Calculating The Estimated Cost Of Car Maintenance For One Year

Calculating The Estimated Cost Of Car Maintenance For One Year -Who is here whose daily activities rely on a private car? Having a private car is fun, no need to look for public transportation if you want to go anywhere. However, so you have additional responsibilities: take care of your car so that it is always in top condition. And, even if resold, the price does not slide freely. Every time you do service, there will be car maintenance costs that must be paid.

Currently, the car maintenance costs are increasingly expensive, this is due to the high price of spare parts in each car. The number of cars with different classes makes spare parts also vary. You will certainly be able to find a cheap one if indeed the budget you have is very minimal. But we recommend that you use the original so that your car still looks excellent.

When To Service a Car?

Calculating The Estimated Cost Of Car Maintenance For One Year
Calculating The Estimated Cost Of Car Maintenance For One Year

Currently, there are generally two parameters commonly used to determine the service time of a vehicle, which is based on time or kilometer mileage. This is because chemicals in some components will decrease in performance over time.

Car Components That Must Be Checked Regularly And Car Maintenance Costs!

Reporting from various automotive news portals, here are the car components that you must check when doing periodic servicing.


One of the fundamental and most important parts. The battery functions to provide an electricity supply that can make all the functions of the car work normally. Battery replacement is usually carried out after two to three years if it starts and causes electrical problems. The range of car battery prices is from $42 to $57.

Machine oil

The task of engine oil is to lubricate and keep the inside of the engine working properly. Besides, oil also functions as an engine cooler. Because it has worked hard from the start, the oil should be replaced at the first 1,000 km and must be replaced regularly. The average price of a car change is $35.


As a means of lighting as well as communication between cars, the lights must be very important What must be guarded against the headlights of the car is to make sure the glass remains clear so that the light is maximum. Or replace it altogether if the filament breaks. It costs from $21 to $35.

Canvas Rem

The use of cars with high intensity of congestion, make the working canvas brake maximum. So, wear out faster. So that the car’s brakes always bite, replacing the brake canvas is usually adjusted to the routine inspection time, every 20,000 km or once every 9-12 months. Brake canvas prices of $14 to $20.

Spark plug

In motorized vehicles, the spark plug serves to ignite the fire so that the combustion in the engine can run. If the spark plugs are dirty, the replacement will become crowded and the car will not start. Like a brake canvas, general spark plug replacement is carried out at a usage distance of 20,000 km to 50,000 km. The cost of changing spark plugs is quite affordable, from $5 to $10.

Clutch Canvas

The function of the canvas clutch is to help send engine power to the wheels. If the gear lever or engine power often slips, it can be a sign that the clutch lining is thin. Clutch canvas should be replaced when entering 10,000 and 50,000 km or every routine maintenance. The price of clutch canvas for MPV cars like the Ertiga and Avanza is from $100 to $150. And the service fees themselves are from $35 to $100.

Balancing and spooring

Spooring is the process of straightening the position of the four wheels of a car like factory settings. While balancing aims to rebalance the rotation of each wheel so that no one is biased. Usually done after changing tires or wheels. Spooring and balancing for city cars and MPVs are usually from $20 to $35.

Normal Routine Service Is Based On The Number Of Miles Traveled

In addition to the period, periodic service is usually also based on car kilometers. Some components that are checked based on the mileage of the car can be classified as follows.

Reaching 1,000 kilometers

Check the chassis, body, engine oil, engine cooling system, brakes, transmission, and power steering.

Reached 30,000 / 50,000 / 70,000 kilometers

Check the engine oil, engine, and car tires

Reached 20,000 / 60,000 / 100,000 kilometers

Check the fuel system, steering system, and suspension

The car reaches 40,000 / 80,000 / 120,000 kilometers

Diagnosis of spark plugs, engine oil, compressors, brake fluid, air filters, canister systems. If the condition is worn/damaged, immediately replace the component

What Is The Estimated Cost Per Year?

Each car has different maintenance costs, depending on the type and usage. MPV cars like the All-New Ertiga for example, only need a total of $120 per year. This amount includes the cost of service services and the purchase of spare parts. Then, for the Toyota Rush around $150. For the Toyota Yaris, only $90 with service includes spooring, changing oil filters, engine oil, gaskets, balancing, and changing spark plugs.

Even though it has been imagined how many types of vehicles need service costs, the car service costs fluctuate, aka it can change depending on the brand policy. economic conditions, government conditions or conditions, or other conditions such as currency exchange rates, fuel price factors, holidays, school holidays, wage increases and others can be influential.

As written at the beginning if you want a car that is always prime, then every month must prepare specifically car maintenance costs. You will not feel disappointed with the car ride, because how long you use it if it is well maintained there will be no problem.

So, remember, when deciding to buy a car, the expenses that must be taken into account are not only when paying DP, monthly payments, and fuel alone. However, you also have to consider routine service costs that are not small.


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