Auto Tips On Caring For Your Car

Auto Tips On Caring For Your Car
Auto Tips On Caring For Your Car

Auto Tips On Caring For Your Car Who wants to get comfort in the car then you need to follow auto tips. Cars that need to be cared for regularly so they can run well and serve their owners effectively and safely.

Caring for a car in a garage requires a small amount of money. Therefore many people have neglected the car care needs so that it will make it easily damaged.

Don’t waste time or a lot of money just to get the car’s engine back to normal. To keep your car away from problems, follow the auto tips below consistently every month!

Car Battery Care

When you take care of a car battery, you must pay attention to the following three things:

  • Height of battery water: make sure the battery water is at the level that should be above the lowest line and below the highest line (line mark), do not lack water and if the lack of added volume of battery water to the recommended level, use pure water (distilled) or battery water.
  • Battery voltage: make sure the battery voltage is 12 volts, the check method is with a voltmeter.
  • Cleanliness of the poles: the negative and positive poles of the battery are often dirty due to chemical reactions, always clean if it looks dirty so that the electric current supplied by the battery does not falter (good quality).

Oil Care

Oil is one of the supporting factors that are very important for car performance. To protect the condition of the car’s engine so that you are always maximal, you should regularly make oil changes Each type of car has different oil change conditions, you can follow the following instructions:

  • Kilometers show between 5 thousand and 10 thousand
  • We can check by removing the oil stick, make sure the oil volume is as recommended at the recommended level stick
  • Try dropping the oil on the finger, then feel whether the oil is still clean or there is already fine metal debris. If you feel there are a few metal debris, the oil should have been replaced

Oil not only affects the performance of your car’s engine but also acts as a barrier to the friction of the components in your car’s engine. Therefore, oil changes need to be considered and carried out regularly. Besides, you also still choose the oil that suits your car’s engine needs. If you don’t understand it, you can consult the mechanics of the nearest workshops.

Caring for the Radiator

The radiator on the car is an important part to support the smooth working system of the car engine. This part really – really important function, namely as a car engine coolant to get the appropriate temperature that can support the work of the engine to be optimal. For the radiator to last and keep it clean and not clogged, maintenance is needed regularly. You can replace the radiator water every use of 20,000 km or by replacing the radiator water if the radiator water is cloudy. To find out whether the radiator water in your car is cloudy or not by looking through the hole in the top of the radiator.

Caring for Tires

Car tires can indeed be called components that have a lifetime. That is if the lifetime has run out or the tire has been deforested/damaged and not suitable for use, then the car tire must be replaced with a new one.

However, that does not mean that you do not need to take care of car tires. With the right steps, car tires, especially tire tubules can last longer and last longer.

  • Use the right wind pressure: each tire has an ideal wind pressure standard. Generally, this also depends on the type of vehicle where the tires are attached. Most of the latest cars regulate their front tire pressure in the range of 30-32 psi. As for the rear tires, the reference pressure is around 36-40 psi. Inappropriate wind pressure on tubeless tires will make the tires burdened, quickly damaged, lose grip even regardless of the wheels. Therefore, check the standards and recommendations for tubeless tire pressure and the vehicle you are using.
  • Avoid hitting holes: when you are driving at a high speed, you need to avoid hitting the hole. If indeed the road you’re going through is not good, run the car slowly so that the tire doesn’t hit hard.
  • Do not immediately remove the cause of leakage: It is not impossible that your car tire is affected on the trip. For example, tires are punctured by nails or pieces of iron on the road. If you see a nail or a strange object stuck in a car tire, don’t immediately pull it out. If it is revoked, then the entire wind tire of your car will come out and the car tire will be flat. Always pay attention to the balance problem of the car, do spooring and balancing when the car is out of balance in walking, for example, the tires are not straight (winding) when the car is running, because tires that are not straight can quickly deplete the tire tread and damage the components of the car others like shock breaker or alloy wheels.
  • Perform Periodic Checks: Tire conditions are also a factor that keeps you safe while driving. Therefore, you need to check regularly to make sure the car tires are always in good condition. A simple way is to see if the car tire has passed the D mark on the tire shoulder which is a reference to the minimum wear of the tire. After that, check all tire treads and walls to make sure no cracks or damage can be dangerous when the car tires are driven at high speed.
  • The car you have will always be ready to accompany you anywhere when no problems are coming. Do not make your car heavy which eventually breaks, but it’s best to do these auto tips to keep your car as new as possible.


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