alone The Most Complete Along With The Explanation If you all want to drive your own vehicle comfortably and safely every day, of course, you are required to service or take care of your favorite car. Car Maintenance is different from car service. Knowledge of car service is a very important science and must be known by car drivers, especially new drivers. Because we cannot guarantee the condition of our vehicle is always in good condition.

Actually, only with the desire, knowledge or skills, the right equipment or tools, you can do your own service in your home, and this will certainly reduce your expenses. The most important thing is to know how to service your own car properly.

If you can, why not do it yourself? Instead, you all have to go back and forth to the workshop just for a simple problem and actually can be done by yourself at home.

Car Service Tips Alone at Home

Cars when cared for properly and correctly, and carry out routine service, of course, the condition of our car will last and you are all comfortable in driving it. In addition, if our car is cared for by routine service, we can be sure that our vehicle will rarely experience technical damage, whether traveling near or far.

In addition, if you do routine service, the use of fuel is also guaranteed to be more durable than cars that do not do service. And the thing that is not less important than that is if you will later sell your car, of course, you will get a high price, even though used cars because of the condition of your car, both interior and exterior are well maintained.

For this reason, you all should have knowledge about how to service your own car. In this review, the author will provide Alone’s car service tips at home

Replace Your Own Tires If The Older Is Not Worth Using

Either because the tire grip has been reduced or because of the damage caused by the road, one of your own car service techniques is mandatory-you are known to replace your own car tires. With these conditions, you must know the tips for car tires first to make it easier.

To do this you certainly need to have equipment such as wheel locks, spare tires, and jacks. In addition, when you want to change your tire with a new one, you should replace it with a quality tire so that your vehicle’s tires last longer.

Perform Fuse Box Check Periodically

The way to service the car itself is by checking the fuse box. If the radio, lights or other electrical components in your car do not work, immediately check the fuse of your car. The method is very easy, you only need pliers, backup fuse and most importantly you have to open your vehicle’s manual.

Do not let the origin unload you. The fuse box that doesn’t work is usually due to fire. Now if you have determined the location of your vehicle’s fuse box, you only need to replace the fuse with a new fuse but it must be of the same type or one type.

Periodic Oil Change

In order for the car’s engine not to brake quickly, the oil needs to be replaced every 5000 km. The way to change the oil of the car is also not so difficult, First, you need to lift the car with a jack that aims for easy access to the bottom of your car. After that, drain the old oil, and make sure it drains clean. After that fill with the new oil and trim your vehicle back to its original position. Easy isn’t it?

Keep the battery from drying out

The role of car batteries to power a car engine is indeed very important. Therefore it is important to maintain its performance. You only need to check and make sure the electrolyte water in the battery is available. Because the water in the battery will always evaporate slowly at any time.

That is why the water in your battery decreases. For that, you can learn how to repair dry car batteries, bro. And make sure if you refill electrolyte water, be sure to fill it with electrolyte water that has been specially designed for car batteries. Don’t use tap water.

Check the Radiator before the water runs out

How to service your own car next by checking the radiator. If radiator water runs out, you can be sure your engine will overheat and it could lead to serious damage to you. For that, you need to know how to change the car radiator water and maintain the radiator of your car.

The method is very easy, you just need to make sure and check the radiator water is still there or not. Normally, radiator water is replaced every 20,000 km. The liquid that is usually used for radiator water is coolant liquid.

Replace Spark Plugs For A More Durable Machine

When the car is difficult to turn on, the first thing you need to check is the spark plug. The characteristics of spark plugs that need to be replaced are spark plugs that look weakened during the ignition process. You can feel it when there is a sound that is not as usual when in a starter.

Generally, the replacement of the car spark plug is done if the age of use of spark plugs has reached 45,000 km, but it is recommended to replace the car bus before reaching its normal number of 45,000 km.

We recommend that you wash your car yourself without having to go to Car Wash

how to wash a car in a car wash is more practical, but it would be nice if you do your own car washing at home, because by washing yourself you can check your vehicle directly. So if something unusual is found, then you can fix it immediately.

That’s your own way of car service that the author can share in this article. Hopefully, all of you can take care of your own vehicle without having to go to the workshop. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. See you next time.



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