Basic Car Maintenance That Tou Must Know Today

Basic Car Maintenance That Tou Must Know Today
Basic Car Maintenance That Tou Must Know Today

Basic Car Maintenance That Tou Must Know Today – The basic car maintenance must be owned by everyone, especially for those who just have a car. Car care should not be forgotten, because it could be that it will make your favorite vehicle, not in maximum performance.

Many web sites that explain all the basic car maintenance, but sometimes it’s difficult to do. When you start reading this article, you have found a way out of how you care for the car you are looking for.

Check Car Starter

First on the basic car maintenance is to try to turn on your car, if the car cannot be started then there is damage inside. This can be due to a reduced supply of fuel or air. Check the filter by removing the filter and cleaning with a brush or toothbrush. However, if you have done this but your car has not turned on too, immediately take your car to the nearest garage.

Car Oil Replacement Routinely

Oil is one of the supporting components that are very important for car performance. To protect the state of the engine so that you are always maximal, you should regularly make oil changes. Provisions for oil changes usually vary by type of car. But usually, the change of car oil is done when it has traveled a distance of 3000 kilometers to 5000 kilometers.

Oil does not only affect the performance of your manual car engine. But it also acts as a barrier to the friction of the components in your car’s engine. So it is very important to change the oil regularly. Be sure to choose an oil that suits your car’s engine needs. If you don’t understand it, you can consult the mechanics of the nearest workshops.

Also, note the use of power steering oil. When the power steering oil is almost gone, it can cause the steering wheel to become heavy and very difficult when you drive it. One of the most obvious signs, when your power steering oil starts to run out, is the sound on the pump when your car turns.

In addition, the condition of the oil (oil) brake also needs to be considered. Brake oil must be between the LOW and HIGH marks. If your brake oil is on LOW, don’t immediately add brake fluid. First check the condition directly, because the reduction in brake fluid marks can also occur due to the thinning of the brake on or brake lining.

Check Radiator or Coolant Fluid

How to take care of a car’s engine manually, which is knowing the function of the radiator itself is to neutralize the heat in your car’s engine. So make sure to regularly check your radiator water. If your radiator water is empty, it will cause overheat on the engine so that it can cause the engine of your manual car to be damaged. Not only that, but the radiator water void can also endanger the driver of the car. So it is very important to do a routine check on the radiator fluid so that the radiator performance as the engine coolant will be maintained.

You can check your radiator water by looking directly through the radiator cap. And what you need to remember is do not occasionally open the radiator cap when the engine is on or the engine is still hot. It is recommended to replace or drain radiator water when it has traveled 1,000 kilometers.

Cleaning the Carburizing Filter

If your car’s engine is hard to turn on, it’s a sign that your carburizing filter is dirty. You can clean your carburizing filter easily. You only need to use a toothbrush to remove dirt and crust attached to the carburizing filter. Do not use a hairdryer or compressor when cleaning the carburizing filter because this can cause the risk of damage to the carburizing filter of your car.

Check Exhaust Condition

The exhaust (drain) is an important component in the car that serves to remove the remaining gas from the vehicle. Check the exhaust condition of your car regularly and make sure there are no things clogging so that the flow of your car’s gas disposal will be smooth.

Replace the Original Car Spare Parts

If it turns out there is component damage in your car’s engine. Be sure to immediately fix it in official workshops because your car will be repaired by a reliable mechanic there. In addition, if you really need to replace the components in your car. Be sure to buy original and high quality to prevent damage to the components again. Do not be tempted by cheap goods, but the quality cannot be proven because the product can damage your car’s engine.

Do Gas Withdrawals Occasionally

Occasionally run your car at high speed. Cars that have long been used will have a crust on the engine. You can remove the crust on the engine parts of this car by driving your car’s vehicle so that the crust can come out through the exhaust. But of course still, make sure the conditions around where you drive are safe and do not endanger the safety of you and others on the road.

Perform a Tune-Up Routine

You can tune-up in the nearest official workshops. This can make your machine stay durable. In the tune-up process, the condition of the vital components of your car’s engine will be thoroughly examined.

The other thing you need to consider is the electrical system in your car, especially if the car you are using already uses a CDI system. If there is damage to components in your car, do not try to repair it. It is enough for you to bring the car to the nearest workshops to be thoroughly inspected. Because a car with a CDI system like this requires some equipment that you certainly don’t have to check the engine components inside.

So some basic car maintenance that we can review, hopefully, this will make you know how to actually take care of the right car. 5



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