Basic Car: You Must Know As a Car Owner!

Basic Car: You Must Know As a Car Owner!
Basic Car: You Must Know As a Car Owner!

Basic Car: You Must Know As a Car Owner! – Having a new car will greatly provide its pleasure, especially if the car has long been a dream. And finally, we painstakingly work until finally, we can buy it. But you as a new car owner certainly must know what features and what you have to learn so you can master the working procedures.

You can even find that there are parts of the car that you can function for different things. New car owners tend to be more caring for and maintaining their vehicles if you are one of the beginner car owners it is better to find information about the basic car.

Read the Car Handbook

Owning and driving a vehicle is not just relying on accelerating, braking and maintenance techniques. Often, the owner or driver ignores the manual (manual book) maybe for some owners or drivers to consider already understanding and understanding the vehicle. Manuals or guidelines on a vehicle have an important role. In the book, there is information ranging from maintenance, warranty, to how to use features in a written car clearly. Not infrequently the ignorance of the driver or owner regarding the function of the features on the car has been explained in the manual or the case for the rejected warranty also comes from the ignorance of the owner for not reading the manual.

Understand Car Warranty

Make sure you understand your car’s warranty, parts that include warranty and parts that are not covered by the warranty. Usually for a machine to get a warranty of about 3 years or 100,000 km, so depending on which one is first, but for batteries and some parts have a limited warranty, for example, batteries are usually 2 years, which means if your car battery is damaged before 2 years then you can replace it in service your official car brand.

Using the Best Insurance

Using insurance for cars, if your car is insured, make sure you understand your insurance agreement letter, what is covered and what is not covered. Also, pay attention to your own dependency costs per event (usually 300,000 per event). Try to use the insurance that is well-known and professional and has a good workshop partner.

Periodically service in the Official Workshop

Make sure you understand when it’s time for you to do regular service. This is one of the basic cars that must be remembered. Usually, in the first 1000 km, you need to do regular service to check the component function of your car whether it is running normally or not, the service of 1000 km is mostly free. Then service 10,000 and multiples thereof.

There are several brands of cars providing free service fees for periodic service to a certain distance of kilometers, for example, Toyota provides free services for up to 30,000 – 50,000 km. But there are also those who only provide free services at 10,000 km, then they have to pay normally. For warranty components, you still apply as in point 2 as long as you do regular service in the official workshop of your car brand.

Oil Change Time

Why is this important? Because the oil function is also very important. The oil that serves to lubricate the engine is useful for reducing heat in the car. When your car is suddenly smoky like a locomotive, it might occur due to overheating. The most severe effect due to runaway oil is overhaul or down the engine.

The sound of the engine will be very rough and the car will strike. When going down the engine, the costs you have to pay to repair it will be very expensive. This damage can affect the performance of other parts. Just say a damaged US crutch causes one engine block to break, a rocker arm or a handlebar plug and it can also cause the brakes to wear out. Unfortunately, how much money do you have to spend to replace the components of this machine? Yup, it’s not a little alias it will be very big.

For that, like a new car owner, avoid this by always changing the oil regularly. Instead, you need to know how to check the remaining oil in the car’s engine. Usually, the car has provided a tool to measure oil. Dip the tool into the oil and see how much oil lubricates the tool. If you feel the oil in your vehicle is very little, it’s good to immediately do an oil change. Avoid the above damage by changing the oil regularly. Easy isn’t it? From here you can know when is a good time to change oil and when not to change the oil.

Change Tires

New cars rarely make tire changes, but just in case, you as a new car owner must understand how to change tires properly. Just describe a situation where you are on a highway and your car tire is damaged. Without anyone you can ask for help, you can only rely on yourself. There is no time to make calls to workshops or other services.

The final choice is to make your own tire replacement. Before starting a tire replacement, make sure that the tools needed such as jacks and other equipment are complete. If you still don’t understand, you can find ways to replace car tires through the internet. In this digital age, there have been very many tire replacement tutorials when unexpected things like tire breaks.

Always carry an Emergency Kit

Emergency kits are usually filled with lots of very useful items such as flashlights, ropes, some first aid kits, and mechanical things. As mentioned above, you will never know what happened to the car, such as breaking down suddenly, the engine will not turn on, or the tire will leak. Some of these tools will be very useful when something like that happens. Bring and prepare these tools to anticipate unexpected events.

Tire pressure

Tire pressure, it’s a good idea to replace the air in your tire using Nitrogen, now the replacement of tire air to nitrogen costs around 10,000 – 20,000 each tire. Nitrogen is more stable for hot temperatures. Follow your car manufacturer’s recommendations regarding good tire pressure. for normal tire pressure is 30-34 Psi.


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