Car Maintenance and Auto Repair Tips

Car Maintenance and Auto Repair Tips
Car Maintenance and Auto Repair Tips

Car Maintenance and Auto Repair Tips – Auto Repair Tips for your favorite car not only to make it durable and durable. But it also greatly influences your comfort when driving. Routine maintenance can also keep your car high value, so when you want to sell it, your car still has a high bargaining price.

The car that is not maintained not only makes it look unattractive but also its performance will greatly decrease and can certainly disturb your comfort when driving. Therefore Auto Repair Tips you need to do.

Auto Repair Tips for Fast Fixes

Are you confused about searching for Auto Repair Tips? Do not worry below we have prepared especially for you.

Change Car Oil according to the time

Car oil is an important thing that you need to pay attention to your car because oil has a vital function to lubricate the inside of the engine so that it works properly. Besides that oil also functions as an engine cooler. For this reason, car oil must be replaced periodically and on time. Otherwise, your engine’s performance will decrease and other problems will arise. Of course, this problem will reduce your comfort in driving.

Important Liquid Checks

You also need to check important liquids for optimal engine performance. One important liquid that does not escape your attention is the radiator water. This water functions as a coolant on the engine to prevent overheating. Another liquid is glass cleaning water, this water can be used when cleaning the windshield when the glass is dirty or drizzle. The next liquid is battery water. Battery water must always be replaced regularly so that it cannot cause electrical problems.

Choose the Right Fuel

You should not underestimate the problem of car fuel. If you choose the wrong fuel for your car, it can affect the engine performance. For that, choose the right fuel for your car engine. Besides that, you also have to choose the right place to buy, don’t let the fuel you buy is a mixture of fuel. Try to buy fuel in an official place.

Car Battery Care

The car battery is a component that must get extra attention because it has a vital role that is functioning as the starting engine power. The right treatment for car batteries can make your car battery durable and durable. How to care for a car battery is to check the water level regularly and take voltage measurements or measure the battery voltage through a voltmeter.

Always Heat the Car

Heating the engine before driving is the same as sportsmen who warm up before doing sports. This is done so that each component is ready to carry out activities. Components that are not ready and forced to work hard will become durable and break down quickly. Heating a car engine is also useful so that oil can lubricate all engine components before the engine works hard when driving.

The Best Auto Repair Product Tips

 A good product is one that has the best quality and can make your car always in perfect condition. You do not want to have a damaged car because of the wrong product, select below!

Ikame Car Shampoo

Ikame Car Shampoo is a car shampoo that can protect your car’s paint from the sun. Paints that are suitable for all types of vehicle paint, both solid and metallic, are specially formulated and have been tested in several car and motorcycle washing places. This shampoo is very safe for your car paint because it does not contain materials that can corrode the surface of the paint. Also equipped with degreasing to clean oil or grease and added WAX silicon premium sun protection material that can make the paint more shining.

3M Choke & Carb 2W Cleaning Liquid + Car Shampoo + Smart Sponge package

3M Smart Sponge Car Wash Sponge 10 x 15 cm is a car wash sponge that comes with an ergonomic design. This sponge is very helpful when you want to apply wax, interior dressing, or tire polish to your favorite car. This sponge is perfect when you wash your car because it is specially designed for smooth surfaces.

AQ Mini Roller Cleaner

AQ Mini Roller Cleaner is a car seat cleaning tool that has Japanese quality. This cleaning roller is made of quality materials and has a mini size, which is 80 mm. No wonder this cleaning tool can reach narrow gaps. The cleaning roller, which has a usage limit of 60 times, is suitable for cleaning car interiors such as dust and dirt on the seat.

Nu Finish Car Shampoo 16 Oz

Nu Finish Car Shampoo 16 Oz is a car shampoo that contains a soft and harmless formula for the surface of the car. It contains an orange extract that can clean the surface of your car quickly without causing stains. The advantage of this shampoo is that it effectively removes animal waste and contaminants by not lifting the wax surface of the car surface and not containing hard material.

Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound

Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound can make your car paint sparkle like new, remove mold from the paint, and not a too deep beret.

Carrera Liquid Polish & Wax Neutral

Carrera Liquid Polish & Wax Neutral is a car cleaning fluid that contains a unique formula to reduce fine scratches so that it doesn’t look real. This liquid can clean the surface of the paint from crust, mold, and dirt that is difficult to remove. Applying this car liquid to the paint surface of your car can restore the freshness of the paint that is dull because it is oxidized and can protect it from exposure to the weather. This product is not recommended for new car paints.

Kit Wash and Glow

Wash and Glow Kit is a liquid that has a soft formula with lots of foam. This liquid can remove dirt, oil, and oil quickly and easily rinsed. This cleansing liquid also has a pH-balanced formula and premium polymer that is safe for all car paints does not erode the car’s wax coating and can keep your car shine.


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