Automatic Maintenance Tips To Keep The Car Matic Long In Life

Automatic Maintenance Tips To Keep The Car Matic Long In Life
Automatic Maintenance Tips To Keep The Car Matic Long In Life

Automatic Maintenance Tips To Keep The Car Matic Long In Life – Matic Car is one type of vehicle that will provide comfort to the owner. Because when driving a car for beginners it’s very difficult. In a manual car that is complete with automatic transmission, so that it can make it easier for you car lovers. In Indonesia, the sales level has significantly increased in the sale of automatic cars.

For now many are using and many are choosing automatic cars because Matic cars are one very simple car and the operation is not difficult compared to manual cars.

Matic cars have provided evidence that this contribution means improving driving performance. Very simple if compared with a vehicle or car that transmits manually. If seen from the other side that with the increasing number of motorcyclists who are not balanced with the growth of road segments, so that the impact of road users is very dense, then here is the advantage of car Matic.

It should also be known that you can get comfort and convenience in driving a vehicle, so you also need to know the Automatic Maintenance Tips To Keep The Car Matic Long In Life.

Automatic Maintenance Tips To Keep The Car Matic Long In Life

Car Service

Car service is one of the most important things. Because of the comfort and safety, we can get by doing the service of the car. For cars, Matic service is a priority because it also follows manufacturers who provide regulations for regular service. Matic car needs ups and downs about vehicles that are required by the manufacturer for each driver.

Replacing Engine Oil

For automatic cars, besides car service, engine oil changes must also be considered. Engine oil is also very important for your car because of security and convenience not only through regular service but also with engine oil changes so you can get security and comfort.

Replace transmission oil

In-car maintenance, it maintains its automatic transmission oil condition, so you automatic vehicle owners must change the transmission oil regularly and regularly because it is already known that the minimum Matic car is 25,000 km and is at a maximum number of 50,000 km. You can use transmission lubricants that have been recommended by the car manufacturer. The type of lubricant that you often use, heavy or light when you do a vehicle, is one of the times when you replace the lubricating oil which is usually used.

Valve Check and Transmission Oil

Usually, car Matic is very often damaged by transmission gaskets, for example, leakage of transmission gaskets or damage to transmission gaskets. Therefore, you as a vehicle owner must check early. Vehicles that have a manual type are very different from automatic vehicles. For car automobiles can experience a broken valve and valve leak, then this can occur when the hard lever transfer and gas jolt.

Substitution of Transmission Oil When Magnetic Is Flooded

If you are in a condition that is difficult to avoid such as flooding and heavy rain, then you have to change the transmission oil to avoid things you don’t want, because of heavy rain or heavy flooding, the water can enter the gearbox. Automobiles you can experience a bad thing if you ignore it like a gear jam or transmission.

Conduct Road Testing

You as the owner of the vehicle, especially the vehicle that is automatic then you have to be diligent – diligent to test the road, the way is quite easy as you want to run your automatic car, then for car maintenance then try to move your car gear. You as a driver must be able to feel that the gear moved carefully.

If you listen to strange sounds when you move gears like a noisy sound and the car is a little shaken, you should know that your car’s transmission has a problem. If you experience problems with your car like that, then you immediately bring your car to the garage that you trust. Because if there is a problem in the transmission of the car it is a fatal problem because transmission is a vital part of your automatic car.

Heating the Car

You should also pay attention if you want to travel using a car so you have to pay attention to your automatic car so do a warm-up on your car before walking away. Because heating a car before traveling or before using is one of the trivial things, but many people who have automatic cars but instead ignore trivial things.

Even though you should know if you are too often negligent in heating the car it will be fatal, but if once or twice it will not be fatal, you will feel interference with your automatic car engine. Therefore, do not forget to heat your matic car and need to remember in heating the car automatically, the transmission lever is in the N position (Neutral).

Researching gears

The next car maintenance is that you as a car owner must examine the use of gears, you as a car user, then avoid using the “P” gear if your automatic car is stopped. If you use it continuously, your car automatically can damage the gear part. If you want to drive your automatic car then you don’t use D gear, because if you use gear D your automatic car will be damaged. To be safer for your Matic car is to simply move the automatic transmission lever to the “P” position if you want to park the car.

Recognizing Car Damage

Often it is not compact per rotation of your automatic car with the speed of the car, so you should note that the damage to thematic transmission that often occurs is clutch slip, rough engine sound when used to run at a very high rate but the car’s speed is not balanced, gearshift when you want to be moved.

So when you first buy a motorcycle engine then you should pay attention and read the automatic car manual, the guidebook has a lot of benefits for you because in the guidebook there is a lot of information about how to properly and effectively maintain car mechanics, besides the guidebook also informs you about the automatic car warranty.


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