Car Driving Tips to Always be Safe

Car Driving Tips to Always be Safe
Car Driving Tips to Always be Safe

Car Driving Tips to Always be Safe Car Driving Tips will be needed, especially for those who are just learning to drive a car. Safety when driving is most important when you are driving. From this background, we try to make this review for you.

Below we have prepared the right Car Driving Tips for you!

Entering the car in a flat state

Enter the car in a flat position, then use the seat belt to make it safer on the way. The seat belt also has a function for you, namely by using the seat belt and opening the side glass to listen to the sound of your car clearly and you can estimate when you will start inserting the gear.

Adjust the Position of the Seating

If you want to start driving a car, take a sitting position that can make you comfortable on the road. Because the seat also greatly affects your feet in stamping the brakes, gas, and clutch. In applying the pedals that are on the right foot, left foot and center, you must really be able to step on completely so that your trip can be saved.

Recognize All Pedals

Knowing the way and function of the pedals in the car, the pedals that are on the left or the left foot are the pedals for the clutch, the pedals in the middle are the pedals that function for the brakes, and the pedals on the right are pedals for brakes. If you already recognize the functions of all pedals, you can directly use a manual engine car.

Mastering Clutch

Coupling is one tool that serves to decide the engine speed and wheel rotation that are still in touch, but it also functions to change gears or increase and reduce the teeth you will use without damaging the gears in each transmission gear. It needs to be recalled if you want to reduce or increase gear then you should not forget to step on the clutch pedal. So the main things that are in the car are car engine rotation, clutch, transmission, and car wheels. When the engine is on, the engine has a rotation of 1500 per minute, the number of turns depends on the type of car each.

Operate the Pedal

In pedal operation, you need concentration to remember how far the pedal swings and the brake pedal and gas pedal are. To drive a manual car, you should be able to get used to releasing the clutch pedal slowly and regularly.

Transmission Lever in Neutral Position (N)

The lever to increase or decrease teeth. Before the car is turned on, make sure that the lever is still in the neutral position (N). To add teeth, make sure the clutch pedal has been stepped on full. Be careful if you want to move the transmission lever.

Turn on the Engine

Turn on the car’s engine by stater on the ignition key and by stepping on the clutch pedal fully. When the engine is on, then you release the clutch pedal and the transmission lever is still in the neutral position (N).

Step on the clutch fully

Hit the clutch fully and hold it, this is one of the good things you have to remember to pay attention to how the distance between the clutch pedal and the brake pedal or the gas pedal. And is required to remove the clutch pedal carefully and regularly until you hear the sound of the engine has started to fall do step on the clutch pedal so many times that you can recognize the sound of the car engine.

Running a Car

If you want to run the car, slowly lift your legs in the clutch position until the engine turns down then step on the gas pedal slowly. You should be able to balance the gas and clutch slowly. The way you have to try repeatedly so that the pressure when stepping on the gas and removing the clutch can be nominated. In addition, you can also try to find the maximum combination of gas and coupling. In this case, you also have to be alert and concerned about the handbrake if you have to stop in an emergency.

If your clutch pedal is released too fast then your car’s engine will die. You have to pay attention to the sound of the engine whether the car engine sounds like it wants to die or not, then neglect to hold the clutch pedal deeper. Excessive engine rotation when the clutch is stepped on can cause the clutch to wear out quickly and the clutch can also smoke.

Move the Transmission Lever

How to drive a car The most important manual is knowledge about the gear lever. When the engine is turned on and the sound is stable, then move the transmission lever from neutral (N) to the position of gear 1. The first gear is in the position of the upper left transmission lever, in the lever, there must have been instructions or writing or drawing the position of each tooth. Starting the car by stepping on the clutch fully, moving the gear to first gear, the right foot is ready in the gas position, lifting the clutch slowly until the car starts to move then lifting the clutch fully until the car is running. After the car is running, you can increase speed by stepping on the gas slowly.

After feeling the car is running stably then start adding teeth to the second gear when the car is running. By paying attention to the RPM indicator on the engine, if it has been seen passing the number 2 then it can be interpreted that it has exceeded 2000 times the rotation in minutes so that it is enough if you want to add teeth to teeth 2. Then lift the gas in full so that the engine speed decreases again, then step on the clutch fully and move the gear to gear 2, lift the clutch slowly-pad until half then step on the gas slowly and accompanied by lifting the clutch until fully lifted.


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