Car Expert Advice: Selecting a Vehicle for the Business

Car Expert Advice: Selecting a Vehicle for the Business
Car Expert Advice: Selecting a Vehicle for the Business

Car Expert Advice: Selecting a Vehicle for the Business – In running a business, sometimes transportation has a role that is quite important or even very important. According to Car Expert Advice, one means of transportation that usually has an important role in business is a car. The advantages of the car include being able to travel a longer distance faster because it can pass the toll road. And cars, in general, have a larger engine so that the driving power exceeds the motorcycle.

Compared to motorbikes, cars also have a larger carrying capacity. Even small cars like sedans or city car types still have a larger carrying capacity than motorbikes. The benefits of the car also better protect transportation, both goods, and people, from the hot sun or rain.

The Best Vehicle Type According to Car Expert Advice

If you want to run a business, many Car Expert Advice tells you to know the type of vehicle that will be purchased. Maybe below this suits your needs!

Micro Car

This type of car is a type of car that is a combination of cars and motorbikes. This type of car usually uses engines under 1000 cc and usually only fit for 2 passengers. This type of car is quite popular in Europe.

City Car

City cars or city cars are small cars intended for use in the city. City cars have higher performance and safety levels are better than microcars. Because of its tiny shape, this type of car is designed to be agile and comfortable to drive in a city with heavy traffic, easy to find places to park and relatively low fuel consumption.

Family Car

A family car or family car usually has enough room to accommodate 6 adults plus extensive luggage. It usually uses a 1600cc engine. This type of car is dominated by sedan type cars, including Toyota Corolla, Mazda3, Honda Civic, Honda Accord, etc.

MPV car

MPV or Multi-Purpose Vehicle is a car that has the flexibility for various purposes. It can be used for transporting people, or passengers, in large quantities. It can be used in the city, or outside the city. Some MPV class vehicles include Suzuki APV, Daihatsu Grand Max, Daihatsu Luxio, KIA Carnival, Mazda E2000 etc.

Pick up car

A mini pickup truck or better known as pickup car is a car with an open rear tub-shaped that is usually used to transport goods. This type of car is intended for the mobilization of goods, has a large capacity for freight transportation. Among other examples are the Mitsubishi Colt, Daihatsu Grand Max Pickup.

Truck Cars

What we call trucks is a large version of a pickup car, or the term large pickup truck. While the shape is bigger with 3 axes, 1 in front and the tandem in the back is called a Trenton truck, while the one used for container transportation in the form of a patch is called a trailer truck. Truck carrying capacity varies from 12 tons to 40 tons, or sometimes more. Among other examples are Mitsubishi Colt, Hino Dutro, Mitsubishi Fuso, Isuzu Elf, etc.

Tips for Choosing a Vehicle in Car Expert Advice

Business is a business that requires transportation in every operation. You can already see all types of vehicles that can be selected above. And now no less important, you have to know how to choose a vehicle according to Car Expert Advice.

Type of business and needs

If you are going to buy a car, your type of business is very influential with the type of car you will buy. Suppose that the car you will use to deliver food in the catering business, then you need a type of car with a large enough capacity and hygienic enough, for example, the type of family car or MPV. Or if your business is buying and selling furniture then pickup or truck type cars that might be suitable. And also adjust to your needs for the car, for example, to go to prospective clients and interact with clients, then the type of microcar or city car is sufficient.

Adjust the budget

Make sure the car you buy is following the conditions of your business cashflow. Cars are assets as well as investments. Calculate the estimated real-immaterial benefits gained by owning a car and compare it with the costs incurred. Do not let you spend all the funds you have to have a car. If the costs incurred are not worth the benefits, maybe a used car is the solution.

Car Quality

Make sure the car you are renting is in the best condition and can be used as needed. This is very important because the car you are going to buy is a car for your business, do not let your business be hampered just because the car has a lot of problems.

Invite a mechanic

If you are unfamiliar with automotive engineering, it will not hurt to invite your friends who understand the ins and outs of the car when surveying before buying. Ask for suggestions and ask him things to check from the car you are going to buy.

Maintenance costs

Before deciding to buy a car, you need to realize that the car needs maintenance and shrinking. And car maintenance costs are certainly not as cheap as motorcycle maintenance. Budget every month for the maintenance costs for your car, do not let you ‘be surprised’ after already buying a car it turns out that a lot of costs are spent to treat it.

Fuel costs

Car fuel also needs to be considered before buying a car. Calculate the estimated fuel costs that will be incurred for your car. Moreover, the price of fuel is now very expensive. And choose a car that is energy efficient, ask your dealer or mechanic about this problem. The price of diesel fuel is relatively cheaper than gasoline, so diesel-engined cars might be one solution to overcome the large fuel costs.

Who is the driver?

 No less important is to prepare the resources that will operate the car. If you are alone, make sure you can drive and a driver’s license. Or maybe you need to recruit employees who can drive a vehicle.


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