Car Maintenance Schedule Recommended Official Workshop

Car Maintenance Schedule Recommended Official Workshop
Car Maintenance Schedule Recommended Official Workshop

Car Maintenance Schedule Recommended Official Workshop Actually, there are still many people who are confused when the car maintenance schedule is right. And according to the fact, this varies and is influenced by several factors. One of these factors is the traffic situation facing the car. This car maintenance schedule may not be considered trivial. If the time has arrived but still delaying doing so, the performance of the old car will continue to decline.

Components Requiring Service and Enter the Car Maintenance Schedule

Vehicles as walking objects definitely need routine maintenance. Some components can be damaged either due to normal use or service life. You definitely don’t want it if the car you are using is not good! For that, a car needs to get regular maintenance in each part. With regular service, the car’s performance will remain excellent. Thus, you also remain safe and comfortable when driving wherever it is. The following are some components of the car which should be regularly inspected and repaired:


The road conditions in Indonesia are only a few that are really smooth. Most existing road conditions have holes or bumpy surfaces. This makes the legs of the car vulnerable to damage, usually the Oblak component because of working hard on rough roads.

Car legs such as ball joint, tierod, stabilizer and boosting have a lifespan of up to 100,000 km or about 5 years. However, damaged road conditions or rough driving characters speed up the time of replacement or repair.

Balancing and Spooring

Periodic services that you need to do are spooring and balancing. Cars that often pass through damaged or perforated roads can cause the precision of the car’s wheels to change quickly. Spooring is the process on the car to re-align the position of the four wheels of the car like the beginning. The process straightens the two front wheels back to normal.

Next is balancing, which means to rebalance. The purpose of balancing is to rebalance the rotation of each wheel so that no one is biased. Usually, this will be done after changing tires or wheels.

If the legs of the car still feel bad or have problems after spooring and balancing, you need to check some of the components. As in the ball joint and tierod, it will usually make a noise. If the condition is ignored, the damage will get worse and may cause the tire to be dislodged from its place.

Improvements can be made by replacing usage with product manufacturers or genuine recommendations. In addition to guaranteed originality, the durability of goods can also be as usual.

Other options that you can choose at a more affordable price are reconditioning using polyurethane material. This alternative can reduce costs, reportedly up to 50%. The ball joint, tierod and the stabilizer link on the car are removed and the damaged part is replaced using polyurethane material.

The legs are also susceptible to damage due to the use of bushings. This bushing material is usually made of rubber, and because of the impact when passing through this damaged road makes the rubber no longer pliable and even brittle or cracked.

Air Condition (AC)

This air conditioner will work hard when the car is used in the heat of the day. Drivers or passengers will adjust the temperature of the cabin as cold as possible. The problem that often occurs is the compressor part.

Routine AC service is highly recommended, such as replacing lubricants, refiners, and cleaning. Usually, this service is done once a year or every 10,000 km (in the city) up to 20,000 km (out of town). Routine service makes compressor work easier and the compressor’s life will be longer.

For cars that often pass through dusty areas and are used with the coldest temperatures, we recommend that routine AC service be done every 3,000 km. The AC service process takes around one to eight hours.

Here are some other causes of car air conditioning can not cool:

  • There is a leak on the hose or AC pipe caused by age or the use of parts that are not good or not original.
  • Damage to the evaporator and condenser which can be due to age or exposure to dirty objects.
  • Damage to compressor components which usually sounds from the engine room where the AC compressor is located.


Oil is the most important in the Car Maintenance Schedule because all engine systems in the car will be directly related to the oil. And when you change your oil too late or you don’t add it, then it’s only a matter of waiting when your car won’t be able to walk again.

Car Maintenance Schedule on Oil

This car oil change schedule is, of course, different for every car with different conditions. For cars that use more mineral mixtures, it is strongly recommended to change the oil every 5,000 kilometers. But if you use oil with full synthetic content, it doesn’t matter if you replace every 10,000 kilometers. Because the engine oil that is late is replaced will cause damage to the engine and reduce the engine performance of the vehicle. But if the car that is driven often meets with traffic jams, it is required to change the oil every 5,000 kilometers. You can also check the condition of the oil and pay attention to engine performance. Because the congested road conditions can make the engine continue to work until it overheats.

If you want to get the perfect car performance, you can forget about the car maintenance schedule. Each month you have to leave a little money enough to treat your favorite vehicle.

A car is an object that will provide comfort and help you speed up all work on the condition that you must always take care of it. There are many luxury cars that people in the world have, but what’s the use of luxury is that the car is not damaged because it forgets the car maintenance schedule every month. It is very important to make your car’s performance always perfect in order to become a dream vehicle.


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