Car advice: The Best Care Recommendation for Your Car

The Best Care Recommendation for Your Car
The Best Care Recommendation for Your Car

The Best Care Recommendation for Your Car – The car you have of course has to get the best care so that it is always in maximum performance. Some car advice from experts says that cars are like humans when they less care for they will gradually experience pain. Cars are also like that, when you are not caring for a car, just wait for the car to break.

We are sure you don’t want the car broken, right? Therefore you must always take good care of it. Below are some of the leading car care methods!

How to care for a car engine by making oil and filter changes

Apart from helping to clean the engine and move parts, oil is responsible for removing microscopic metal fragments that appear between the parts of the propeller.

To have a fundamental role, oil change must always be current. It is necessary to comply with the deadline set by the vehicle manufacturer, which, usually, is something that every ten thousand kilometers is rotated or six months. It is important that the replacement is always carried out by the product indicated in the specifications. If in doubt, read the owner’s manual.

Air filters, fuel, and oil must be replaced within the time limit specified by the vehicle manufacturer. These items are responsible for preventing dirt from reaching the car’s engine.

An important point to note here is that every time an oil change is made, the lubricating filter must also be replaced. In the case of air and fuel filters, on average every 10,000 kilometers is rolled. However, each vehicle is a case, and again, the owner’s manual is the best guide in this situation.


Many don’t know, but doing a match correctly is part of car engine maintenance. It’s just that when we start the vehicle, this is when the battery is most charged. This is because you need to distribute energy between several components to start the operation of the car.

A very simple tip for saving battery modules is to turn everything off before turning on the car. Here come various accessories and vehicle components such as cleaners, air conditioners, interior lights, lights, DVDs, sound systems and GPS.


In a vehicle, the transmission is one of the most significant components and realizing that proper maintenance can prevent further damage in the future.

Therefore, it is very interesting that the driver is careful to replace the transmission fluid. With regard to filters, exchanges must be carried out, on average, every five thousand kilometers rolled.

Coolant oil and radiator water

Want to know how to keep the car so that the radiator stays smooth? Just look at the cooled oil. They are inexpensive and very important so that the radiator works properly. In addition, it is possible to increase engine life and transmission with this simple item.

This might seem like something unnecessary for the overall set, but ensuring radiator water at the right level is key to making the engine run properly and has a longer service life. The reservoir level must be between the minimum acceptable and the maximum permitted, and this inspection must be carried out with a cold car engine.

When the level is not correct, the motor may overheat. The verification process is simple and can be done before leaving by car. It is worth mentioning the replacement of radiator additives, which must be done every 10,000 kilometers. This item helps clean the cooling system.


A very simple tip about how to take care of a car engine and who helps a lot is to be careful with gear shifting, which must be done smoothly. When in doubt, the owner’s manual provides complete details about the correct speed for the exchange to be carried out.

Battery terminal

It is recommended to check the status of the battery terminal from time to time because it can become loose, corroded or dirty. In addition, zinabre layers can appear there because of the possibility of internal fluid leakage from the battery.

For battery maintenance, cleaning the terminal is very important. Every time you check the water level, check and clean the terminal.

This cleaning can be done with the following items: distilled water, baking soda, and steel comb. Simply mix the ingredients until the paste is formed and then add some mixture to the terminal and rub with a steel brush to remove dirt. In the end, just throw the leftovers with an ordinary cloth.

Be sure to disconnect the positive and negative battery terminals to avoid accidents. By the way, the use of petroleum jelly in the terminal, replacing oil, gives better results.

Battery water level

Every three months, it is recommended to look at the battery water level. A simple tip for this situation is if you see the bottom of the tube that is used to fill water, that means the level is good. If not, you need to use distilled water to fill. In fact, all types of water other than distilled water damage the battery.

Also, consider that there are several batteries and each requires a different level because there are options that do not require water.

Gasoline additives

When talking about tips on caring for your car, many don’t imagine, but gasoline additives have several components that help in the internal cleaning of the engine and injector. With this type of fuel, we will not have residues, which make the combustion of air and fuel much more efficient. Conventional gasoline does not carry this additional material to help with car engine maintenance.

Machine cleaning

There are several reasons why the machine needs to be cleaned. Therefore, washing from year to year, for example, will ensure that, in addition to cleaning, it works more efficiently. In addition, with a clean car engine, the driver will be easier to pay attention to if there is damage. However, some attention is needed when cleaning.

Maintenance of car engines and batteries continuously and requires attention. However, in doing so, many headaches can be avoided.



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