40 Cars SUV Prices of 2019

40 Cars SUV Prices of 2019 – Not all cars have the ability to pass off-road terrain, such as dirt roads, rocks, or sand. To get through it would be nice to use an SUV that has a high ground clarity, making it more robust when exploring all terrain. There are many choices of SUVs that you can buy in Indonesia. The price also varies, from 200 million to billions of rupiah.although not 2019 Most Expensive Cаrs in The World.

Well, the average price of SUVs is indeed expensive, especially SUVs from Europe. For those of you who have a limited budget, we recommend buying a Toyota Rush or Daihatsu Terios, which costs a lot more affordable. Besides that, you can also buy DFSK Glory 580 which is an SUV from China with the features of an equivalent high-class SUV that is priced much more expensive.

What’s interesting about the DFSK Glory 580 is that it has a Turbo-tech engine that is automatically more powerful than a standard engine. Not only that, DFSK also provides a 7-year engine warranty to answer Indonesian people’s doubts about the quality of its SUV. For those who are reluctant to buy DFSK Glory 580, they might be able to switch to buying Fortuner and Pajero Sport, which costs twice as much.

1. Lexus SUV Prices

There are still many other SUV choices that you can customize with your budget. If you have a thick pocket, of course you prefer a European SUV, such as a Jeep, Land Rover, or even a Mercedes Benz. Now for those who are curious to know the prices of SUVs from Europe and several other countries marketed in Indonesia, please refer to the following automotive information.

40 Cars SUV Prices of 2019
List Prices of Lexus LX
Prices of Lexus LX
LEXUS LX 570 Rp. 3.09 Miliar
Prices of Lexus NX
LEXUS NX 300 Rp. 1.05 Miliar
LEXUS NX 300 F-SPORT Rp. 1.1 Miliar
Prices of Lexus RX
LEXUS RX 350L Rp. 2.1 Miliar


The luxury of Lexus cars need not be doubted. All the cars they design have a modern design and are powered by a large capacity engine that makes the performance very powerful. The design of the Lexus SUV also deserves a thumbs up, especially the RX series which has a descending design with sharp body curves. These advantages make the price of Lexus SUVs priced very expensive reaching millions of rupiah.

2. Price of a Mitsubishi SUV

List of Mitsubishi SUV Prices
List of Mitsubishi SUV Prices
Prices of Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
GLS Rp. 345 Juta
GLX Rp. 330 Juta
PX Action Rp. 375 Juta
PX Rp. 370 Juta
Prices of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport
Rockford Fosgate Limited Edition Rp. 535 Juta
Dakar 4X2 AT Rp. 522 Juta
Exceed 4X2 AT Rp. 479 Juta
GLX 4X4 MT Rp. 521 Juta
Dakar 4X2 ULTIMATE Rp. 566 Juta
Dakar 4X4 AT Rp. 672 Juta
Exceed 4X2 MT Rp. 464 Juta

Mitsubishi’s flagship SUV is of course the Pajero Sport. The price of the SUV is indeed expensive, but is comparable to the features and specifications offered. Moreover, Mitsubishi provides a Diesel variant that provides more powerful performance and very economical consumption of materials. Not only that, the Pajero Sport also has a luxurious interior and dashing exterior appearance and high ground clearance that can later be relied upon to bulldoze all terrain.

3. Toyota SUV Prices

List of Toyota SUV Prices
List of Toyota SUV Prices
Prices of Toyota Land Cruiser
Land Cruiser VX GRADE Rp. 1.98 Milyar
Land Cruiser VX-R Rp. 2.31 Milyar
Price of Toyota CRV
CHR 1.8L CVT Rp. 488.65 Juta
Prices of Toyota Rush
Rush G MT Rp. 240.5 Juta
Rush G AT Rp. 250.05 Juta
Rush TRD SportivoAT Rp. 261.45 Juta
Rush TRD Sportivo MT Rp. 251.45 Juta
Prices of Toyota Fortuner
Fortuner 2.4 G M/T Rp. 468.85 Juta
Fortuner 4X2 2.4 VRZ A/T TRD Rp. 529.45 Juta
Fortuner 2.4 VRZ A/T Rp. 517.45 Juta
Fortuner 2.4 G A/T Rp. 468.85 Juta
Fortuner 2.4 VRZ 4X4 A/T Rp. 660.95 Juta
Fortuner R 2.4 G 4X4 A/T Rp. 589.35 Juta
Fortuner 4X2 2.7 SRZ A/T TRD Rp. 554.85 Juta
TFortuner 2.7 SRZ A/T Rp. 542.85 Juta


The Toyota Fortuner is the eternal rival of the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. Competition is both very tight, and both are priced at very high prices. You have to pay more than 450 million rupiah to get the lowest type Toyota Fortuner. While for the highest type the price reaches 660 Millions, and for its specifications using the 2.393cc engine that is capable of spitting out power of 148 horsepower.

4. Price of a Honda SUV

List of Honda SUV Prices.jpg
List of Honda SUV Prices.jpg
Prices of Honda BR-V
HONDA BRV S 6MT Rp. 236.5 Juta
HONDA BRV E CVT Rp. 257.5 Juta
HONDA BRV E 6MT Rp. 247.5 Juta
Prices of Honda CR-V
2.0L Rp. 439 Juta
1.5L Turbo Rp. 473 Juta
1.5L Turbo Prestige Rp. 513 Juta


There are 2 choices of Honda SUV cars, namely CRV and BRV. Both are different classes, because for Honda BRV is an entry-level SUV that we can get at a price of Rp. 230 Millions to Rp. 272 million. While for the Honda CRV has a class equivalent to the Pajero Sport and Fortuner. The difference is that the Honda CRV is available in the Turbo variant which gives an exciting driving sensation.


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