Car Buying Tip: Choosing the Best at the Cheapest Price

Car Buying Tip Choosing the Best at the Cheapest Price
Car Buying Tip: Choosing the Best at the Cheapest Price

Car Buying Tip: Choosing the Best at the Cheapest Price – Having a new car is indeed a dream for everyone, especially those who are married. By owning a car, we can be able to take the family on vacation or homecoming to celebrate holidays in the hometown. Besides, definite benefits obtained by efficiency in terms of cost and time. Not to mention if you have young children. By having a private vehicle, children can be avoided by threats that often threaten them.

Buying a new car does require a large number of funds. However, some of the tips below can help to alleviate these costs. That way, new cars can be obtained at prices that match their capabilities. Here are some new car buying tips at low prices that can be considered.

Focus on Goals and Not Prestige

When you want to buy a car, consider carefully. What is the purpose of buying a car? Is it for comfort or indeed the absolute needs of the family? Or for transportation to the office or business needs?

If it is intended for family purposes, perhaps the most suitable is the type of minibus. While for business purposes, can be a type of box or pick up the car. One type of car follows a rule that is not the same as the rules of other types of cars. If you choose the type of pick-up or double cabin, you need to consider the existence of additional taxes such as car fees.

At this stage, as much as possible you have to suppress the sense of prestige or just follow the trend. In essence, back as described above, choose the type of car according to the purpose and can best meet the needs.

Collect as much information as possible

For the first time buying a car, finding information on the types of cars is very important. Apart from understanding various types, you can also know which car has quality. How is the treatment and what are the advantages and disadvantages.

In the current era, finding information about cars is not a difficult matter. You can search by surfing the internet. Visit the website of car manufacturers. Read automotive news. Or read the information in automotive forums, which is very important in car buying tips

Another thing that is not less important is knowing how much the after-sale price is after using the car on the market. Do not let you choose the type of car that is difficult to resell.

Prepare a Fund of at least 25% of the price of a car

This percentage only applies if you want to buy a car on credit. Why should it be 25%? Because Bank Indonesia (BI) imposed Down Payment (DP) rules needed to buy a car by 25%. It’s good if you have more funds, just give DP above 25%. Because the greater the DP is given, the smaller the credit is paid each month.

Find the Right Time to Buy a Car

The right time to visit a dealer is when the dealer provides special offers or promos. Usually, the dealer will provide a large discount at the end of the month because it is related to the sales target to be achieved.

The exhibition was also the right time to buy a car. Usually, the dealer will open a promotional outlet there. If you find a good promotion, save the brochure obtained from the dealer as information to make a comparison. Don’t hesitate to ask customer service about the things you want to know.

Get the price is cheap, but not cheap

Many new cars at cheap prices, but the quality is not necessarily good. It’s easiest to determine that the car is not cheap by choosing well-known car brands. Of the various cars available, you can determine which type or model is famous for its reputation in the market.

Choose a Dealer with the Best Offer

After determining which dealer you will choose, but then feel the service is not good enough, you do not need to hesitate to cancel the purchase and find another dealer. Search and visit existing dealers until you find a dealer with the best offer.

The Importance of Doing a Test Drive

From all the tips above, you still need to do one more thing, namely a test drive. It’s important to do a test drive so that you get the right type of car. Usually, the dealer will give 30 minutes to do a test drive. In conducting a vehicle test, you can pay attention to the following important things.

  • Try various kinds of technologies and features of the car, such as the internet, audio, air conditioner, power window, and so on.
  • Pay attention to cabin size and luggage capacity. Maybe this looks trivial, but maybe later you will realize that luggage has a very important role.
  • Paying attention to technical matters, such as the type of transmission, engine acceleration, handbrake, and so on. Make sure you choose the most comfortable type of transmission. In general, cars on the market have a type of manual or automatic transmission. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of both types of transmission.
  • The comfort of the driver’s seat. How to set it up and whether the seat belt is comfortable enough to wear. What is the shape of the dashboard? Does it fit the posture when driving? Maybe the design of the seat and dashboard will affect the level of visibility in driving.
  • Turn on the engine and run the car on public roads. Feel the acceleration, transmission changes, and steering quality. Try also to park the car in various positions. Later you will feel the weakness or lack of the car. Also important to feel is the quality of the suspension. Feel how the car is when driven to overtake another vehicle.

After a test drive and you find the most appropriate car, ask if the car is ready stock or indent. If the available car is ready stock, you can get it right away. Unlike indent, you still have to wait a few months to get the car. However, the advantage, you can do custom or additional facilities as you wish.


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