Auto detailing vehicle maintenance

Auto detailing vehicle maintenance
Auto detailing vehicle maintenance

Auto detailing vehicle maintenance – Auto detailing is a technique for maintaining and beautifying the appearance of a vehicle, whether a car or motorcycle, to look perfect. In cars, this effort covers the exterior and interior, even to the engine. This activity can be done by hand or the help of machines such as rotary and dual-action.

Why does Auto detailing need to be done? The drivers certainly know what it’s like to remember the ride bombarded with various kinds of dirt all the time. Dust, asphalt roads, oil, rain, gravel scratches, bird droppings, tree sap, sunlight, and others. Those things that will gradually make the vehicle look more unsightly. To combat this, the detailing process needs to be done.

In general, Auto detailing is done to make your car stay awake, not damaged and the price is still very high on the market. With every day you use it, from passing through muddy soil to hot asphalt, it will keep your car awake if it’s never been cared for.

 When you feel the loss for Auto detailing on a vehicle, there will be no denying that your car will eventually have problems, whether from a poorly performing machine to a scratched body. Don’t let that happen, so you regret later.

Stages of Auto detailing

To ensure the hard work and time allocated in the detailing process ends perfectly, discipline to go through each stage of detailing properly and sequentially. These are the general stages in the detailing process:


One of the most popular types of cleaning effort is vehicle washing. Even though it looks simple, washing is one of the most important activities in maintaining the appearance of the vehicle. On the one hand, washing is the most frequent attempt to take care of the vehicle’s appearance. But on the other hand, this activity could be the source of the majority of defects suffered by vehicle paint, if not using the right equipment and techniques.

 In the process of washing, we clean the surface of the vehicle paint and other parts of various impurities that stick to the vehicle. Washing the vehicle regularly will prevent various impurities from accumulating, which if not routinely cleaned will form a coating that damages the vehicle’s appearance.

 Besides washing, other efforts included in the cleaning stage are claying. This activity is carried out to clean up deposits of impurities that have not been lifted when washing. The claying process is carried out with a clay bar and the help of liquid lubrication to make it easier to operate on the surface of the vehicle.

 Besides claying, another type included in this stage is paint cleaning.

Preparation / paint correction

Scratches, scratches, oxidation and various other defects on the surface of the vehicle are things that are not desired by the vehicle owner. But if that happens, then what can be done is to make corrections on the surface of the vehicle.

Paint correction can be done by compounding, polishing, and glazing, as well as other products that are made to overcome specific problems on vehicle surfaces.

In general, detailers consider that the preparation/paint correction stage is the most important part for maximum results. Because it was in this session that the problems with the vehicle’s appearance were fixed.


If the preparation stage/paint cleaner is done well, then the results will be seen in plain view. But the process does not provide any protection to the vehicle. Therefore the preparation must be followed by the protection stage.

Protection on the surface of the vehicle is done by applying a layer of wax, sealant, or coating on the surface of the paint. Different products will be needed to protect other surfaces such as tires, metal, chrome, trim and so on. By giving a layer, the dirt will not easily accumulate on the surface of the vehicle. In some products, wax or sealants even can make dust and water not stick to vehicles.

In addition to protecting the surface of the vehicle, products included in this type are also able to add to the perfection of the appearance of the vehicle after going through the stage of preparation/paint protection


The last process is maintenance. The protection provided on vehicles is temporal. The duration can be different, depending on the capabilities of each product. To maintain optimal protection capability, periodic maintenance is needed.

 To carry out regular maintenance, the products used are called detailers, finishing, last touch, or the like. The aim is to prevent dirt from weakening protection ability as early as possible.

The thing to remember, although it is done routinely, not all of these stages must be done at all times. the stages of preparation/paint protection and protection are only carried out every month or depending on needs. Likewise with claying and paint cleaning. All that needs to be done routinely is washing and maintenance.

What Are The Benefits of Auto Detailing?

 If you always routinely do the Auto detailing process every day, there will be a thousand benefits that you might never even think about. For more details, you can see the benefits of doing auto detailing routinely:

You are more stylish

 When you have done Auto detailing on the car, the appearance of the car will usually be more attractive and pleasant to look at. Every what one has and it looks more beautiful than the others, the owner will certainly be more confident to be stylish.

 The look of the vehicle looks luxurious

 The same between cars A, B, and C. But when you do Auto detailing on a favorite vehicle, you can see the difference. Your car will look more beautiful and luxurious in the eye.

 More Manicured

 Certainly, if you do Auto detailing on the vehicle, your car will be better maintained. Because usually the display will always be prioritized.

Auto detailing will go through a process that is not short in order to obtain satisfactory results. You have to wait until the car is modified according to your wishes. There is no cheap price in every good result, usually to do Auto detailing too. You will be breaking enough money to do it. .


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