LATEST SEDAN CAR PRICE LIST – Through cars info we can find out that many people prefer sedans because they are more comfortable driving from an SUV or MPV. But this depends on the type of sedan purchased. Because of course each type has different features that are adjusted to the price. There are so many choices that you can buy, but unfortunately the price of a sedan car is quite expensive if we compare it to a city car or MPV that we can get on average with prices below 200 million.

The high price of sedan cars is very reasonable. This can not be separated from the comfort and luxury offered. Sedan cars are also divided into two types, namely type 4 Doors and 2 Doors. Each type has advantages and disadvantages. But usually the price of a 4-door sedan is cheaper than the price of a 2-door sedan, which on average is a sports car, such as the Toyota 86, and many more that are priced more than 500 million Rupiah.

For those of you who have a limited budget, we recommend buying a 4-door sedan from Japan. There are many choices, ranging from 200 million to billions of rupiah. You can choose it according to your budget. But before buying a sedan, we should first pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of a sedan.

Advantages of Sedan Cars

  1. Most sedan has faster acceleration and top speed capabilities, considering that it is smaller than an SUV or MPV.
  2. The design is cooler and on average choose an aerodynamic body shape that makes downforce increase, making it more stable and not shaky when driving at high speeds
    Usually it has a more luxurious interior and is wrapped in high quality material that guarantees the comfort of passengers and riders.
  3. Having a better handling.
  4. It looks more exclusive than other types of cars, because on average the exterior looks more sporty and looks more luxurious.

Disadvantages of Sedans

  1. Has limited cabin space, because on average it can only contain 5 passengers or only 2 passengers.
  2. Most baggage is quite small.
  3. The lowest distance to the ground or ground clearance of a sedan is usually very low, so the driver will feel anxious when passing a sleeping police or a road with large holes.
  4. Most sedans choose a large cc engine, so the fuel consumption will be more wasteful.
  5. Sedan tax is usually higher than MPV or SUV cars. Because our sedans are often considered luxury cars, they are burdened with high taxes.

Sedan Car Care

As we know the maintenance of sedan cars is the same as other cars. The most important thing is to change engine oil regularly and check the legs, such as suspension, tires, brake pads, etc. To do all that, you only need routine service according to the age of the oil used. You also have to be smart in choosing oil, because it must be adjusted to the type of car and the engine it uses.

Selection of good oil will make the vehicle more comfortable to drive. It’s better to spend more money to buy the best car oil that will automatically maximize engine performance and vehicle life. Not only that, maintenance of sedan cars must also pay attention to the battery parts. If you use a wet car battery, you should always control the battery water to maintain the battery performance in generating electricity.

There are still a number of other sedan treatments that you have to do regularly. One of them is checking tire pressure and road forgetting to check brake fluid. Maintenance of the interior is also very important to remove dirt that sticks to the dashboard, seats, carpets, and luggage. If everything is done, surely the sedan we have will be more comfortable to drive.


1. Price of the Maserati sedans

price of the Maserati sedan
price of the Maserati sedan
Maserati Quattroporte
Quattroporte S V6 Rp. 3.65 Bilion
Quattroporte SQ4 V6 Rp. 3.85 Bilion
Quattroporte GTS V8 Rp. 5.51 Bilion
Quattroporte V6 Rp. 3.35 Bilion
Maserati Ghibli
GhibliS V6 Rp. 2.58 Bilion
Ghibli SQ4 V6 Rp. 2.65 Bilion
Ghibli GTS V8 Rp. 3.2 Bilion
Ghibli V6 Rp. 3.2 Bilion

There is still one more European luxury sedan producer, Maserati. The company, headquartered in Italy, is a match for BMW and Mercedes Benz. All three of them offer a sedan with luxury in terms of interior and sporty design that makes everyone amazed when they see it. The price of the Maserati sedan is also equally expensive with the lowest price exceeding 2.5 billion rupiah.

2. Price of Porsche Sedans

Price of Porsche Sedans
Price of Porsche Sedans
Porsche Panamera
Panamera PDK Rp. 2.2 Billion
Panamera Edition PDK Rp. 2.25 Billion
Panamera S PDK Rp. 2.45 Billion
Panamera 4S PDK Rp. 2.77 Billion
Panamera GTS PDK Rp. 2.7 Billion
Panamera Turbo PDK Rp. 3.75 Billion
Panamera Turbo S PDK Rp. 3.85 Billion
Panamera Diesel 250 HP Tiptronic Rp. 2.3 Billion
Panamera 4 Edition PDK Rp. 2.37 Billion
Panamera S E-Hybrid Tiptronic Rp. 2.48 Billion


Porche Panamera became Porche’s flagship sedan in Indonesia. There are many variants of the Panamera that can be an alternative for you to choose from. Everything has a unique design that characterizes the car made by Porche. Unfortunately the price of the Porche sedan is very expensive, but everything is comparable to the engine performance that is very powerful and capable of spewing power and very large torque. Besides that, there are also Turbo and Diesel variants that you can choose from.

3. Price of Rolls Royce Sedan

Price of Rolls Royce Sedan
Price of Rolls Royce Sedan
Rolls Royce Phantom
Phantom 6.7L Rp. 20 Billion
Phantom Drophead Coupe 6.7L Rp. 23 Billion
Phantom Coupe 6.7L Rp. 21 Billion
Phantom Extended Wheelbase 6.7L Rp. 24 Billion
Rolls Royce Ghost
Ghost 6.6L Rp. 18 Billion
Ghost Extended Wheelbase 6.6L Rp. 23 Billion
Ghost V 6.6L Rp. 20 Billion
Ghost Extended Wheelbase 6.6L Rp. 25 Billion
Rolls Royce Wraith
Wraith 6.6L Rp. 25 Billion


During this time Rolls Royce was known as the highest caste car manufacturer who dared to compare its products at a price of tens of billions. So it can be said that the price of the Bentley sedan is nothing compared to the price of the Rolls Royce sedan marketed more than 18 billion. The expensive price is very reasonable, because each type of Rolls Royce car has a super luxurious interior and is powered by a very large capacity engine. The design of the Rolls Royce sedan is also cool and displays luxury that cannot be compared to other sedans.

4. Price of Bentley Sedans

Price of Bentley Sedans
Price of Bentley Sedans
Bentley Mulsane
6.75 L V8 Rp. 16 Billion
6.75 L V8 Speed Rp. 21 Billion
Bentley Flying Spurs
6.0 L W12 Rp. 9.8 Billion
4.0 L V8 Rp. 8.9 Billion


Having a luxury sedan at a price of billions of rupiah for some people is just a dream. Moreover, the sedan dreamed of is a Bentley car which costs more than 8 billion rupiah. Well, the price of a Bentley sedan is fantastic, because this British sedan offers the luxury of an interior like a private jet and is supported by high-quality materials that make the price of the British sedan more expensive.

5. Price of Aston Martin Sedans

Price of Aston Martin Sedans
Price of Aston Martin Sedans
Aston Martin Rapide S
Rapide S Luxury Rp. 8.1 Billion
Aston Martin DB11
DB11 Design Evolution Rp. 7.7 Billion
Aston Martin Vanquish
Ultimate GT Rp. 9 Billion
Ultimate Volante Rp. 11.8 Billion
Ultimate Super GT Rp. 11 Billion


For James Bond movie fans, this is definitely no stranger to this British sedan. Well, Aston Martin often works with the James Bond film to promote its products so that consumers are increasingly interested throughout the world. So that enthusiasts of the Aston Martin car are getting bigger, even though the price of the artificial sedan is priced very expensive with a fantastic price exceeding 7 Billion Rupiah.

6. Price of Nissan Sedans

Price of Nissan Sedans
Price of Nissan Sedans
Nissan Teana
Teana 2.5 XV Rp. 599.9 Million


Nissan has one type of sedan that is marketed at a price of up to 600 Million Rupiah, namely the Nissan Teana. This car is a luxury, and is a competitor to the Honda Accord which is equally expensive. For its own specifications powered by a 2.488cc 4 Cylinder engine capable of delivering power of 172 PS at 6,000 rpm. Nissan also equipped it with the XTRONIC CVT transmission which makes the engine performance more repsonsif, so the price of this sedan car is very worthy of an expensive price tag.

7. Price of Jaguar Sedans

Price of Jaguar Sedans
Price of Jaguar Sedans
Jaguar XF
2.0 Prestige Rp. 1.6 Billion
Jaguar XJ
3.0L TFSI Quatro
Jaguar XE
XE 2.0 Prestige Rp. 866 Million
Jaguar F Type
3.0 S Coupe Rp. 2.9 Billion


Hearing the name of Jaguar, surely immediately remembered the luxury sedan from England. His name is very popular in Indonesia, and is always synonymous with luxury cars priced at billions of rupiah. One of the best and most expensive is Jaguar F Type. The price of the sedan car reaches Rp. 2.9 Billion, and provides a sporty design combined with luxury in the interior sector and powerful performance in the kitchen runway sector.

 8. Price of Audi Sedans

 Price of Audi Sedans
Price of Audi Sedans
Audi A7
3.0L T FSI Quatro Sportback Rp. 1.48 Billion
Audi A8
3.0L TFSI Quatro
Audi A8 L
3.0L TFSI Quatro Rp. 2.95 Billion
Audi A6
1.8 TFSI Rp. 1.25 Billion
Audi A4
2.0 TFSI Quatro Rp. 1.21 Billion


Well, the price of an Audi sedan is priced more than 1 billion Rupiah. Naturally, if the price of an Audi sedan is very expensive, because it offers a powerful engine that is combined with a Quatro drive system or All Wheel Drive. Audi sedan performance is known to have very fast acceleration capabilities and the interior is no less luxurious than BMW or Mercedes Benz.

9. Price of Mercedes Benz Sedans

Price of Mercedes Benz Sedans
Price of Mercedes Benz Sedans
Mercedes Benz S-Class
S-Class S 400 L Exclusive Line Rp. 2.23 Billion
S-Class AMG S 63 Rp. 6.4 Billion
S-Class Maybach S 560 Rp. 6.5 Billion
S-Class S 450 L Rp. 2.35 Billion
Mercedes Benz E-Class
E-Class E250 Avantgarde Line Rp. 1.18 Billion
E-Class E300 Avantgarde Line Rp. 1.38 Billion
E-Class E250 Avantgarde Line Rp. 1.18 Billion
E-Class E 300 AMG LINE Rp. 1.38 Billion
E-Class AMG E 43 Rp. 1.9 Billion
E-Class E 200 Avantgarde Line Rp. 1.01 Billion
Mercedes Benz C-Class
C-Class AMG 43 Rp. 1.39 Billion
C- Class 200 Rp. 755 Million


Big bosses will definitely choose luxury sedans with the best level of comfort. All that can be obtained when buying a Mercedes Benz sedan which has been known as a luxury sedan. There are several types at prices of 755 million to 6.5 billion. For the most expensive type is the Mercedes S-Class Maybach which is one of the most luxurious cars in the world. Besides that, there is also an AMG series that has a more sporty design, but still luxurious and has powerful performance.

10. Price of BMW Sedans

Price of BMW Sedans
Price of BMW Sedans
BMW 5 Series
530I Luxury Rp. 1.3 Billion
520I Luxury Rp. 1.13 Billion
530I Touring M Sport Rp. 1.59 Billion
520D Luxury Rp. 1.15 Billion
3.0L AT Rp. 2.25 Billion
BMW 6 Series GT
GT 630I Luxury Rp. 1.57 Billion
BMW 3 Series Sedan
320I SPORT Rp. 804 Milion
320D SPORT Rp. 815 Million
330I M SPORT Rp. 982 Million
BMW M5 4.4 L Rp. 4.06 Billion
BMW i8
BMW i8 Coupe Hybrid Rp. 3.55 Billion


Millennials with thick pocket will surely look for cars with powerful engine specifications and have a sporty design. Now one of the best choices is a BMW car. There are many choices of sedans from BMW, and all of them have a very sporty design. But if you are told to choose one, then we will choose the BMW i8 which is a hybrid sedan with a futuristic design. The price of a BMW i8 sedan is also very expensive because it exceeds 3.5 billion.

11. Price of Lexus Sedans

Price of Lexus Sedans
Price of Lexus Sedans
Lexus LS
Lexus LS 500H Rp. 4.36 Billion
Lexus LS 500 Rp. 3.5 Billion
Lexus GS
Lexus GS 200T Rp. 1.2 Billion
Lexus GS F Rp. 1.26 Billion
Lexus ES
Lexus ES 300h Rp. 1.04 Billion


It is common knowledge that Lexus is a luxury car specialist. Well, all Lexus cars provide a variety of luxury features that make all passengers and riders feel very comfortable. You can get all the luxury when you buy one of the cars above. Unfortunately the price of the Lexus sedan is very expensive with the lowest price exceeding 1 billion Rupiah.

12. Price of Proton Sedans

Price of Proton Sedans
Price of Proton Sedans

14. Price of Mazda Sedans

Price of Mazda Sedans
Price of Mazda Sedans
Mazda 6
Elite Estate Rp. 554.8 Milion
Elite Sedan Rp. 649.8 Million


Mazda always designs its cars with the best technology and uses advanced technology to optimize the comfort of passengers and riders. Similarly, the Mazda 6 can be obtained at a price of 600 million. Well, the price of a Mazda sedan is indeed very expensive, but the price is comparable to the luxury of the interior, its sporty design, and the Mazda 6 engine specifications which are powered by a 2.488cc engine with power output of 185 Horsepower.

15. Price of Suzuki Sedans

Price of Suzuki Sedans
Price of Suzuki Sedans

There is only one type of sedan that Suzuki has, namely Ciaz. This car can be an alternative to the Toyota Vios or Honda City, the price of which is not much different. The interior of the Suzuki Ciaz also looks luxurious and is impressed as a cheap car. As for the specifications, the engine has a capacity of 1,373cc which is capable of producing 91 horsepower and 130 Nm of torque.

16. Price of Toyota Sedans

Price of Toyota Sedans
Price of Toyota Sedans
Toyota Vios
G M/T Rp. 310.5 Million
G CVT Rp. 326.15 Million
E CVT Rp. 304.25 Million
E MT Rp. 291.25 Million
Toyota Corolla Altis
1.8 V A/T Rp. 471.45 Million
1.8 G A/T Rp. 436.95 Million
Toyota Camry
2.5 Hybrid Rp. 791 Million
2.5 V Rp. 629.95 Million
2.5 G Rp. 599.15 Million
Toyota 86
M/T Rp. 718.85 Million
A/T Rp. 726.65 Million
E CVT Rp. 761.45 Million


The big name of Toyota as the largest car manufacturer in the world makes its products always wanted by Indonesian consumers. In the sedan class, Toyota has several types of sedans with varying prices. Where for the cheapest variant is the Toyota Vios which is currently marketed at prices exceeding 290 Million Rupiah. The Toyota Vios is also used as a taxi car, but its name was changed to Limo to distinguish between standard Vios and Vios taxis.

17. Price of Honda Sedans

Price of Honda Sedans
Price of Honda Sedans

List of Honda Sedan Car Prices

Honda Accord
2.4L VTI-L Rp. 646 Million
Honda Civic
1.5L ES Rp. 484.5 Million
1.5L ES PRESTIGE Rp. 487.5 Million
Honda City
E MT Rp. 316 Million
E CVT Rp. 326 Million


Honda has 3 sedans, and the cheapest is Honda City. This car uses an L15 engine similar to the Honda Jazz which is slightly cheaper. The engine has a very economical fuel consumption and is supported by complete safety features. Besides that, there is also a Honda Accord which is the most luxurious Honda sedan, so the price reaches 600 million.

Well that’s the price information for the car this time and hot car news  today. All of the sedans that we deliver above have been officially marketed in Indonesia. Not everything is priced cheap, but you can choose it according to your budget. Actually there are still many sedans being marketed globally, but most have not been marketed in Indonesia. Thus the information this time, hopefully useful and can be a reference material.



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