All New Fortuner Car Reviews

All New Fortuner Car Reviews
All New Fortuner Car Reviews

All New Fortuner Car Reviews – The All-New Fortuner is one of the top class cars that everyone deserves. This addition can be used for families, but you can also use it for style. A very elegant look makes the All-New Fortuner highly desirable.

For those of you who might want to buy the All-New Fortuner, we have prepared the All-New Fortuner Car Reviews below!

Toyota All New Fortuner Color Options

The Toyota All New Fortuner comes with 6 new color choices. To make it easier to see the color choices of the All-New Toyota Fortuner, please click on the photo below!

  • Attitude Black
  • Avant-Garde Brown Metallic
  • Dark Gray Mica Metallic
  • Phantom Brown Metallic
  • Silver Metallic
  • Super white

Exterior Features of the All-New Fortuner

For the exterior appearance, the front view of the Toyota Fortuner looks very handsome with a new design seen in the front grille, bumper, and headlights, which you can see in the photo above.

Bi-Beam LED Light

In the SRZ and VRZ variants, the headlights of the car have used Bi-Beam LED lights (meaning near lights and far lights have used LEDs using one projector lamp), and are equipped with LED lights for Daytime Running Lamp. The air-cooled hole that used to be on the Fortuner Diesel engine hood, often called the intercooler, is located no longer on the hood but has been moved to the lower bumper section. When viewed from the right and left the side of the car, at the top of the second door, there is an upward curve that adds to the aesthetic value, for me personally looks much better. What do you think?

Car Velg

Not only does the design change curved upward, but from the side, there is also a change in the design of the car roof. Still seen from the side, there is a change in the wheel design specifically for the SRZ Fortuner type and the VRZ Fortuner type, the alloy wheels have used an 18-inch size with variations of 2 colors, chrome, and black. As for the Toyota Fortuner G type alloy wheels, both with manual and automatic transmissions, the alloy wheels are 17-inch alloy wheels in dark gray.

Electric Outter Mirror

For turn signal lights, there are also car mirrors, both from the right and left side, and the mirrors can be folded electrically (only on the SRZ and VRZ Toyota Fortuner types). Still seen from the exterior of the Toyota Fortuner, the rear view of the All-New Toyota Fortuner also received significant design changes. Most visible in the design of the taillights, which are equipped with 2 parallel LED lights. The rear of the latest Toyota Fortuner is also equipped with spoiler lights and on the roof, there is an antenna shaped like a shark fin.

Fortuner Interior Features

I am sure most consumers who plan to buy the All-New Toyota Fortuner will be very detailed in paying attention to the features and comfort of the car cabin, and extra comfort demands from consumers are very reasonable for an SUV with a price of 400 million and above / 1 unit.

Smart Entry

From the interior, the latest special Toyota Fortuner on the SRZ and VRZ types have been equipped with remote smart entry. When the driver enters the car cabin, the cabin lights in white use LED lights, will light up and are very useful at night.

Engine Start-Stop

Turning on the latest All New Toyota Fortuner on SRZ and VRZ types no longer require a key child. Drivers only need to press the brake pedal and press the “Engine Start Stop” button. The cabin appearance is dominated by dark colors and there is a minimum cooling box on the front left dashboard. Like the one on the All-New Kijang Innova.

Multi-Information Display

For the display of Multi-Information Display (MID), the screen uses a 4.2 inch TFT screen that is dominated by shades of blue. Especially for the Toyota Fortuner VRZ type, there is an electronic seating arrangement feature. So you don’t use the lever anymore, just press the button next to the chair.

Steering Wheel

For all new, All New Toyota Fortuner types, the steering wheel, as usual, is equipped with tilt and telescopic steering system features. With the tilt and telescopic steering system feature, the driver is able to position the steering position according to the comfort of each driver.

Safety Features & Safety of the All-New Fortuner

What are the safety and security support features? Good for the driver and for the passengers available on the latest All New Toyota Fortuner? Please see below!

  • Features of car stability control (Vehicle stability control (VSC). This security feature will help the driver to maintain the stability of the car while maneuvering, especially when cornering at high speeds. The VSC feature is only available on Toyota Fortuner type 4 X 4 VRZ.
  • Hill assist control (HAC) feature. This feature serves to hold back the rate of the car back when the foot moves from the brake pedal to the gas pedal in the incline road position. The HAC feature is only available on the All-New Fortuner type 4 X 4 VRZ.
  • Warning features of the Hazzard lights that will automatically turn on, both the headlights and rear lights if the driver makes sudden braking. The goal is to tell other road users to be alert. The warning feature of the Hazzard lights is only found on the Toyota Fortuner type 4 X 4 VRZ.
  • A-TRC feature (active traction control). This feature will balance the traction of car tires if there is one of the Toyota Fortuner tires that has a spin. The A-TRC feature is only available on the All-New Fortuner type 4 X 4 VRZ.
  • Isofix chair for baby chair.
  • Dual SRS air bags are available in all variants.
  • ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and EBD (Electronic brakeforce distribution) features.
  • Similarly, the All-New Fortuner Car Reviews, this is the type of car that you must have. You will be very stylish by having this world-class car!


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