Auto Maintenance Log: Maintaining the Right Vehicle for Beginners

Auto Maintenance Log: Maintaining the Right Vehicle for Beginners
Auto Maintenance Log: Maintaining the Right Vehicle for Beginners

Auto Maintenance Log: Maintaining the Right Vehicle for Beginners For those of you who have just bought a car, both new and used cars certainly need auto maintenance logs so that in addition to durable cars also still look good even though it has been around for a long time, many of us who have a car just hang the offer for the monthly service, even though that way not wrong but many detail-details of the car that can only be known by the owner, both new and used cars will certainly always need the best care.

Both on the outside of the car such as glass car paint and lights also need a lot of car care that in the dewy parts of the lamp and even then there are tips, besides that in the interior of the car must also be considered so that more durable also certainly a lot of parts that support the safety, do not forget engine parts where periodic maintenance is important besides managing the right time for oil changes check the brakes and the important thing is to warm up the car every day before use. If the car has been rained, try to flush the car directly with the water before you enter into the car garage, also with a cloth that has a smooth surface to avoid beret on the use of a car wash that has a rough texture.

Auto maintenance of log Matic and manual is certainly very different, but usually only on the engine parts for the outside we think are still the same, adding features in a vehicle such as a car will certainly make you give extra attention to its perfection and maintenance, always the right choice of accessories and install it by a mechanic who is already an expert, this is done so that the car is not damaged due to the installation of additional accessories that are installed incorrectly especially if you have to punch the body of the car.

The most common thing for new riders who are also not proficient is the problem of beret because of the wrong parking, for those of you who just have a car, certainly car parking is a draining thing especially when in a narrow place and no parking attendant, but for some the latest output car has an automatic parking feature where this feature is very helpful for driving new in thinking about the vehicle.

Auto Maintenance Log: How to Take Care of the Right Car

Maintain Car Paint

The Right Way to Take Care of the Car is the treatment of the paint, when we first see the car must be in appearance, one of which is influenced by the paint used and the quality of the paint, many factors that affect the paint become damaged, one of them is beret on the body of the car because of the wrong parking and bumping, try this not to happen, besides washing the car, don’t forget to use special washing soap for the car and not just any, the cloth used is also soft and does not damage the car paint and of course parking the car with the car cover to avoid moist and hot sun.

Use of fuel

One that affects the way to care for the right car is the use of fuel, without us realizing the use of dirty fuel can greatly affect the performance of the engine in the car, try to travel every time you have refueled and filled in an official place so that it is sterile and no mixture materials that will affect the performance of a car engine, fill your car with fuel at an official fuel station to avoid things like that.

Replacement of Car Oil

How to Take Care of the Right Car One of them regularly does the correct oil change, in my opinion, you need to provide a journal to remember when oil changes can be in the book or the easiest is on your smartphone. usually, the car is time to change the oil when it has covered a distance of 5,000 km, but for those of you who are often hit by traffic jams, we strongly recommend making changes every 7,500 km to make changes at the official oil change site and choose the best oil for your car.

Water Radiator

Many of us are very forget about this, radiator water is also very supportive of the performance of your car, How to Take Care of the Right Car, one of which is by replacing the right radiator water, do not use radiator water that is dirty and careless not to cool your car a lot of dirt because using careless water, you can buy radiator water in stores that provide it should use radiator water with the recommended brand for your car.

Use of the Right Transmission

One of the tips to maintain the optimal performance of the engine is the correct Transmission Use, for those of you who just have a car or not too good at driving a car, it is necessary to increase the ability to be more reliable and understand the correct use of car transmissions, both automatic transmission and the manual both require different handling, our advice for those of you who have just bought a car is to do a car steering course and ask in detail about the correct transmission of the engine both during certain conditions.

Periodic Service

Do not forget to do periodic servicing, usually periodic checks also include a variety of things including giving the vehicle’s exterior, cleaning the interior of your vehicle, changing oil, adding radiator fluid, checking the battery or car battery condition, checking brake lubricants and various complaints from the car owner forget monthly service can also be made a place to ask you are subject to cars, especially for those of you who are still laid especially for you women, of course, this is very important.

Keeping your vehicle always in top condition is important so that your vehicle is durable and durable while also providing comfort and safety in driving. You can take care of your vehicle regularly following what is stated in the auto maintenance log, for those of you who buy this car you will usually get a referral book, both automatic cars, and cars with manual transmissions also have different treatments. as in the transmission mode where the manual and Matic have a much different pattern.


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